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AATR - Audition Page 5

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Page 5: You are here~!

Thank you for reading this far. ^_^ I appreciate that alone, but any comments or advice is also always welcome~!

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Special thanks to my friend, Lady Blue AKA :iconel-r:, for allowing me to put her in my comic ^_^
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MelCairoRose's avatar
Awww your poor friend is stuck in the bathroom D'8
Misfit400's avatar
yeah ;A; hopefully she'll get out eventually.
Yuriakashu's avatar
This is a fantastic audition! Good introduction to your past with the Real, to your characters-- and, the art's great! Lovely expressions and backgrounds everywhere. Good luck!!
Misfit400's avatar
Thank you very much! I appreciate the feedback ^_^ And good luck to you as well!
pwned-by-twilight's avatar
OH GOD SHE REALLY IS SETTING UP SHOP THERE! Maybe she can send a message to the judges before she goes through a door to call off her entry, since once you're there that's it. Don't think anyone's had much opportunity to call it off before getting there. A once in a lifetime opportunity...
Misfit400's avatar
SHE IS xD Hopefully they'll let her out of the tournament. Otherwise she might just be safe to go since I already left in her place. She'll find out once she get's enough courage to try and go through the door~
Riverfox237's avatar

I wonder why you couldn't get your character that you wanted? These two look like a handful. Great job on your audition, I really enjoyed the writing! best of luck and I look forward to seeing where you're story goes if you get in!
Misfit400's avatar
;A; yeah. hopefully she'll get out of there eventually. xD

They will be a bit of a handful, but if I get far enough, you'll learn the reason why I have them and not him :D

Thank you very much and good luck to you as well!!
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