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The Misfits of Mischief meet Jeanette

Word tends to get around when one convenes in a small space with friends. The group was... difficult and ever-shifting. Folks came and went frequently. Such was the life of a superhero. The penthouse suites that served as the "Fortress of Evening" often had many a hero and, occasionally a (reformed)(?) villain or two, tromping through, seeing and being seen. "Seeing" as in "knowing". "Knowing" as in the Biblical Sense.

She was young and somewhat inexperienced in the ways of love.  She didn't like to admit that. High school had been a blur of hopping hormones, secrets and insecurities. Despite what you'd think, superpowers didn't make that much better. When she came out - scratch that- was OUTED, she decided to simply go by her own name, "JEANETTE", in lieu of a superhero alias. It was her way of retaining some sense of normalcy in the wake of the bizarre life she'd chosen to pursue. She'd had a handful of adventures as a solo heroine, and teamed up a few times with local NYC heroes like Centennia, Aideen O'Neill and Captain Evening.
She'd helped to save the city a few times. Hell, she'd helped to save reality itself at least once. She had achieved her dream to be a full fledged heroine, but, as is the case in personal histories like hers - something was missing. She'd found what she was missing in the form of a super-man named Gary, a former supervillain, no-less.

Gary called himself "CAPTAIN PERFECT". (He has a bit of an ego. Can ya tell?) Sure, he was arrogant, but, the most infuriating part about him was that he was (almost) as great as he says he is.
Tall, strong, handsome... phenomenal superpowers, and, as much as she hated to admit it, given the way he incessantly carried on with and about Centennia, he was, indeed, one hell of a lover. Therein lied the problem. She was young, and most of her peers thought her to be naive, but, she'd experienced heartbreak aplenty in her short years. Not all of it romantic, but, hurt was hurt, y'know? She wasn't oblivious to the torch that Gary carried for Centennia, even though the 'First Lady of Superheroics' was with Kate Five, now. He kept running back to Centennia and hovering around her, and getting angry when she was spending time with her new love. Lately, it seemed to Jeanette that whenever Captain Perfect wasn't taking HER to bed, he had no time for her, and it was "Centennia, Centennia, Centennia!" Yes, his behaviour was callous and loutish, but, he WAS a former supervillain, after all. "Former" being the operative word, but, apparently, not by MUCH, considering the way he treated people. The way he treated HER.

She hadn't discussed these feelings out loud with too many people. She tried a few times to bring it up with Aideen O'Neill, as the two had become close friends, but, those sessions never really went anywhere save to the bar, or to Aideen's bed, in order to 'get Jeanette's mind off her troubles'. She enjoyed playing with Aideen, but, that felt too much like cheating. Felt too much like she was being like GARY would be, so those little talks stopped. She didn't think she could go to any of her other friends in The Odds or Section P, as they were all a very close bunch, and word tends to get around. She didn't want her feelings getting back to Captain Perfect and causing a whole big 'THING' before it was the proper time. She wasn't ready to have any LONG TALKS with him about her feelings. He was definitely the type of guy who would rabbit if he felt tied down, and, as much as a 'Perfect ASSHOLE' as he could be, sometimes, she really DID want to keep him.
She tried to talk to the Phantom Pistoleer, but, she was on a case, somewhere, when Jeanette went looking for her. On her way home that lonely day, she ran across the speedster called Rush in the downtown Manhattan area, fighting off a deranged villainess calling herself "Cascade". Jeanette dove in to assist, and it didn't take long to wrap things up with the two of them fighting off the telekinetic energy vampire. Jeanette had seen Rush milling around the Fortress of Evening, having fun with The Odds, but the two had never really spoken, much. Rush seemed like an OK girl, and, maybe, seeing that  she wasn't an official member of the Odds or Section P, Jeanette could talk to her without her business being put through the gossip mill.
She took a chance.

