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AATR - Artist Reference

Crow's Reference:
Ruby's Reference:

Audition Page 1:
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EYYYYY I'm not the only one to describe myself as an ambivert! :Dd Nice job making your ref sheet look nice and spacious! Also DANGIT YOU LOOK SO CUTE, excellent addition of the little details that make your character stand out without giving you too exhaustive a job of drawing yourself repeatedly!
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YAY Ambiverts of the world UNITE xD I was so happy when I found there was a word for being half introvert/half extrovert. I always scored even on those personality tests and I wanted an easy way to describe that xD
And thanks!! I had some really good feedback from the discord regarding the layout. ^_^
:blush: I'm glad you like the design! I was afraid it might be too simple so it's good to hear that the little details are so effective.
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Are you me from the alternative universe? 0v0
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lol yeah we do look quite alike xD my old OLD design from AATR3 even had a hoodie and a pony tail: AATR - Melanie - The Artist
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Aaaaay, twinsies! XD