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Rules and Group-info


Alright, this Group has a few little rules that all members should follow.
The basics are:
:bulletred: Only submit YOUR art work, no stolen photos, also no ebay-taken photos. It´s not like you can´t upload these to show what you will get, but please don´t submit those here. Just take the time and take photos of your stuff after you have received it, and then submit it.
:bulletred: Only TAXIDERMY-related art is allowed.
:bulletred: No bullying against members. We know the drama and trouble all too well, and would appreciate it if you don´t comment and don´t join if you do not like us or the work we share.
:bulletred: Critique is always welcome as long as it is helpful.
It´s more than easy to talk about flaws, but to talk about how to prevent them or how to correct them is much more helpful. Thanks~
:bulletred: You can submit into the featured folder and we will sort your submissions and put them into the correct folder

Welcome! stolen foxes here. I am the new Administrator of this Group. This Group is well established and running smoothly, and I hope to help keep things this way.

Edit from BambiTaxidermy
Break our rules, and we will feed you to Kodiak c:
Omnom. by xxangelkittycatxx Also, if you are even a more known, high up, epicest of epic taxidermist, feel free to join. As long as you don't start drama, you go by the rules, and you are nice to EVERYONE in the group.
Thanks everyone!








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Korwynze Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd love to be in this group, can someone invite me?
my phone doesnt show a 'join group' option :c
maryssoftmounts Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017
I already sent you an invitation, but NLynx has informed me that you have to be logged into DA via your computer in order to see/respond to it. I didn't realize that phones also don't show a 'join group' option. Can you log into a computer and say 'Yes' to the invitation I sent you?
Korwynze Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright done!
Thank you very much c:
maryssoftmounts Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017
PoonieFox Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Hi everyone!
I am looking for a little taxidermy help here!
We own a really pretty set of elk/moose antlers,
both comming form the same specimen.

We aquired it from a legal hunter, who had some letovers from last year's hunt.
But the anlters were sadly kept outside in his garden.
Now the smell of trees on them isn't that bad,
but we'd really like to clean them a bit more and prep them up so we can use them indoors.

Anyone know how we're able to do that and what we'd need?
we allready cleaned them majorily with foaming pastilles
(which are usually for fake teeth haha)
and that helped greatly, we just need to prepare it more!

Just comment/note if you know what we shoul do! c: thanks a bunch!
maryssoftmounts Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016
Me again! This question was submitted, and answered,  on… Hope this helps!
FenrisxWolf Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015
Hey again :3
I was wondering if anyone had any information and advice on fur slipping?

I just bought my first red fox stole, and was so excited to have him arrive today ^u^ I took him out of his box to inspect him, and immediately noticed a lot of fur falling out onto my bed. Taking a good look at him I saw that a lot of his guard hairs had fallen out, and a large portion of him was covered in just soft under coat.
I immediately got out my soft bristle brush and gently combed over his fur to check the condition of his coat...only to find a lot of clumps and at least two handfuls of fur that pulled out with the brush OnO I think I got the worst of it, but I'm afraid that if I ever brush him again, he'll loose even more fur XC

So I was wondering...does anyone know why this would happen? Is it something to do with how he was skinned or tanned? Or would it have been caused by the conditions the previous owner kept him in?

I'm really bummed, since he has such a gorgeous light colour and the most adorable little face. I really wanted to give him a loving home and take care of him for years to come...but he just seems so delicate and I don't know what I need to do to take care of his coat.
Any answers or advice would be much appreciated <3
maryssoftmounts Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015
The number one cause of slippage is bacteria. Usually,  either the person who skinned the animal did not do so properly or the person who tanned the skin  did not do it properly. There are so many steps involved in both of these processes (fleshing, salting, pickling etc..) that at this point in time who knows the original cause. There is also a good possibility that the fur was not stored properly.  All of this  doesn't do you much good, though, does it?! I tried looking up products that would keep fur from slipping MORE on an already tanned pelt, and was surprised that I found nothing.  I must admit, however, that I didn't look for hours and hours.  But nothing lasts forever and if you've got yourself a 70 year old stole, it could just be it's time to say "Goodbye".  If it were mine,  and the Seller would not allow me to return it, I would open that baby up and see what the skin side is like.  My guess is that it will be dark with dry rot and you'll be able to tear a rip into it VERY easily with just  your fingers. There is a Taxi product called 'Stop Rot' that might work if applied to the skin side.… Dry rot is a real possibility when you buy stoles or any other kind of vintage fur. However, I am by  no means an expert on these matters, so if you really want to salvage this stole, I would keep asking and looking for possible treatments.  If you REALLY like his face, you could be on the look-out for a body that  is close color-wise and you could sew his  head onto it! Best of luck.
FenrisxWolf Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016
Hey there :3

Thanks a lot for your reply. I'll definitely check out the Stop Rot, thanks so much for looking it up ^u^

It's such a shame that such a beautiful fox could have been damaged because of the way it was skinned
or tanned. I've got him stored safely away on some shelves behind a curtain at the moment. I don't think
I'll pull him apart since I have no experience in that, but I will hang him up with the rest of my stoles once
I get some hooks for my wall...hopefully having him hang there wont affect his fur too much since he wont
be handled

Thanks again for your effort, I'll check out the Stop Rot ^u^
All the best <3
maryssoftmounts Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016
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