After dropping Cascade off to the 'Black Badge' - a small cadre of superpowered agents working for the NYPD, she and Rush raced over to Coney Island for hot dogs and amusement park rides and ice cream. Jeanette poured her heart out to the attentive speedster about Captain Perfect, Centennia, her relationship, her innermost hurt feelings and her confusion. Rush understood. She, herself, was only just getting used to the rather libertine romantic and sexual practices of the various members of the Odds and Section P, and how one could rarely tell who was 'dating' whom without a flowchart, a road map and a scorecard. She would have told Jeanette to simply drop Captain Perfect altogether and start going out with someone else, but she could see that it was too late for the poor girl - Jeanette had it BAD. Rush's other suggestion was to sink to Captain Perfect's level, so to speak. -Make him jealous. If he was going to treat Jeanette like the rebound girl when Centennia was unavailable to him, then, maybe she should
A) show him that she wasn't gonna always be sitting around, pining for him and waiting for his attention, and,
B) that she was a beautiful young woman who garnered attention from others, and if he wanted to keep her in his life, he had better shape the fuck up!
Sure, the idea was a bit "high school", but, such a thing WAS effective with guys like Gary - who were ALSO a bit "high school". Jeanette thanked Rush for the ice cream and advice with a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. Rush smiled and wished her well and took to the road. Jeanette watched the speedster's ample posterior wiggle, almost to the point of vibration as she ran away up the Coney boardwalk, then the lonely caped girl with the streaked hair and tinted glasses took to the sky and flew off, back toward Manhattan, to think.

Who could she flirt with that would drive Gary crazy? She landed in an alleyway in the Upper West Side and strolled across the street to a fruit stand outside a little grocery store to ponder her situation while looking for kiwis to add to tomorrow morning's breakfast cereal.
"Who would really, REALLY get Captain Perfect's goat"? she asked herself out loud while thumbing through the sweet green fruits that would soon be out of season. Captain Evening? Nah. TOO obvious, though she heard some VERY good things about his prowess from the other girls. Aideen? Hmph. NO. Aideen was a close friend, and she didn't wanna get her involved in this sordid mess any more than she already was. Besides, sex with Aideen was her source of solace. She already felt a little bit of guilt about that, but it was nothing she couldn't live with. There were real feelings there. Some real love. She didn't want to sully that with revenge sex. For a second, a wicked, Grinch-like smile danced across her pretty face, and she wondered aloud if, somewhere in a parallel universe, there was a male version of Centennia that she could bed. That would REALLY tork Gary off!

"A male version of Centennia?!" - What the?! Someone had heard her!
"Well, that's just plain NUTS!", said another voice, both of which seemed to be issuing from the little compartment in the fruit stand that housed the peanuts. The compartment seemed to shake, and the peanuts rose from their containment area and gushed all across the fruit stand and into the other compartments and onto the grimy sidewalk like lava from an awakening volcano as a humanoid figure slowly rose from the depths beneath them. He was a handsome Native American lad with jade green earlobe plugs and a triangular soulpatch that seemed a bit out of date, but suited him nonetheless. He was-- seriously?-- dressed as Mr. Peanut, the Planters Peanut mascot, as he was sporting a jaunty top hat, a monocle, a cane, a shirt-less collar with a bow-tie, not unlike that of a Chippendale's dancer, black leggings and arm sheaths, a smart pair of black and white wingtips... and NOTHING ELSE.
"Actually", he said, his bare man-bits, only moderately hidden in the pile of peanuts that were left in their proper place, "That's just LEGUMES!". He stepped out of the pile of peanuts and onto the ground, crunching peanuts with his natty shoes, just as another head of raven-black hair popped up where he left off, like some kind of bizarre human Kleenex tissue. The hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail, which was held in place by a medium blue hair tie. The slim, young Caucasian man beneath the long hair tumbled out of the cascade of peanuts and onto the ground. He rolled like a clumsy clown, then popped up to stand tall beside his mostly-naked compatriot. He was a slim prettyboy with a rather interesting nose ring through his septum, and a blue diamond earring in each lobe. He wore a slightly oversized black tuxedo-style suit with a blue silk tie that matched the one taming his ponytail, and blue Chuck Taylor style sneakers of the same shade.

