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AATR - Audition Page 3

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Page 3: You are here~!
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Special thanks to my friend, Lady Blue AKA :iconel-r:, for allowing me to put her in my comic ^_^
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Never actually seen this method before. Props for creativity. And poor Blue... Stuck in the bathroom for who knows how long...
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Thanks xD yeah, at least she has her phone for entertainment. Not the most comfortable place to sit through.
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"I guess this is my life now..." Considering the typical rule of "next door you walk through will take you there" I don't blame her one bit. Probably safe since someone went through, though. And getting someone else to take your place is probably the only effective method I've ever seen for NOT having to go to the Real.
Misfit400's avatar
Yeah xD I'm sure she'll get the courage to step out of there later. It'll be undoubtedly at the encouragement of police officers who show up to trespass her from the coffee shop, but at least she'll get out of there eventually xD