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The Wanderer - Damien Dyson


Damien was born in California. His family was never around, so when he was 16 years old, he graduated high school, got emancipated, and started hitch hiking around the United States. He had many an adventure, but he never really had any dreams or ambitions and sort of wandered for a long time. One night, he couldn’t find a ride going his direction on the highway, so he sat down by the side of the road and decided to get some sleep. He saw a shooting star and decided he should wish for something, but couldn’t think of anything. So he simply wished for a dream and fell asleep. When he woke up, he found himself in a world called Fanfyria (, a world of imagination. There, he learned how to control the element of wind and he travels with other humans and residents of Fanfyria, muses, helping them thwart an evil necromancer’s plan.

Outside the continuity of his story, Damien has had several encounters with Kichigai and none of them have been pleasant. Kichigai enjoys provoking people, and Damien is easily provoked, so they naturally don’t get along very well. Well, Kichigai has fun, Damien definitely does not.

Damien can control wind, but not like an airbender, more like he is making the wind and not like he’s just manipulating the air around him. So he can’t suck the air out of people’s lungs. He can, however, condense wind into a form he can cut things with or expand it into large blasts that can push things over or break things down.


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Nice markings! (shirt and tattoo).

Sounds like he's going to be fun to work with :D