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Cosmic Cloud by MischievousArtist Cosmic Cloud by MischievousArtist
Name: Cosmic Cloud
Age: roughly 400 years old
Gender: Androgenous
Sex: Male
Species: Alicorn (born a pegasus)
Parent(s): Luna (carried) and Twilight Sparkle (sired)
Siblings: Winter Eclipse
Cutie mark: Transparent clouds over a Cresent Moon
Relationship: Nyx (they're flirting) (Nyx belongs to my friend Starr-Eclipse )
Occupation: none, studies abroad frequently
Title(s): Heir of the Night, Prince of Friendship
Appearance: Heterochromia, dark coat, spotted/freckled, purplish main/tail, color faded wings 
Backstory: Luna and Twilight had been married for about 399 years so they decided to have a foal, after a year of trying Luna and Twilight finally ended up getting pregnant with little Cosmic, much to Winter's dismay. Winter wasn't necessarily fond of the idea of a sibling, simply she didn't want to share her mommies (Winter was no more than 8 or 9). The birth of freckled/speckled Cosmic, Winter grew to love him like their baby sibling. As Cosmic grew up he, being just like Twilight loves books and knowledge. So mama Twily personally teaches him everything from ABC's to Modern day pony politics. Fast forward a couple hundred years and Tirek shows up again, stronger than ever. He's taken all of the magic except Cosmic's because he was away studying abroad he comes back to see his entire family drained of their magic. He finds Tirek and tries to compromise with him it doesn't work so he ends up sacrificing his pegasus-alicorn magic to Tirek only for it to backfire and Tirek to be blasted back to Tartarus. Everyone's powers are given back to them but Cosmic was left weak, defenseless and without any form of magic it is at this time Celestia comes to her nephew and takes him to the Great Celestial Plain to have him become an alicorn, the first male alicorn, it's a pretty big deal. Cosmic's coronation was very exciting and full of love and happiness for Equestria's newest ruler, though he's still happy just going off to study abroad or going to flirt/pester the lunar guard captain Nyx (again belongs to my friend).

A twiluna crotch spawn. I love them so much a cutie baby. They have freckles!!
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