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I haven't updated in forever!! Q__Q

Welp, I'll dump some pics from Sakuracon and PCC here. xD

I generally update more con shenanigans on my FB. ouob If I met you already irl and want to be my friend, add me :D (message me for url)

Didn't do any photoshoots so... don't expect much but derpassery.… (Tossing coins like a boss)… (Paolin meets Bunny VA! 8D)… (Bunny VA autograph)… (Surreptitious-Socks 's man-aigis!)… (random T&B genderbend group we saw and took pics with 8D)

I mostly took pics of friends ouob… (ignore my socks. =A=;; wore white instead of black /sob)… (epic candid shot a friend took of me LOL)… (me and a friend)… (she looks so cool as Natsu ;u; )… (gladyfaith being cool as Princess of Crystal)… (STEPPING ON PENGUINS)… (Glady and her bf as fireferrets 8D)

I have more pics (derp face ones 8D) but I think my friends would get mad if I posted them here. LOL.

Anime Expo is coming up and I'm already panicking on trying to finish everything QAQ I have 3 costumes to make and one to fix up! I can't wait to meet SquChan, a long time artist friend from Hungary *A*b I'll see you at AX! 8D
I also can't wait to meet other cosplayers and see my other artist friends as well! ;u; See you all there!

Dragon Kid from Tiger & bunny WIP (40%):………

Fi from Skyward Sword WIP (20%):
-no pics yet D:

I'm so behind Q_Q;
Added Fi to AX! 8DDDDD

Here's a tentative list of cons and cosplays I'll be going to this year! *A*

-Borupen Studios cosplay!… (90%)
-Paolin Huang (100%)
-Elizabeth from Persona 3 (Just rewearing with CL0CHE!)

Phoenix Comic Con
-Borupen Studios cosplay!… (90%)
-Paolin Huang (100%)
-Ringo Oginome from Mawaru Penguindrum (80%)

Anime Expo
-Fi from Skyward Sword (10%)
-Dragon Kid from Tiger & Bunny (50%)
-Batgirl (0%)
-Ringo Oginome from Mawaru Penguindrum (80%)

-Cassandra Cain (Batgirl) (0%)
-Secret cosplay! (0%)

Nazrin from Touhou (sitting as back up) (10%)

And here's my to do list! I will be updating this as I finish up some crap for this year! Need to motivate myself to work on my art and such! 8D

2 voicing projects
=Secret #1 (20%)
=Secret #2 (10%)

1 animation project with gladyfaith
=Adventure Time (10%)

2 Video projects (planning)
=secret #1 (5%)
=secret #2 (10%)

2 Comics
=one shot (planning)
=series (planning)

I really can't wait to do Dragon Kid. IT WILL BE THE MOST EPIC THING EVER. (at least i'll try QAQ)
And Ringo shall be trollish fun 8D

What cosplays are you all doing this year guysss? Any personal projects and such? *A*
Yes very very late happy 2012 >_>;; /cough

Things been pretty busy and winter break has been much too short! I'm still slowly responding to everyone sorry~ ;u; I keep forgetting~
AUGHH~ /flips tables

Today is the first day of class, and i'm not too excited about it. xD Still trying to fix up some classes~ I need to switch around some lab section times and then i'll be happy =u=b but other than that, i'm GRADUATING THIS SEMESTER. 8DDDD

Some cons i'll be attending this year will be Sakuracon, Fanime, Anime Expo and hopefully San Diego Comic Con (my dreamm~! ;u; )
I won't be in Artist Alley this time~ But i'll be in vendors helping a friend out! 8D So please drop by and check us out! I'll put up more info later~

I have lots of animation plans a brewing~ Should be fun! xD And other various random crap. So expect really miscellaneous things from me later. ouo;
I'll also be spamming a whole lot of cosplay pics later this year too oAo;; /dies
And... I will spam art too. 8D I need to get started on my comic plans! Q_Q I need a person to harass me to death to work on it.

ALSO. Please check out me and my friends' group on FB. BORUPEN STUDIOS. >_<b Secret upcoming project go go gogo~ /spams…………

Happy new years everyone! And hope school isn't too horrid for youuuu xD
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Who wants some? My friend :iconkimbledimble: is offering commissions now due to a dire situation and really needs some money~! ;u;
Please help her out and commission her for some art work! >_< If not, help spread the word, yes yes? Commissions are le cheaps yo!