"Meh, Planter's are OKAY", he said with a shrug and a charming, but slightly twisted grin that showed an ever-so-slight overbite, "But, I prefer DEEZ!" With that, he reached behind his back, Wile E. Coyote-style, and produced, seemingly from thin air, a jar of peanuts adorned with a picture of his Native friend in the same Mr. Peanut get-up, in the exact same POSE as the boy was striking at the time, with a logo that stated that the nuts were a product of "DEEZ nuts"... which Jeanette did not know to even EXIST. It was a bad pun come to life that disappeared just as quickly as it manifested. She also couldn't help but notice that the ponytailed one's other hand had snaked down to the first one's crotch and he gave a quick grab to the Native guy's gonads. Jeanette could almost swear she heard a faint "HONK", like an old school bicycle horn, but she couldn't be sure. This was all just so crazy! Just when she thought she was going mad, she thought she heard the opening cello strains of the "Jaws" theme. It was coming from the peanuts again.
Just then, for no reason that the poor girl could fathom, an honest-to-God PERISCOPE peeked up out of the seemingly self-replenishing and endless pile of peanuts.  It swiveled around, surveying its surroundings, then sank once more beneath the waves of legumes. In it's place popped the top of a dredlocked head that was adorned with roundish goggles with bulbous purple lenses. The dark skinned young man emerged like the Lady of the Lake, dressed in an identical semi-baggy suit like the young man before him, only his tie and sneakers and the two oval shaped earrings in each of his ears were royal purple. The fetching young African American man in black and purple crawled from the peanuts and down to the sidewalk like a great spider in human form, stood up straight next to his partners then shook his lion's mane of dreadlocks like a large shaggy dog, spraying peanuts everywhere. Jeanette looked into the peanutty abyss from whence they'd came, wondering if anyone else was going to crawl out from the peanut-filled space that was far too small for ONE grown man to fit, muchless THREE. For a fleeting second she saw it. It was a psychedelic swirl of color and madness that receded into nothingness, like a flushed toilet, until it disappeared and there was nothing left but the peanuts that were supposed to be there.
Jeanette stammered and stuttered a bit, trying to speak while simultaneously mentally processing the scene she'd just seen.
"Wha-- WHO? Who are you?!", she said, her body automatically taking a defensive posture, her fists balling tightly.
"Well, I'm Monroe, he's Bjorn", The Native American started off, pointing a thumb at himself and another at the Caucasian guy standing immediately behind him.
"He's Quinn", said Bjorn, pointing at the Black gent in an identical way that he himself had been identified a second earlier.
"And YOU", Quinn said to Monroe with a sleepy-eyed smirk," are out of uniform, babe. You might wanna cover your NUTS before you get arrested for indecent exposure!"

Monroe looked down at his uncovered genitals with a cocked eyebrow and a mild look of bemusement. Jeanette couldn't stop herself from following his gaze. She had to admit, he was quite nice. Brown, toned. Perhaps a tiny bit more body hair than she was used to, but that wasn't a bad thing. There was also the matter of his rather impressive showing in the penile area. She was transfixed until Monroe snapped his fingers and, in the blink of an eye and an all-but-imperceptible flash of green light/energy, the young man was clothed in his own green accented version of the suits and tennis shoes that the other two were currently wearing.
Were these guys magical? Were they malevolent? She thought back to a harrowing run-in she'd had with Wicked Witch Alicia once, where she got transformed into a gerbil for almost 2 days. She did NOT want a repeat. She had little defense against sorcery, so perhaps now was the time to play it cagey.

"Okay, you guys. I don't want any trouble. What is it you want here?"
Quinn cleared his throat and spoke up, leaning in very closely, taking Jeanette's hand and peering deeply into her eyes as he did so. She noticed that his eyes were a subdued yellow/gold color. Inhuman, but not necessarily in an evil way.
Still very odd.
A swift glance told her that the other two had the same eyes. Why hadn't she noticed that before?
"We're lost, and we're just trying to find out where we are", Quinn said. His eyes seductively half-lidded and his rather juicy looking lips parting in a devilish smile.
"We could use some directions... maybe a tour guide", Bjorn said as he sidled up behind the green clad superheroine, his warm breath on her neck giving her goosebumps.
"We're not here to make trouble, if that's what you're thinking", Monroe interjected, manifesting a bouquet of green roses out of nowhere and handing them to Jeanette as though she'd just won a beauty pageant.

