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Welcome to Misery High

THIS GROUP IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED FROM ANY NEW MEMBERS. Misery High had its run and it is no longer an active roleplay group. The group itself remains open for anyone to view.

:bulletred:Nestled within the outskirts of a small, upper class town in remote West Virginia, Misery High is a privately owned boarding school. Upon viewing the old-fashioned, red brick building, it's easy to tell what it's known for. It accepts only the most prestigious students, and is also known for being very, very old as well. History of this school dates back to the colonial era, and rumor has it that it served as an insane asylum many decades ago. However, that is just rumor, right? :bulletyellow:



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:bulletred: We are not affiliated with Monster High the toyline by Mattel in ANY SHAPE OR FORM. Please do not send us Monster High OCs, they won't be accepted. :bulletyellow:

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Misery High is a prestigious private academy for youths who wish to advance their education on a level far above normal public high schools. Only the best and brightest are allowed into our hallowed halls, of course their parents being loaded also helps admission too. What-? The rumors about the school being cursed? Ghosts? Mysterious murders? Don't be absurd, what do you think this is, Amityville Horror? We can assure you your little one's acceptance will help give them a brighter future, after all being accepted into Misery High is simply, to die for...
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This is it, guys. This is the end.

The grand finale will be tonight and tomorrow, starting at 7 eastern/6 central time. If we can't do the RPs, then I will update this journal with what happens. Because I promise, you're going to get a good ending for this group.

I probably should have more here but I can't think of anything... I'm just really excited!! It's been a great four and a half years.
Yes this is very very late. Sorry. You know how we said we were busy and that's why we were closing the group down? We ended up getting so busy that I completely forgot that I said I was going to write a journal about this.

Good news though, we'll have a journal up in a few days with events for the GRAND FINALE! It will happen on the 18th and 19th (the weekend). And then no more group, I guess. Sad.

Happier news first though! Or maybe not happy so much as stuff we need to get out of the way. Homework. Did anybody remember that we used to do that?

Grades for the last assignment are as followed:
4.0: hermiethefrog, pixiesera, dinjzie

I'm not going to post the entire list of GPAs here. If you want to know your GPA, ask, and we can post it for you. But for now, the top four GPAs are:

4.1: hermiethefrog
3.7: AvatarRaptor
3.48: Punsephone
3.16: pixiesera  

I'm technically the person with the highest GPA, but it'd be boring if I got a reward for that. So for our salutatorians:

:iconavatarraptor: For your continued participation in monthly themes and the highest GPA, you're going to be awarded 200 points!

:iconpunsephone: and :iconpixiesera: For the next highest GPAs, you're awarded 100 points!

And as a bonus, for :iconjackie-marie95: for continued participation in the monthly themes, 50 points!

So we got homework out of the way. Now for the not gross stuff. Graduates!

Congratulations, class of 2014.
Abigail "Abby" Adams (VampsLuz)
Ssaundru Alexander (AstralPhiliac)
Ashlynn Amano (khfan12)
Richard Ames (ChipmunkLegion)
Oliver Anderson (Monyett)
Addylynn Ayelf (Jackie-marie95)
Jaden Berland (AvatarRaptor)
Minnie Blackford (LadyKatharos)
Jeremy Boobe (CheshireParadox)
Alejandro Carmen (Faint-Requiem)
Candy Cheng (kagstar)
Wilhelmina "Billy" Coen (ChipmunkLegion)
Elizabeth Collins (atomic-kitten10)
Adam "Atom" Colt (AvatarRaptor)
Leroy Connelly (hermiethefrog)
Skylar DeSilva (JaxxyLupei)
Edgar Evans (VampsLuz)
Avery Ferguson (ChipmunkLegion)
Francois Frenchman (Something4Random)
Rickie Gallagher (lost-in-dreams138)
Rorin Gari'alis (Scribble-Demon)
Eriscordia "Eris" Hallows (AstralPhiliac)
Arielle Hansley (pixiesera)
Kailyn Holmes (AshTheWizard)
Sandra Hughes (Something4Random)
Jamila Jackson (JaxxyLupei)
Michelangelo Kappel (pixiesera)
Parker Lopez (AvatarRaptor)
Roland Maslanka (lost-in-dreams138)
Dahlia Mc'Arthur (Ishkababble)
Pepper Ann McGee (CheshireParadox)
Terrance Murphey (AvatarRaptor)
Julian Nash (Morning-Cat-Naps)
Autumn O'Clery (AstralPhiliac)
Ryan O'Donnell (JaxxyLupei)
Cleopatra Pharess (Jackie-marie95)
Grayson Ratter (AnimatedAchievement
Evan Rlosan (LadyKatharos)
David Sage (LadyKatharos)
Jeremy "Jezza" Simmons (Something4Random)
Jennifer Skerdykat (JustASillyFilly)
Damian Stone (pixiesera)
Charlotte Taylor (TwilightPrincess06)
Kathryn Valentino (JaxxyLupei)
Meredith "Mimi" Van Zalem (LethalKilla)
Annalise Villenueva (atomic-kitten10)
Lela White (CheshireParadox)
Bruno Whitfield (Zomgplayer)
Evan Keith Yates (kagstar)

It's been an amazing 4.5 years, guys. We're sad to see this group go. But we do have one more thing planned for you! Be on the lookout for journal updates and the final event!
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