Here is more info here at her journal:…

Please and thank you!

Anddddd besides that....

Hope everyone is doing okay in finals~ *A* I HAVEN'T SLEPT IN FOREVERRR /SOB FOREVER AND WEEPS AT YOUR FEET

2 finals in 5 hours.... It's 5am. I can do eet ;__;9 /runs off
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Hii guys! >__< I won~ QAQ… Thanks for all of your support! It wouldn't have happened if not for my friends and their friends and people on DA and tumblr ;__;
It's my first time ever entering a cosplay contest, and it feels pretty weird still. >_< It was a nice experience~ :) I really wanted my friends to win TT__TT I'm not too fond of attention >_>;
But thank you so much guys! It's nice to know that there are people who support me :)

I'm probably not going to enter any more cosplay contests hahaa~ xD Once is enough for me~ >_<b
But good luck to anyone and everyone entering next year! In fact, I shall hunt all of you ATLUS cosplayers myself and force you to enter *A*

Again, please check out these lovely ladies' DA and such! ;u; Please add them to your watch and whatnot~ They are too amazing ;__;

:iconcl0che: :iconr-lowen: :iconcrystallike: :icondead-pepper:

And check out :icon47ness: too 8D He pimped us out as well~ >u<b


Vote for me and my friends for the Atlus-o-Weenie cosplay contest~! 8D You can vote for more than one person, once per entryyy~~

So please spare a vote for each of us *A* SUPER FAST. JUST CLICKKKK AND CLICKK. 8D

If you do, i'll love you forever and ever and ever

:iconcl0che:'s Margaret…

:iconr-lowen:'s Fuuka…

:iconmischibious:'s Elizabeth…

:iconcrystallike:'s Katherine…

:icondead-pepper:'s Chie…

Pureeezuuu and thankyuu~!


Big project coming up and about on the horizon! *A*
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Is this weekend!! I'll be leaving for Phoenix tonight >_< School has been super tiring but this con will be a nice fun break 8D

Come visit our table with :icongladyfaith: and :iconcl0che:~ I didn't make anything new really ;A;
But visit us nonetheless! *A* :iconcl0che: has lots of new lovely merch~ Especially of ADVENTURE TIME. SO COMEEE. YOU KNOW YOU WANNA.

Other amazinguuuu artists there as well! Be sure to visit them too >u<b
:iconnixete: :iconviolatown: :icongeistrock:
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Please click and like, you guys! *A*

It's a group of girls who are working together as artists, cosplayers, and voice actors for an up and coming webcomic series!!………………

So if you have facebook, GO GO GO!

I'll add the DA names of artists/cosplayers, etc here laterrrrrr
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not cawiewie. /inside joke

Anyways, thank you all who came by and visited me. ;__; Sorry I was stressed most of the time so I looked pretty gross everyday~ Wahahha xD Otakon was extremely stressful so I didn't get to cosplay at all~ sorry to those who wanted to see me ;u; </3

In conclusion, I will never be going back to Otakon artist alley ever again. It's much too stressful. ((west coast cons ftw))

Mucho love to Cl0che and Gladyfaith~ ;u; They made Otakon much less horrifying and dangerous.

Again, sorry to those who came by and visited me~ ;__; I didn't get to shower you guys with as much love~!
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Otakon is this weekend and I've been trying to prepare for it! 8D I haven't been to an east coast con so this will be fairly exciting~!

Our artist alley table will be at A01. >u>;; (Auspicious hopefully??)
Here is the map (stolen from cl0che) to find us:

I will be sharing a table with :iconcl0che: and :icongladyfaith:
*A* Please come by and visit us! I will shower you with love~! Actually nevermind that, I meant...


Andddd if you come to my table and say: I want to take a ride on your disco stick!
Then I shalll present you my limited Velvet Sisters w/ Mara mini prints/stickers if you're interested in purchasing~ since I don't think I will sell them except for a few.