"WE just want you weirdoes to clean up and/or PAY for all these peanuts you've wasted all over my property!"
The aghast quartet of superpowered beings all spun around to see the stern and disapproving face of Muriel Wiggins, the owner of the small grocery and fruit stand that the trio of strangers had all but ruined. The boys each gave a rather cartoonish, sheepish grin and with a snap of their fingers, brooms, dust pans, vacuum cleaners and leaf blowers appeared in their hands and they got to work cleaning. In less time than it takes to tell, the numerous peanuts were gone, and replaced with a new batch. They all apologized to the stunned Mrs. Wiggins and were off. Of course, no one knew that the peanuts that the strange men in the baggy black suits put in the compartment were magical and would have... odd effects on anyone who ate them, but, that's a tale for another time.

After fleeing the wrath of Mrs. Wiggins, Jeanette took the madcap magical men to the Fortress of Evening. She had judged that they were not malicious, but still, she thought that it would be good to get them off the streets and have some super back-up around, just in case. She'd flown in, and the trio followed, having transformed themselves into colorful little birds, (peeking up her skirt all the while, as she flew, though she hadn't caught that).
"That shapeshifting power is pretty neat", Jeanette thought to herself, as she watched the trio of troublemakers touch down on the fortress's balcony and shape shift back into their besuited human forms, wisps of colored smoke wafting from their bodies as they did so.

Unfortunately, when she called out upon her arrival at the Fortress of Evening, no one was in. Obviously, there was some super emergency out there somewhere that called the Odds to action. She'd just wait there for them to return. She got her 'guests' refreshments and bid them to tell her all about themselves. Bjorn, Quinn and Monroe were trickster demigods from a parallel Earth, apparently, who hopped from reality to reality, doing good deeds and making merry while hiding from their fathers (Loki, The Coyote Spirit and Kweku Anansi, the Spider) who, apparently, want to EAT them. They talked for hours. Jeanette told them her own back story. They talked about the Odds and Section P. They talked about the trio's mothers being sorceressessesesessess...
On top of everything, turns out there ARE male versions of Centennia in several dozen different realities!
They talked about Captain Perfect. They were strangers, but, Jeanette, for some reason, felt perfectly comfortable opening up to them, like she could tell them anything. And she DID. She spilled her guts. She laughed. She cried. her new friends comforted her. Monroe raided the fridge, Quinn raided the liquor cabinet, and Bjorn flirted with Jeanette like there was no tomorrow. French wine, food and pheromones flowed freely and frivolously as the four frolicked, freaked out and 'fessed up about failure and freedom, fun and fighting freaks. It was a long, long night, and Jeanette was exhausted both physically and emotionally. It was too late and too dark to fly back to her apartment. The Odds hadn't returned from whatever adventure was transpiring, but Captain Evening wouldn't mind if she crashed here, besides, she had to keep an eye on these three oddballs until the other supers could return. They'd consumed most of the Odds' booze and only seemed to be merely tipsy. Monroe, the one in green, had all but decimated the fridge. Ironically, he was the thinnest among them. She began to feel just the tiniest bit drowsy, and told her guests to take a room each and get some rest. They'd been flirting with her all day... and flirting with each other, come to think of it.
She had her suspicions about them, but it would be rude to just bluntly ask about their sexual proclivities, wouldn't it? Conveniently, her suspicious were confirmed when Bjorn asked which room had the biggest bed. The fourth guestroom at the end of the west hall was that room, which housed a full on king sized bed. The boys all filed into the room, said goodnight with a lascivious wink and gently closed the door.

