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Walking The Dog

It's dog eat dog when you meet your rival
and the combat zone it's your means of survival
Gonna get last licks on a suicide blitz
with a broken dagger knife
when the lightning strikes

A 2 hour 'escape' turned into a full-blown 8+. Too lazy to draw clothes and figured half-nude wimminz + any random macho object = instant win anyway. Photoshop, reference used for the pretty gatling.

Snoopy belongs to Mr. Schulz.

100410: Got Snoopy back; print no longer available.
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Love this! Your style 's fascinating!

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I like your style ! Bravo ! :D
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Nice, I like walking pose.
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:iconheavyplz: I call it... Sasha.
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My grandmother had a German Shepard named Sasha
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That's awesome.
Snoopy is a great touch :D
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Wow, I love the color pallet and the perspective here.
Snoopy and Legend of Zelda = AWESOME.
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You're very good at anatomy. This is great!
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Sexy and deadly, good combination.

The ear buds are a nice touch, rock out with a Gatling gun, how coll is that.
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Oh my- This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Seriously!
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