I will be cosplaying Elizabeth from P3 with Cl0che as Margaret on Friday and I will be casual (closet thrown on) Kyouko with Puella magi Sayaka Cl0che 8D
So much happened and I met so many people! *A*b Thanks for coming by my table guys :3 Sadly my journal doesn't show pics so you'll have to click links for pics! I'll try my best to make this journal short and sweet 8D ((THIS IS SO OUT OF ORDER GUYS BUT I DUNNO REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED WHEN EACH DAY CHRONOLOGICALLY))

Day 0:
Arrived in LA and unpacked at hotel. Shared hotel with crap ton of lovely people including :iconaicosu: :icongladyfaith: :iconnixete::iconcl0che:  and etc etc. We all went to get badges~~ I met :iconviolatown: for the first time 8D She is veryy nicee!! And she has squishy bewbs ;D /shot million times.

Day 1:

Set up our table with Cl0che and Gladyfaith~ Next to us was Nixete and Violatown~! So we were all cozy together ;D and :iconmorbidprince: was right next to us so we could see each otherrrrr *u* She gave me a pandect keychain <3

Also changed into my cosplay and pranced around with Cl0che in our Velvet sisters cosplays 8D Saw a cool Minato cosplayer that day too! Cl0che and I also did a photoshoot so now i'm just waiting on those photos >u>;;

Saw so many POKEPALACE PEOPLES HNNNNGGG. Saw these cool people :iconkimbledimble: :iconzztakeruzz: :iconkonoesuzumiya: :iconf-wd: :iconlostangel565: :icontoramiyo: :iconhydroiodic:

Very nice seeing kimi again! ;u; You are so sweet! /rabus all over

First time meeting TK and omfg, you are just a gorgeous man. *A*

Met Kuma for first time~! 8D She is soo niceeee edbf dsbgk bfsdkjbg eskjbg k~!

I only saw F-wd for a split second but it was nice seeing you~! ;u;

Saw lostangel565 multiple times 8D <3 She is soo adorablee irl omg omg omgggg I wanted to kidnap her and take her home hahahah xD

Saw whitetoraminako couple times *u* and omfg, i NEVER KNEW SHE WAS A GIRL. You are soo sooo pretty btw. ;D

Met hydroiodic too :3 He was hanging with whitetoraminako~! Loved your guys' cosplays xD

Day 2:

Didn't cosplay that day >u>;; But I was desperate to get Miyuki Sawashiro's autograph so that was practically my goal the entire day <_<; I don't remember what else I did really. Hahahah~ But I ended up buying something from NIS just to get a guaranteed ticket for Miyuki's autograph. She was lovelyy~ *u* So now I have Elizabeth signed on my persona 3 artbook! 8D

Day 3:

Cosplayed Elizabeth again this day and went to the persona gathering~ Took me foreverrrrr to find it =__=; Took random persona 3 pics with people. 8D I took a pic with a cute minako and minato~ *u* I wish I got to know them better though ;u; I wanted to kidnap that Minako rofll >u>;; But she stole my compendium instead and gave it away to Minato. QAQ

I also met the most adorable Fuuka EVERRRRR. EVERRRRR. She was :iconr-lowen:~!! I took a quick shot with her :3 I hope to do a persona 3 girls shoot with her someday! ;u;

Also got to take a pic with :icon47ness: Mantsuru. Wahhaahha xDDD He was great! From afar I thought he was a super talll mitsuru till i got really close to him. o__o;

Here is a tiny collage of pics of me and my favorite persona cosplayers 8D…

End of the day I bought a kigurumi and pranced around in it with my kigurumi friends. 8D Went to rave that night as well xD It was fun~!

Day 4:

Last day and I showered everyone and my lovely Pokepalace people with gifts 8D <3 herp herp.

Here is my lovely haul of goods:…

Today is my sister's bday so imma go off and celebrate with her
Tomorrow is :iconikarus-exe: birthday so please harass her with your love <3

I'll be at Anime Expo you guys~ >3<

I'll be sharing a table with :icongladyfaith: and :iconcl0che:~!! And :iconnixete: will be RIGHT NEXT TO US TOO. And :iconmorbidprince: is pretty close by us too~ 8D Buwahahhahahaa~ I'm super excited to see everyone again ^^ So please come visit us!