Jeanette had to admit to herself that she was very curious... and very aroused. She'd seen Monroe practically naked within seconds of meeting him. She wondered about whether the other two were just as yummy-looking beneath those slightly-too-large suits they wore. A quick peek into their room couldn't hurt. She doubted that they'd be offended, after all, the three of them spent most of this weird and wacky day making innuendoes and double entendre's in her general direction. She cracked open the door and peered into the darkness. There the boys sat, atop the bedspread, illuminated by dull candle light and dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland.
"You're LATE!", Said Monroe, dressed as the White Rabbit, complete with loudly ticking pocket watch.
"Off with her head!", shouted Quinn, all dolled up as the Queen of Hearts, in mock outrage.
"Speaking of HEAD", purred Bjorn's disembodied smile from just below Jeanette's knees, as he slowly faded into view as, first, a disembdied talking head, then, into the full form of the Cheshire Cat, tail wagging, as though read to pounce, his cartoonish smile widening.
"I spy with my yellow eye, something that begins with 'OH MYYYYY'!"

Jeanette blushed as she quickly grabbed the front of her skirt and attempted to cover her stiffening erection. It was always a ticklish subject to explain her gender issues with a new lover. Not that she'd had THAT many, but... It was the one thing that she hadn't discussed with her new friends during the course of the night. She'd caught herself dancing around it a couple of times during the conversation, but, it really was none of their business. She hadn't actually planned on getting naked with these three... HAD she?
Bjorn's warm now-human hands were snaking their way up her thighs as she bit her lip and drew in a breath.
"There's, um, something you should know"-- she began, when Quinn suddenly teleported across the room. His Queen of Hearts outfit now gone, and, in it's place, a simple pair of purple briefs, trimmed in grey.
"And what might that be, m'dear?", Quinn asked as he nibbled Jeanette's neck and drew the tips of the fingers of his left hand across her belly. Jeanette was in heaven and speaking was difficult. Equally difficult was being able to hide her hardening penis with her flimsy skirt.

"I am, that is, I HAVE--", her words were cut off as Monroe appeared out of nowhere. She saw the mischievous spark in his yellow eye as he took her pointed little chin in his hand and gave her a brief peck on the lips. He winked at her and smiled. His eyeteeth were pointed in little unassuming fangs.
"Relax, luv", he said. "We know."
Her eyes widened. She cocked her head to the side slightly in bewilderment.
"You kinda part your legs a fair bit when you're flying, did'ja know that?", Bjorn asked.
"AND", Quinn continued, between soft nips at her neck, "you ARE wearing a skirt, sweetie."
"Speaking of which... Abracadabra", Monroe said as he snapped his fingers. That flash of green light energy happened as it had earlier, and suddenly Jeanette stood nude in the circle of dashing demigods, her stiffening 'secret' exposed. Jeanette looked questioningly to the faces of her prospective suitors, who each and all gently smiled back and took turns kissing her rapidly blushing cheeks. For just a second, Jeanette thought of Gary and how he would react to the notion that she would not only raise the gumption to sleep with another man, but THREE of them. Then, she thought: "To heck with Captain Perfect. This is about ME!"

"May we?", Bjorn asked with an exaggerated opera bow, took Jeanette's hand in his own and began tip-toeing backward toward the king sized bed.
"Of course!", Jeanette giggled, giving a mock curtsy with the pretend hem of the skirt that she was no longer wearing, her bright smile widening at the goofy, romantic antics, as she danced along with her oddball escort.
Monroe and Quinn trailed behind them, playing an airy, romantic tune on a violin and a mandolin, respectively, that they'd manifested out of nowhere. Jeanette giggled like a schoolgirl. These three were weird, in a merry way, but she thought they were all just the cutest things. It had been a while since she'd had such goofy, frivolous fun with any partner. Even romance was SERIOUS, ADULT BUSINESS, lately. It felt so great to just laugh. The four of them reached the boat-sized bed, and the two madcap musicians tossed their stringed instruments backwards, over their shoulders with careless, clown-like abandon. The wood and string noise-makers crashed to the floor with an exaggerated "El Kabong" sound effect, then, immediately vanished into the ether in puffs of purple and green smoke. 

