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Tuck in my mistress
... Tuck in my mistress.
Surely if I leave her like this she will get cold. I must cover her up.
I begin to attempt to pull the blankets and sheets down the bed underneath where she is laying. It is an agonizing task, as she weighs more than I do, and my new body can barely shift the blankets below her. Eventually however, after many tugs, the blanket comes free. I then work on the sheet, which is slightly easier, but still difficult to move. Once both are free I cover up my mistress. But, as I lean over her to make sure everything is just right, and the blanket is nice and neat she...
(A): Suggest something
(B): Casts a spell in her sleep (Suggest a spell)
(C): Grabs me and holds me tight
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 9 17
Just be done with the day
...Just be done with the day
"You know what?" She said. "That actually took a lot out of me. Who knew that magic takes so much out of you? Man, I'm drained." She really looked like it. Her originally energetic and happy face was filled with fatigue. "Let's just take it easy for the day, ok? I'm.. I'm going to take a nap.." And with that, she passed out.
I was shocked. First she turns me into a seven year old.. cat girl.. maid! Now she is sleeping as if nothing happened. I consider waking her up, but then decide against it. That wouldn't be proper. Perhaps I should take a rest as well? No, sleeping in my mistress' bed would be quite scandalous. Wait... proper? mistress? scandalous? Oh no! I'm even thinking like a maid! I try to wake her, but can't bring myself to do it. I merely stand still at maid-like attention. Suddenly, I get the desire to...
(A): Clean
(B): Tuck in my mistress
(C): Find some
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 9 5
Mature content
Changing Roommates :iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 37 11
Fish Out of Water
Hi all!
So, this story wasn't written by me, so I won't put the text here. However, it was written with the intention of advertising the guy who wrote it.
So without any delay, check it out here:
The Tale of Frostbyte
It's about an OC of mine I just created recently. An anthro shark named Frostbyte. The story is about how he was caught by a fishing boat and sold into servitude. A painful and embarrassing servitude.
If you like the story, please support the guy here:
He is very good at what he does.
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 6 3
Mature content
Bag of clothes :iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 13 88
Turns me into a 7 year old neko maid
Turns me into a 7 year old neko maid.
There was a burst of light, disorientation, and a bit of pain, but as soon as I came to my senses again, Roxy was leaning over me squealing. I couldn't tell about what though, it was like a flash bang went off and my ears were still ringing.
As my hearing came back, everything seemed louder and clearer. I could hear things that I shouldn't have been able to. People talking outside... A couple having sex in the room over... Speaking of which, that's what I was hoping to be doing now rather than being attacked with magic. I tried to cover my ears with my hands, but my ears were gone! My hands searched until they found them atop my head, misshapen into... cat ears? Then I realized, my hair I was searching for my ears in had become extra long.
I blinked a few times to clear my vision and everything eventually became sharp and focused. I saw Roxy standing over me before she gave me a big hug and continued squealing into my sensitive cat ears. "Oh mai ga
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 22 15
Forces me to act like a baby
...Forces me to act like a baby.
I can feel something changing in my mind as the mobile spins above me, and the music permeates my brain. I feel like I am losing an important part of myself. I try to fight it, but eventually am taken by a wave of exhaustion. As my eyes begin to close, my bowels shift once more, filling the diaper further, as I finally fall asleep.
As I awake the next morning. I remember the night before, and hope it was just a horrible dream. My senses tell me otherwise however. A disgusting stench assails my nostrils, a squishy mush fills my pants, and my body is clothed in an embarrassing pink dress.
I can do nothing but cry, and even that is stifled by the passifier stuck in my mouth. My moans of displeasure reach Roxy however, as her form comes into view over the over-sized crib.
"Aw, there there." She says, as she leans over to wipe away my tears. "Mommy is here." She picks me up out of the crib and cradles me in her arms, rocking me softly and whispering. "Shh sh
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 22 17
Time for bed
"Time for bed my little honey-pumpkin!" Roxy leaned over to pick me up, and seemed to do it easily despite my dead weight. She then walked over to the crib and set me inside. The bars rose up as she set me down like a pink and white prison cell.
She turned and walked away, only to come back with a pastel blanket covered the animals from Bambi. As she covered me up with the blanket and tucked me in, she leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight my sweetums." A sinister smile flashes across her face and I wet myself some more. Whether from the laxatives or fear, I'm not quite sure. She notices me glance at my diaper. "Oh yes. I almost forgot!" She grabs the passifier and gives it a few squeezes filling my mouth with the foul liquid laxatives and muscle relaxant. I try not to swallow, but am forced to eventually, as it isn't going anywhere else, and my stomach begins to gurgle uncontrollably as my muscles are unbelievably limp.
She flipped a switch and a mobile starts to tur
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 10 9
Was a witch
...Was a witch.
I guess I really shouldn't have been surprised, had I known witches existed anyway. After all, everything Roxy ever wore had a gothic theme to it, even her wedding dress. Now, I thought this was hot, so I never questioned it at all. But there are goths in the world, right? Ok, and maybe her little rituals I'd walk in on her doing should have given me a clue. Nope! Some people are crazy like that, and I found it attractive. Silly me...