Or else.... >u>

Here is the table map~ (I don't have the epic image showing option for journals so you have to BEAR WITH THE LINK)…

Here's my tumblr too >3<

I post a lot of random... stuff. >_>; But I also post wips as well 8D I'm trying to finish up on a prop for my cosplay~ Just use this link for WIPS:…

And I think next week I will be spamming wips of possible prints as well~ I've been taking a break from drawing to work on cosplay >u<b

Anyone have any kind of fanart requests for a print? I'm thinking of doing pokemon, brs, and psg. And possibly some really obscure stuff <_<;

ALSO, :iconcl0che: and I will be cosplaying together on Friday~ 8D We will probably be running around trying to get Miyuki Sawashiro's autograph~ *A* Cl0che will be Margaret from Persona 4 and I will be Elizabeth from Persona 3. ((I'm not going to cosplay the rest of the days except maybe sunday for the persona gathering ;u; ))
:icongladyfaith::iconnixete::iconelectric-lady: and I will be sharing a table (table 329! ) >u< Please drop by and visit us~! 8D

Oh, and I will be modeling for Cakeshop as well~ >u>;; Should be a fun experience~! xD Life is short, gotta embarrass myself more 8D

Oh, and be sure to visit :icongeistrock:~! He has a new comic coming out >u<b
Hiii guyss >u<b Sakura-con is over now and... I'm back in school! ;A; Finals coming up in 2 weeks! AND IM GOING TO DIEEE Good luck everybody!!!

!!!!~~~Recap of con~~~!!!!

Went on the plane with :icongladyfaith: and had some hot cocoa and apple juice~ *u* South West airlines are the best ;__; free baggage too~! Sooo funny though because when we picked up our luggage at baggage claim we were trying to find our suitcases~ I saw gladyfaith's pink one just slowly rolling down and we were like "Is that ours?? O__O" Her luggage was all beat up and inverted o__o it had so many dents that I thought was impossible to get on a suitcase! It seriously looked like it fell out of the plane during takeoff >__>;; Luckily, the baggage people were nice and offered us a new suitcase 8D

So I arrived in Seattle around 10:30 PM with Gladyuu and had the joy of walking around in the freezing cold (and sprinkling rain) across town to find our hotel~ We took the light rail and our stop was like... the very last one from the airport o__o;; It was super late and I was tired~ xD I tried texting :iconcl0che: and sent her creepy messages to be funny~~ but then after a while I realized I was texting a different friend the entire time OTL so... awkward ;___;

After finally arriving at our lovely hotel, we eventually unpacked, ate a small snack (onion hotdog bread thingie!) and crashed xD Totally don't remember anything else.... >_>;;

Attempted to wake up early to get our badges~ luckily the lines weren't too busy so we got it early~~ sadly Artist alley wasn't open till 11 for set up so we had to wait around for awhile~  I wasn't cosplaying so I just mainly stayed in AA selling stufff~~ >u>b Nothing too exciting~ :iconcl0che: was cosplaying as Yoko from TTGL ;D She looked so prettyy~!! ;u; And her contacts looked really nice! *PROUD* We went to vendor's hall and had fun at the nico-nico booth~ 8D ((we got free shirts~! WHEEEE)) Later that night we went to cheesecake factory, just us three~~ It was nicee and the food was SOO AMAZING ;__; THE CHEESECAKE TOO. I had the avocado eggroll and the Raspberry Lemon cheesecake (i think that's what it was?). fbg kjdfbg kdf It was so delicious ;__; i want to go back there again!! HNNGG. That night I tried to work on commissions but I got super tired and passed out OTL;;;

Cl0che as Yoko:…
SO CUTE ;__; and with my angry bird plush that i bought as a souvenir for my sister <3

Got up super early to dress up as Lenalee from DGM~ I was doing 3rd uniform~ sadly I didn't take pics of myself~ So you can't see~~ ;( o wells~ Cl0che was cosplaying as Zidane and Glady was Garnet~ They looked soo soo soo cute ;A; *gushes all over them* We went over to the niconico panel and had loads of funn~ ((this was our main source of entertainment >_>; ))
And apparently someone got a video of us too o__o here:…
It was super funny because people were like ARIIIZOONNAAA and other funny comments~ We should've promoted our DAs~~ ;__;

Had to go reprint stuff for the table and while i was going downstairs to the printing shop, I saw a Ryoji Mochizuki cosplayer~ ;u; I was semi blind that day since I was wearing contacts instead of glasses so I wasn't too clear on how he looked like but all i remember was me gaping at him all happy and making a squeaky noise and pointed at him while i was walking past~ I think he looked at me like as if i was a weirdo OTL *stabs inner fangirl*

After a while, i went to hang out with :iconelectric-lady: and others and made them go onto niconico 8D They had a nice response ;D I took a video too:…
One of my friends crossdressed as Battle Angel Alita~ he makes a good trap. >_>; I swear, i saw one guy give him a quadruple take!