"May I take yer order, hon?", Monroe asked, with an overwrought faux 'New Joisey' accent and a pop of bubblegum. He was now holding an order pad and a pencil while wearing a little waitressing bonnet atop his shaggy head, an apron and nothing else.
"You'll take SEVERAL!", Jeanette said with a refreshing giggle, finally letting all her trepidation slip away, hopping atop Monroe's lap, loosening the apron strings, then leaning over to kiss Quinn full on the mouth and playfully tickling Bjorn's testicles with her other hand. "Let's get started!"

Oh, the lovemaking was vigorous and lengthy. During the course of the long and very hot night the four of them tried almost every position in the Kama Sutra, twice, and a few that were said to have originated on other planets. Quinn, Bjorn and Monroe being shapeshifters was an added bonus for the shy superheroine. During their hours upon hours of carnal congress, they'd, in turn, shifted into female versions of themselves for Jeanette's pleasure and even modified themselves to the shapes of some of Jeanette's own partners in crimefighting, fulfilling a few fantasies that she'd had, but never told anyone about... not even Aideen! Fantasies such as being able to have an orgy with Kate Five, Centennia and Emerald Valkyrie... just to see what all of Captain Perfect's FUSS was about! At one point, just before dawn, she'd found herself sandwiched between not one, not two, but THREE Captain Perfects! Their amorous adventures ended at around 8:40 am with Jeanette having lost count of her orgasms. Dehydrated, extremely sticky and pleasantly exhausted, she awoke, heaped in a sweaty pile betwixt Bjorn in the form of Brad Pitt (circa the last ten minutes of "Fight Club", with the short hair), Quinn, shapeshifted into a copy of Rush, whom Jeanette had sort of taken a shine to during their earlier day out, and Monroe, who was back in his own form, save for sporting a rather delightful smooth-shaven vagina with a tiny tattoo of Pee-Wee Herman above it, just below his navel, for no other reason than it had made his exhausted bedmates laugh during their romp.

The Odds had just returned home from a harrowing ordeal. They'd just spent the entire night over in Brooklyn, assisting Burst Lion in trying to stop Lady Wyvern and a bunch of fanatical cultists from sacrificing a teenaged virgin boy named Sherman Walker and using his blood for summoning a pandimensional demon lord called 'Volegnaroth' to the Earth plane. Bjorn, Quinn and Monroe were just toddling out as Captain Evening walked in. Thinking they were thieves who'd broken in, the Captain, his thinking muddled in his exhaustion, led an aggressive charge against the trio with Merv the Griffin, Armstrong Fatbuckle and Burst Lion. Instinctively defending himself and his mates, with a clap of his hand and a zap of blue magic, Bjorn restored Fatbuckle to his humanity! Momentarily shocked by the sudden sensation of having fully formed and solid flesh and blood once more, Fatbuckle didn't see Bjorn's knee coming. POW! Right in the pecker with a bad pun from Bjorn about his primary BONE of contention. Within an eyeblink, Armstrong was back to abnormal and crumpled into a heap of bones on the floor, still feeling the throb of pain in a kicked ball sac that was no longer there. Burst Lion pounced on Monroe, who transformed into a werecoyote, then reached behind his back to manifest a small handheld painted sign that said "Don't look down". BurstLion didn't heed the sign. There was a small black circle on the floor beneath her feet, which she fell into as though it were an actual trap door into nothingness. There was an audible whistling sound as she disappeared from sight.
Quinn, being the most diplomatic of his husbands, transformed his clothing into that of an English Bobby type policeman, blew a whistle and held up a hand in front of the angry Captain Evening and Merv, who immediately froze in place. With a snap of his fingers and a corona of purple energy, the four Odds dissappeared and reappeared, prone on the couch in the living room. Quinn was now seated in a chair to the left of them, dressed in a brown suit with patched elbows, his dredlocks tied back in a ponytail not unlike Bjorn's and his goggles now transformed into a pair of thick framed black eyeglasses and a pipe billowing peppermint scented smoke clenched in his lips, and a yellow note pad in his hands.
"Frrrom vence duz all of zis hozztility issue?", Quinn asked the four reunited, couch-bound and confused superheroes, in an exaggerated German accent, "Tell me about your mothzers."
Their stupefication wore off quickly and the quartet of miffed superheroes sprang from the couch to renew their attack on the bothersome intruders to their sanctum.
"STOP!", yelled Jeanette, "What are you doing?! These are friends of mine!" Both sets of combatants not sure which she was talking to. Jeanette hastily explained that the trio of magical tricksters were with her, and not intruders to the Fortress of Evening. Captain Evening swiftly became savvy to the situation when he noticed that Jeanette's hair was a bit dishevelled, she wasn't wearing her glasses and that she was wearing her spare costume. It was slightly smaller than her regular one, and a smidge darker shade of green. The poor flustered girl was wearing the shorter than usual skirt just a bit high - as though it was grabbed and put on a bit hastily in the dark- and the tip of her endowment was just visible, peeking from beneath the skirt's hem. Jeanette realized this, and yanked the offending garment downward to cover her shame. Blushing profusely, she wondered what the hell actually happened to her regular uniform and the underwear that went with it, as she'd just remembered that her cartoonish playmates had made the silly thing vanish into thin air the night before.
Quinn, Bjorn and Monroe were allowed to leave unaccosted and Jeanette, while straightening herself up to be more presentable, told Captain Evening and company about her night, knowing that eventually, it would get back to Captain Perfect, which, she realized, she actually WANTED to happen, this time.

