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Death of Sonic the Hedgehog 16' : Regina Ferrum :iconmisfit2588:misfit2588 6 0
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Chapter 2: Page 5 by grafffite Chapter 2: Page 5 :icongrafffite:grafffite 17 5 Possle borderlands 3 oc heads by doomtech Possle borderlands 3 oc heads :icondoomtech:doomtech 2 0
Sonic Sigma Part 1
Sonic Sigma
Part 1
For a long time, Mobius has been at war with the Robotnik Empire. It has been a losing battle. Robotnik's armies are near-limitless, tireless, and without mercy. His air fleet is also a force to be reckoned with. Day by day, Robotnik conquers more and more of the planet, crushing any and all resistance. However, there are those who still stand against him. Among them is the Kingdom of Acorn, which has opposed the madman's robotic empire time and time again. However, the kingdom is all but gone, the king missing, and his daughter in hiding. The survivors hide in the Great Forest, in the village of Knothole. The princess, Sally Acorn, has organized a few of them into a small guerilla team. These young heroes have fought Robotnik for years. Sally serves as their leader, and Sonic serves as their greatest fighter. Sonic and Sally are constantly nagging each other, but each is actually crushing on the other. Serving as the heavy hitter was Bunnie Rabbot, a young Mobian ra
:iconheavens-champion:heavens-champion 19 10
Jellyfish print on ladies tee shirt by artbeautifulcloth Jellyfish print on ladies tee shirt :iconartbeautifulcloth:artbeautifulcloth 21 13
You CAN Do It Too! Commissions, Exposure, and...

Do you feel like no one cares about your artwork?  That no matter how hard you try, you'll never improve?  Well, I've been there before.
A little less than a year ago, I didn't even have 100 watchers.  It was tough trying to find commissions, even though I priced them around 10 - 100 :points: an hour.  Sure, I had some wonderful people supporting me (thank you very much for that!), but when I looked at the thousands of diehard fans the "popular" artists had, I felt kinda useless.  It seemed like even a thousand watchers, or just being able to earn minimum wage was impossible.  Sometimes I wanted to cry from all the effort I put in.  I kept drawing and drawing but barely improving.  I was frustrated and felt useless.  But instead of giving up, I pushed myself even harder, and by God's grace it's starting to work out for me.
I now have over 16,000 amazing people encouraging me, and I know it's only a matter of tim
:iconsarilain:Sarilain 860 462
Time management and motivation
Disclaimer: I have researched a lot all over the web including DA and very random sites. Most of this is from my own experience though. Happy reading!

Lots of deviants seem to feel stressed and unmotivated lately. In this article I want to tell you about how I deal with this and encourage you to find your own best way. :rose:

When you feel stressed your head is usualy overloaded with a pile of unsorted tasks, emotions and random thoughts. A mess you say? Yes, look around you. Looks familiar?
Before starting anything, go ahead and clean your desk and your room. If you feel stressed after that, you are probably dealing with emotional mess you should take care of.
Everyone has their own way of dealing with emotional stress already. Some of my favourite methods are talking to friends, creating or looking at art, watching AMVs, playing "Beat 'em up"s. If aviable, I always recommend talking to an unrelated person about this.
:iconfelizias:Felizias 21 12
PE: Procrastination and Creativity
 Procrastination and Creativity

"You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.
What mood is that?
Last-minute panic."