After AA ended, kayree, gladyuu and I decided to go have some sushi~~ 8D We went to this C sushi place or something that had the conveyer belt sushi~~ 8D I grabbed a crap ton of salmon nigiri~~ >__> After glady, cl0che and I ate dinner, we came back and watched Madoka finale together ;u; <3 And then watched the first episode of Ao no Exorcist and Ano Hana~
but OMFGGGGG MADOKA IS FREAKING dejkfgbrkdfjbg jkdfbkjg dfbkg fd <3333


Sunday was the last day so i wasn't cosplaying at all~~ I finished up my commissions 8D I'm happy my commissioners really liked their commissions ;u; <3
My local friend Jim came by my table to say goodbye and gave me and my friends gifts! ;u; So nicee~~~ He gave us hetalia keychains to keep one to ourselves~! for me, Kayree and Gladyuu~ Glady got Britain, Kayree got France and I got America ;D (w00t konishi!) I don't really like Hetalia but, the charms were cute~! ((YAY FRIENDSHIP CHARMS!!)

He also gave me an elizabeth (persona 3) charm too ouo;; Which was funny since I already had one >_>;; But... having more than one isn't bad! 8D Now I can have one on my phone and one at home so I won't freak out if I lose one~ tehehehee~

We decided to leave AA early to catch our flight so we packed up all frantically~ a table across from us was playing speedy music and we were like o___o;;; I swear the music was... becoming our current theme song~ >A>;; and as we packed up, the table across played a song "closing time"~ It was sooo funny rofl rofl~ He also played many various suiting music whenever something happened in front of our table LOL. He was quite entertaining so we thanked him as we walked out and gave him some art xD

Sakura-con was super funnn~~ I came back home with Gladyuu and had some turbulent flights back~ =__=;;; <-- hates planes
Noww i'm backkk and going thru a post-con depression ;__; I can't wait for the next major big con!!! Cl0che and I are going to be cosplaying the velvet sisters together! ;u; So exciteddd~!!

-finish Nyu's commission
-finish PP prizes
-work on Elizabeth's book prop (persona 3)
-Persona 3 print
-Avatar keychains
-moar keychains/prints
-work on toph cosplay
Herrppp~ Well, I've been super busy with university research and classes so I haven't been able to make new prints or keychains ;__; ((or even work on my commissions.... shoot me now. TT__TT))
But~~! I will be going to Sakura con this week with these amazing people 8D

:icongladyfaith: <-- table buddeh! (she's going to be Garnet 8D)

:iconcl0che: <-- table buddeh! (she's going to be Zidane, Yoko, and couple other cosplays that I don't remember because I have a horrible memory >u<b)

:iconelectric-lady: <-- she's not part of our artist alley table, but she's a super cute Stocking *u*

And various others who I'm not sure what their DA is >_>; Sorry~ I will add you guys here later <u<;

Come by and check out our tableee if you're in Seattle~~~ <3 ;u; I won't be cosplaying except for possibly Lenalee from DGM.

Sorry I haven't updated in ages.... so all of you watchers are prolly dead by now~ ;__;
I promise when school ends, I will SPAM YOU ALL WITH NEW DRAWINGS.

Now I shall run off to study for two more exams and finish up a research project TTATT
(( physiology and biostatistics is really annoying ;A; ))
Who has a tumblr??

I just rejoined eet~ I will be posting random sketches and animu stuff =u=b

Exams this week and next week now ;A;
EDIT: Okay before i disappear from DA for a month, I'd like to bring up something that is pissing me off

There is a facebook competition that many friends of mine are in. It is a photography contest. =u=; I have friends who are were at the top of the contest with award winning entrees! HOWEVER. There is a person cheating. (THIS ONE:…) And... I ABSOLUTELY. CAN NOT. STAND. CHEATERS. I believe this person is using a bot program that allows you to make multiple facebook accounts (REALLY FAST). To further prove that this person is cheating... the entree's name is Dianne. However when you click the name, it leads to a MALE's profile with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NAME. Not only that, the comments on that entree all say the same thing. They either all say "pretty" or "cool" or... some lame ass comment which can be repeated multiple times. ALSO.... Most of the commenters are using fake photos which i am pretty sure some are pictures of actual foreign celebrities and etc. =__= And.. The one trend that made me laugh at their stupid cheating attempts was the spamming of "animal accounts". Seriously? Animals? I bet they ran out of actual people pictures that day and decided to use a bunch of animals as profile pics for those FAKE PROFILES. SEE FOR YOURSELF (

