8 Things I Learned Before I Turned Sixteen

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1. you are stronger than you think
and when you tell other people this,
do not be offended when they start talking about muscle mass.
they will not understand until they wake up
one day and are disappointed to find themselves
still breathing.

2. reading books about thin people
doesn’t make you thin
just like writing poems about happiness
doesn’t make you happy.

3. make new year’s resolutions. even if you know
they won’t last longer than the shower
you make them in, do it anyways because
you’ll love the idea of the person you were
washing off of you with the dirt.

4. you’re going to fall head over heels
over ankles over fingers in love with a boy.
this does not mean that you have any right
to keep him.

5. someone won’t always be there to tell you,
“hey, good job on getting out of bed today.
good job on going to school and doing your homework.
good job on surviving today.”

but good job anyways.

6. change your hair color. change your signature.
bring your sister’s guitar into your room
and consider learning how to play.
draw a smiley face on your wall
and then hide it under a poster of a band
you’ve never listened to.
surprise yourself, then learn to trust yourself again.
eventually, say out loud that you love yourself.
you might find that you mean it.

7. high school isn’t about learning the quadratic equation.
if you get an F on a math test and spend all of lunch
complaining about to your friends
and they still smile at your bad jokes the next day,
then you are not failing.

8. the days will get longer. you will keep breathing.
you will be tired and you will give up
and you won’t run the five miles you promised you would.
but the days will get longer and then shorter and then longer again
and you will eventually figure out
that you want to be there to see them change.
okay so it's been a really really long time since I've been on here and I'm sorry about that. It's actually just been a really long time since I've been able to write a poem. So tonight I sat down, like, "imma do it" so I wrote a list poem, which is my fall back. I know, I know. List poems. I know. But I suck at transitions and stuff and so a list poem is like an excuse to not do transitions?

So this actually turned out a bit like my "things i wish i could tell my dog" in that there's eight things. except that one's better because it has a double meaning. This one is just what the packaging says.

Which, I should probably talk about. So, I'm turning sixteen in about, oh, 29 days (or 28, whichever) and it's also New Year's coming up, so I wanted to write a poem about all the important stuff I've learned. And then I figured out, I hadn't really learned anything that important. Just the same old stuff they teach in disney movies. I am the exact same person I was two years ago, except now I'm taller than my oldest sister. By 3/4 of an inch. Anyways, if you too are disappointed about the amount of action you've seen this year, my friend told me this. "2013 was a year of character development. 2014 is where all the plot happens."

So, there's that, at least.

And I haven't said this lately, so here goes. Thank you so much for every favorite or comment you leave on my work. Even, like, your nice thoughts about me. I mean, really just thank you. I really do love all of you and you're all amazing little people or big people or wide people or thin people but just really beautiful people. 
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Cezille07Hobbyist General Artist
True words that everyone needs to hear at some point. Not just at sixteen, but again and again sometimes. 
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Linkluver1Student Artist
I love this. :) 
ThirteenthMonth's avatar
YES. This is wonderful.
VampiricLegend's avatar
VampiricLegendStudent Writer
This list is so relate able ^.^
And I wont be 16 for two more months either haha
Kokoro-koko's avatar
Kokoro-kokoStudent General Artist
Point 6 reminds me of something I learnt when I was 15: If you smile everyday, even if it's a fake smile, eventually it will become a true one :)
successwithhonor's avatar
this is incredible :coffeecup:

(ugh #2)
Unfuck-the-World's avatar
Unfuck-the-WorldHobbyist Writer
I love the way you look at three. I've never been one for resolutions, but that's definitely a refreshing way to think about it. I may, in fact, have to fake up a few late ones.
All in all, they're all very relatable. Unfortunately, deviantART will only allow me to :+fav: this one time, but I'll squee over it at least five~
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tal-lHobbyist Photographer
Wow I love this. You know how sometimes you read something and know you're not going to forget it? This is one of those things :) 
It gives hope without being fakely (yes, that's not a word) optimistic, and makes you notice the little things that can change your perspective for the better.
I really enjoyed this. Great work!  
lilotea-chan's avatar
lilotea-chanHobbyist Digital Artist
It always cheers me up when I see a new poem from you in my inbox ^-^ I didn't even know until now how much I needed to hear that last stanza. :huggle:
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kmills95Hobbyist Writer
this is quite good ^.^ i don't really know what to say other than that haha but i love the honesty and the overall feeling of hope that comes through :)
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saltwaterlungsHobbyist Writer
I really love this. Just, agh. There are very few poems on here that are inspirational, get up again poems. Most re sad poems a btou depression and cutting. Granted, some of those poems are very good, but it's hard to find really good, happy anthems
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tiajonesHobbyist Writer
this is fantastic.

thank you.
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ScorchyzStudent Digital Artist
This is so well-spoken and so true and so uplifting <3
AlannaPendragon's avatar
AlannaPendragonStudent General Artist

so true accept for number 7 (I my personal opinion... school can be really fun and its a great way to learn new things... that's just me im so sorry if I criticised :( )

but this is so awesome I turned 16 a few months ago so I find it relatable...your very talented, your skills are something to be envied.... instant fav, watch and comment :)

P.s if you cant keep the boy then it isn't meant to be and all that, so its better to let him go (number 4 is so true and somehow funny, looking back "LOVE IT")

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You are wiser than your years. Beautiful. :heart:
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TheQuietlyLoudOneHobbyist General Artist
I am 15 years old, I'll be 16 in a couple months.  Every single thing that you listed, I can relate to.  Each point reminded me about something different that's occurred in my life.  Whether it's the first point reminding me about when I was in and out of hospitals, or it's point six reminding me about how I kept changing my hair color, not for attention, but because I was trying to discover who I was.  I feel like all eight of these points are things  that I've learned without even realizing it until you pointed it out.  So Thank you for that.

This is really beautifully written in the organization and way you talk about each point.  I feel as if reading this was as if I was looking back on my life and remembering everything, and remembering what I've learned and the good that came out of each event I remembered.  I've never had this positive outlook on all the negatives from my life.  Thank you for putting this new perspective of things on my life.  
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what a beautiful piece. Grace, you really are so talented. You were also had the only poem I liked out of Artist Guild. See you after break. (: S
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I saw your work on the home page and it got me interested. I'm going to be 17 in a couple of months and only in the last two years have I discovered these 8 points. It's extremely difficult to come to terms with myself and recognising the fact I'm still enduring. I'm also... humbled by the knowledge that I'm not the only one who's experienced these. It always feels as though we're having to fight our own battles when in reality, we're all in the same boat in some way.

Thanks for sharing.
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Jazz-JuneStudent Digital Artist
All I can say is that I realllly LOVE this.
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Dave-247Hobbyist Photographer
It took me much longer then 16 for me to figure all this out, and even at the age of 20 I think I'm still trying to come to terms with what it all means.

One thing I always try to keep in mind, is to never stop believing... as it's only then that hope is ever truly lost. Time passes... things change... all of which is out of your control...
But at the end of the day something is only as important as the meaning you choose to give it, so never forget what the most important thing of all is...

...whatever you want it to be.
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Concerning 7:  ...  don't fail school if you're smart enough to do it right.  If you plan on making a living doing something that requires an education, go all out in high school so you can get into whatever college you want... then keep going all out in college.

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SoObsessedHobbyist Writer
You write with firm conviction (for a fifteen year old you know exactly what you believe, and that's admirable).  You have much wisdom and sensibility, but be careful; don't let it become warped into cynicism, you'll be miserable.
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solis-ortusStudent Writer
beautiful. absolutely amazing, i love this so much. 
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