As we opened the door to the hotel room, Roxy brushed past as she undid her flowing black hair. She sat on the bed and kicked off a boot. "Finally!" She laughed and kicked off the other boot. "Oh, do you know how long I've waited for this day?"
"Yeah." I smile "You've been counting down since last year. But now we're finally married." I go and sit down beside her on the bed. "And you know what that means..." I run my fingers up the lace of her black lace gloves.
"Hell yeah I do. I can finally use my powers!"
"Yep, we can... um what?"
"My p
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 7 12
A blonde pig tail wig, and lolita dress
...A blonde pig tail wig, and lolita dress
As I see this, I use what meager muscle control I have to flip myself over and attempt to crawl away across the bed.
"Ah ah ah! Silly baby! Where do you think you're going?" Roxy laughs as she pulls me back easily. After pulling me back, she flips me around into a sitting position. "Don't you want mama to dress you up nice? I went through all this trouble to get you a nice outfit." She boops my nose. "Sit still honey.
What could I do? Unable to fight it, I sat still as she removed my shirt and replaced it by the uncomfortable pink dress. Next, she pulled out some sort of tube and emptied it into the pigtail wig before securing it on my head. The goo (which I could only assume was glue) stuck the wig to my head as I could feel it quickly hardening. Then came a pair of black leggings, which she shuffled up my legs and over the full diaper. I made a face as it tightened around me, realizing I would probably be wearing it for a while. Lastly, came
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 19 8
Gender Swapping
...Gender swapping.
We went at it for nearly an hour. The pleasure we felt was amazing. Roxy's face was beaming with satisfaction as she panted with exhaustion. I was exhausted too, and after giving her multiple orgasms, I figured it was time to have one of my own, and with a final thrust, I released, feeling all the intensity of the moment flowing out of me.
As I lay on top of her, Roxy looked up at me. In my tiredness and contentment, I could hardly notice the changes my body underwent. Due to the curse of her bloodline, my body had somehow swapped genders leaving me as a woman. Roxy was...
(A): Suggest something
(B): Expecting this
(C): Not expecting this
(D): Hoping this wouldn't happen
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 13 14
Aroused and Confused
...aroused and confused.
My crotch starts to tense up into an awkward boner, which I try to conceal as soon as I notice it.
It's no good though. Roxy noticed it already and gives a slight smile before...
(A): Suggest something.
(B): Begins acting like a baby.
(C): Pulls out the rest of her outfit.
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 8 13
She retrieves the diaper in time
Luckily, Roxy gets the diaper out of the bag in time. She strips off my pants, and slides the diaper on right as I lose control. The diaper fills steadily over the next few seconds as my bowels empty and I avert my gaze to the floor in embarrassment.
Never have I felt so filthy. I raise my gaze to her pleadingly, as if to ask, 'why?', but my heart skips a beat as she pulls out...
(A): Suggest something
(A1): Goth outfit
(B): A blonde pig tail wig, and lolita dress
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 12 6
Resist and try to take the stuff off.
"Muh mmh mmm" I try to speak with the passifier stuck in my mouth. I try to pull it out with my mitten covered hands, but the soft coverings merely slip on the smooth nub on the passifier.
Roxy looks in amusement as I fumble with it. "Careful, you don't want to-" She stops short as I use both hands at once to squeeze the nub in hopes for a better grip. Strangely, as I squeeze it, it compresses and a strange liquid squirts from the other end into my mouth. It tastes foul and I swallow it immediately to get it away from my tongue. "Aww" I was hoping to use that later, but it looks like you are eager to get on with it!" She smiles as I start to feel weak. My muscles start to relax and I can barely stand. I sway back and forth before I fall into her arms. I can only look at her as she carries me towards the bed. She lies me there on my back. "Looks like the muscle relaxant is working quite fast. Unfortunately, I might not have enough time to get you into your diaper before the l
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 11 11
Reveals she is wearing a diaper
...reveals she is wearing a diaper.
As I turn around, she grabs my hands and puts them on her hips. They are met by a strange puffiness under her dress. I am confused, but she then guides my hands as we remove her dress. As it falls away, she is wearing only one thing; an oversized diaper. This isn't what i expected at all. I can barely tell how I feel about this.
I feel...
(A): Suggest something.
(A1): Aroused and Confused
(B): Confused
(C): Aroused
(D): Angry
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 9 10
She shoves a passifier into my mouth
...she shoves a passifier into my mouth
She slides something into my open mouth as I talk. It looks like a passifier. Before I can spit it out she puts an attached cord over my head and tightens it.
Before i can reach up to remove it she grabs my wrists and slides them, one at a time into pink mitts, pulling the cords on them to keep them on.
She starts to lead me to the bed but i...
(A): Suggest something
(B): Follow complacently.
(C): Resist and try to take the stuff off.
(D): Try to escape.
:iconmisfortunatecostumes:MisfortunateCostumes 16 11


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