Bill Watterson

You are well-aware of the importance of this project, in fact you can't wait to get to it! Too bad you promised your friends to go for a drink, and then there's that movie. Also, your productivity is at its strongest at Midnight, first Tuesday after the Full Moon, starting earlier would be a waste of time. Make sure you are well-rested! After all, is there a better way to prepare yourself for a productive tomorrow than an enjoyable today? Relax
 Your diagnosis: Procrastination positive. Devilish

"Someday is not a day of the week."
Janet Dailey
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Shade The Echidna by XxLady-MinaxX Shade The Echidna :iconxxlady-minaxx:XxLady-MinaxX 211 54 Priestess Solaris by XxLady-MinaxX Priestess Solaris :iconxxlady-minaxx:XxLady-MinaxX 53 19 The Dreamcatcher by XxLady-MinaxX The Dreamcatcher :iconxxlady-minaxx:XxLady-MinaxX 66 31 Sky by XxLady-MinaxX Sky :iconxxlady-minaxx:XxLady-MinaxX 90 51 -Rayquaza- by arvalis -Rayquaza- :iconarvalis:arvalis 14,948 737 -Abomasnow- by arvalis -Abomasnow- :iconarvalis:arvalis 8,750 739 Vampirella by reiq Vampirella :iconreiq:reiq 4,880 98 I Just Can't Look Away by jollyjack I Just Can't Look Away :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 4,647 2,501 Slugterra Development 5 by CreatureBox Slugterra Development 5 :iconcreaturebox:CreatureBox 1,094 56


Sabrina Anita Acorn (2017)
First and foremost, she is a fictional character. This is a redo of the original I posted years ago. I decided to give her bio a bit more...spice to it.

 Age:18 ( one year younger than Sally)

 Bio: During the early days of King Maximillian Acorn's reign as the monarch of Angelia, he was frustrated with all that was happening. His father had just been mysteriously poisoned, peace between Angelia and Drakania was wearing thin, and on top of that he had a family to raise.

 His wife , Queen Alicia, tried her hardest to aid him in that stressful time but he continued to push her away. She decided to take Elias, and her baby daughter Sally to the other side of the palace, and made a home in a far off house. 

 Maximillian had no knowledge of this, and had not even noticed she had left. The only few who knew about her moving were a few palace guards and Armand D'Coolette. She trusted Armand, and knew he wouldn't say a word if it meant hurting the children. As time passed Alicia spent more time around Armand, and even began having feeling for him, she even thpught that he would be a better fit as king; but she couldn't bring herself to do this, Armand had a family , and if word got out of the palace...

 Alicia decided to try again with Maximillian,but the moment she told him about her move, he grew furious, causing her to run back to her makeshift home. She spoke with Armand and told him how she felt about him. At first, Armand wanted to walk away, but had to be honest with himself.clutching Alicia hand he kissed her.

 For the next few months this affair continued until Alicia gave birth in her home,without Maximillian's knowledge, to a girl resembling Sally. Armand, along with his men swore that they would keep this birth a secret. Alicia held her new baby in her arms "what should we name her?", she said, keeping her eye on her"Sabrina. It's my grandmother's name"Armand said staring toward the main palace, where King Max hadn't a clue of what was going on.

 Shreik the bat: Sooooo wait! Hold it ! Sabrina is Sally's sister aaaand Armand is her dad(laughs hysterically) So(sniff) so , that means Sally is Antione's sister (falls to the floor laughing) all this time he's been after her(gasp) good thing the feeling wasn't mutual(laughs gasping for air) Misfit how do you come up with this stuff(continues laughing)
Soooo, after years on hiatus,and suffering from writers block, I've gotten around to roughing out the next part of Death of Sonic the Hedgehog.

I want to thank everyone for your patience and support. I don't do these stories for myself, I do them for all of you.

DoStH part 4 preview

The showdown between Shadow and Rip.

Tails and team get side lined on Reaper Island but an old friend decides to help...

The saga continues...


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Anthony L.
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States

started drawing when I was three(first thing I drew was a stick figure of super mario),never really had any type of art training other than art class in high school.I pretty much learned all that I know from myself.
I'm hoping to put my art out there to get noticed by someone...hopefully my dream can come true



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Here's a petition about the replacement of the Sonic comics to IDW, after they ended with
the Archie Comics series, and sally acorn and the freedom fighters were stay tuned by ShanahaT, and you know I'm very autistic.
misfit2588 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I signed it . good luck
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Okay; let me know when you're open, okay? =3
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