She hung out with the trickster trio every night for a solid three weeks afterward. They made merry, seeing the sights of NYC like tourists. The boys telling her tales of New Yorks in parallel and alternate realities that differed from her own.
They'd somehow conned their way into a hotel room for their stay. Jeanette was grateful for this. Not only did it alleviate the embarrassment of their loud lovemaking reverbrating through the surprisingly thin walls of the Fortress, but, there was zero chance of her accidentally crossing paths with Captain Perfect as it would be at the Fortress, or, even outside her own apartment.
She and the "Misfits of Mischief", as she learned that they were sometimes referred to in various realities, went dancing. They dined out, they went to movies. Though she knew it was temporary as they'd be moving on sooner or later, Jeanette really enjoyed having three fun-loving and attentive boyfriends.

Gary called frequently. She sent them to voicemail.
He texted her. She ignored him.

Word had gotten around about the argument he'd had with Centennia recently. From what Jeanette was later told, it was something had Taki set in motion. Jeanette felt the same way about Captain Perfect that Taki felt about Kate Five. It would seem that, in essence, Centennia was the common ground that the two of them shared... the obstacle to what they'd believed would be the true happiness with the ones that they wanted to be with. A lesser girl would hate Centennia just for existing, but, Jeanette was better than that. Besides, Centennia was one of the first to reach out a hand of friendship to Jeanette after her outing by the tabloids. She couldn't hate Centennia. She couldn't even hate Gary, though he was a jerk sometimes. Expecting him to change might not be realistic. He may have been able to change from a villain to a hero in the eyes of the public, but, she surmised that that was a much easier transition than from being a womanizer with an obsession to a One-Woman Man. This was something she would have to either deal with, and/or something HE would have to outgrow if they were to stay together.
As expected, word of Jeanette's new bed buddies did indeed make it's way to Captain Perfect's ear. He was many things, but he wasn't completely oblivious. He pitched in on a situation with the Lizard Men, and Armstrong Fatbuckle wouldn't stop snickering. He'd hang out at the Fortress, and whenever he'd walk into a common area, Jung-La, Phantom Pistoleer, Rush and Blue Knight would immediately stop talking, only to resume in a whisper whenever he was on his way out. Half of those Section P people wouldn't even TALK to him, anymore, and Aideen just gave him that STARE whenever he walked by.

It was Taki who finally just blurted it out. Jeanette was ignoring him because she was carrying on with three other guys! THREE! He'd wanted to give her some space and time to get over whatever bug had been up her butt the last few weeks, but, hearing this? He launched himself skyward, so angry that Taki could swear she saw smoke coming from his ears as he flew. She smiled to herself. She didn't feel a single pang of guilt. After all, the LAST time she and Captain Perfect had spoken, he'd called her a BITCH. She was more than happy to get a little payback. Wronged party or not, Captain Perfect was a world-class JACKASS!

