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I am the dragon's daughter.

Time: 5 hrs
Mood: pretty aight
Music: GitS OST

Been a while since I submit anything. Still alive; just been busy. Hope everyone's doing fine.

Also I am currently having a bad case of GoT withdrawal.
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Sweet character, sweet colour gamma, great laconism 'n' atmosphere!

Wow!! This is awesome!
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Very beautiful! This is how I see Dany. Feminine and strong and athletic. In concert with a girl who spent a great deal of time outdoors and going through hardships. Not a soft 'Disney Princess!  You should do one of  X-23.
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This is incredible and is very much how I immagined her when reading the books. You are amazing!
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Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!! Awesome! Congrats, girl!!!:happybounce: I am a dummy! Clap La la la la 
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Wonderful picture. One can see the daughter has the strength and speed from her :)father.
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I love it. That's just... Incredible!
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Beautiful art :love:
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this is awesome!!! epic
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Prints where?
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Guys SHE is Daenerys.
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Awesome, are you planning on doing any more GoT related stuff? I hate to ask artists to do stuff but I think you should.
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Exquisite! Found your work through Tumblr- I love how strong and powerful your women look!
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I post it on "game of thrones - italian fans" (facebook page) <3
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The work is absolutely stunning! love how regal Dany looks! great work!
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Ah, at first I thought it was a Skyrim art))) Many common elements are there on this picture and in game's stuff.
The GoT fandom is unfamiliar to me (wanna join, but can't so far), but this picture looks great. It shows the most known, impressive and symbolic characteristic of the character. I like such arts, they are very eloquent. And, saying about this specific picture - very detailed and stylish painting. Lovely!
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I love the way her armor looks great job!
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Her armor looks fantastic!
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