Gary had honestly thought for a second that he was going to have to canvas all of New York City to find her, but, that was doing it the hard way. Dr. Madison had, after all, outfitted The Odds and Section P and all their friends with a mini-tracker app that she and that weird, drunken anthropomorphic rabbit had cooked up. In times of extreme world-ending emergency they would be able to find each other. THIS was an emergency. Gary opened the app on his smartphone, punched in his personal code, and Jeanette's code. In seconds, he'd pinpointed her location. She was in midtown, near Rockefeller Center. He flew like a bullet until he'd arrived there.
There she was. With THEM. Just out in the open like it was all normal and aboveboard. They were outside of the '30 Rock' building. Were they seriously gonna sit in on a taping of SNL, or something?! Captain Perfect squinted to get a better view of things. They were each wearing bizarre, ice-cream white suits with colored shirts. The Native American guy was giving her a huge box of Valentine's candy. (WTF? It's APRIL!)
The Black guy with the goggles had a tube of.... lube?! it was the size of a mini keg! The White guy with the ponytail had FUCKING CONDOMS?!! The Captain, to put it mildly, lost his shit. He moved so fast that Rush would have been jealous! He didn't know who these weirdoes were (which would probably be to his detriment, as he didn't know WHAT they were, either), but, he was gonna make them PAY. He'd already lost ONE girl to someone else, he wasn't gonna lose Jeanette, too! Without thinking or having any regard for what a powerful punch from him would DO to a normal person, he made a beeline for his quarry.
Out of the corner of her eye, Jeanette saw the blur of green motion coming for them. Quinn, Monroe and Bjorn weren't omniscient, but their demigod senses were very acute. 30 Rockefeller Center was about to be ground zero for another of those tedious and destructive superhuman battles that New York was often plagued with. Perhaps Saturday Night wouldn't be so Live this week. All because of a jealous caped asshole, a damsel in dating distress and a threesome of dizzy demigods whose idea of a "good deed" is to help a jilted superpowered girl get even with her boyfriend via three weeks of metamorphic revenge sex.
Happy April Fools Day, everyone!
Big shout-outs to :iconcyberkitten01: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

 :iconthecosmicbeholder: :icongwynplainest: :iconburstlion: and even :iconxailenrath-universe:
Now with a few continuity/reference links!
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TheCosmicBeholder's avatar
Wow great job dude! Such a fun read. Love how you did justice to all the characters. Jeanette is portrayed with so much love. The demigods are mischievous as always. And the two Captains and the others are spot on! Canon is pretty loose these days, so I'm all for making it so haha
Really awesome, thanks for doing this!
Misfits-Of-Mischief's avatar
Not a problem! I'm very glad you guys like it!
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cyberkitten01's avatar
Love it :) Finally got around to reading it
Misfits-Of-Mischief's avatar
Thanks! I tried to put as many canon details in as I could remember, and left off after Captain Perfect and Taki had their exchange in that last bit of story.
burstlion's avatar
This story, is absolutely amazing! :la:  April Fools?  I feel this would make the most amazing Canon, if :iconcyberkitten01:, :iconthecosmicbeholder: and :icongwynplainest: agree too!
Misfits-Of-Mischief's avatar
Well, I did try to do the characters justice. I'll try to go back and link to the story elements I borrowed from later, when I get home.
I left it open ended, as I don't know Captain Perfect's whole powerset. When I find that out, I may just storyboard a battle between the Captain and my lil' living cartoons.
(I imagine it'd be something along the lines of having Superman battle 3 Mxyzptlks).
If Cyberkitten01 and co want it to be canon, I am all for it. 
burstlion's avatar
Captain Perfect VS the Misfits would be like battling 3 Mxyzptlks?!  Let me know if you make that happen so I can have some popcorn ready :la: :la: :la:
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