Another thing that is fishy is... the person in first place is OBVIOUSLY CHEATING since it has 500 votes more than 2nd place. It's like. RIDICULOUS. It really weirds me out when someone winning has like none or few friends with a million votes (exaggerating). See what I mean?? And what pisses me off even more is.. that entree is NOT IMPRESSIVE IN ANY WAY. How can a picture that is so... STUPID. WIN??? I believe the other entrees are much deserving of winning because there is SOMETHING IN THE PHOTO THAT IS WORTH RECOGNIZING AS PHOTOGRAPHY.

Anyways. I will stop raging for now =A=; I have reported this issue to ANA and hopefully they'll do something fast about it. >_>;

SOOO~ MOVING ON. IF you have Facebook, please vote for my friends! (there are 400 of you people! I KNOW U ARE OUT THERE) They really deserve it and I want them to be happy! ;u; If they don't win, it's okay~ Just as long as that CHEATER LOSES.

(By the way, you CAN vote for more than one entree. Feel free to vote for all of my friends >u<)

:iconelectric-lady: Kara (…):
A very sweet girl who has never been to Japan! She actually has relatives there and would love to see her family ;__; She's 1/4 japanese and is one of the nicest people I ever know!! She is also an awesome cosplayer and photographer! Please check out her stuff >u<b

:iconaicosu: Sheila (…)
A lovely cosplayer and artist! She wishes to go back to Japan to see her host family and share her experience with her bf~ Please vote and check her out as well! >u<b

Dawn(…): She has a gorgeous entree and deserves more votes! ;___; AND SHE'S SOO COOL. <3

So uh.. Yah. Now you see the really mean side of me >_>;; If it seems immature I apologize for my actions. But I CAN NOT STAND CHEATERS FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. (If my friends win~ I will... do free art requests for a week sometime next month or later. LOL. Maybe i'll just pick some people out of those who voted? If you voted comment here >u_>; )

Hii~~ I will be on hiatus for about a month. OTL

I have a research proposal to present to my research lab, and 3 huge exams for the next 3 weeks~ So... I need to do well on my exams! I'm so scared for biochemistry class right now TT__TT

Sorry to :iconchaxxinclockwork: and :iconmapiimur:~! Your prizes will be late ;__; Please bear with it~ (It'll take a month or two before you get to see them OTL )

So for now, I will be NOT drawing or rping for awhile~ I will be living as a hermit in my room.....studying =u=b
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Random Ramblings~~ Ignore if you don't give a fack about my life 8D

Well school started for me already last week QAQ But we actually had the first day of school canceled because of a memorial and we also have no school this monday because of a holiday!! ;D yayy!

Anyways~~ Since I'm back in school I will be busyyyy once again! TT__TT Especially since I have a research proposal due at the end of this month and I have biochemistry class! QAQ MUST NOT PROCRASTINATE. *smack self*

Taiyou con was super fun! 8D My friends and I had fun running rampant all over the con~ >u>;; And Troy Baker was our next door neighbor at the hotel! LOL....

I have high hopes for AX this year!! I hope I can make it to Sakuracon and Otakon as welll TT__TT So many cons I want to go to!

I'm already getting started for my cosplays this year at AX! (This time they will be commissioned =u=;; After my terrifying experience at Taiyou con I never want to make my own costume ever again... Unless it's just props 8D)

For sure I am doing Elizabeth from Persona 3 (velvet siblings with :iconcl0che:!!)

and Toph from Avatar (huge Avatar cosplay group with :icongladyfaith: :iconcl0che: :iconnixete: and many other good friends)~~

I'm not sure if i should bring some of my old cosplays as well~~ .__. Maybe Anya from Code Geass?

Nowadays I am also trying to learn electric guitar! 8D A friend is teaching me~ I just started last week and I have mastered palm muting! +u+ I'm trying to learn how to play Anarchy from PASG. >u>b

YAYYY~~~ Okay I will run off now~ >u>b

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Sorry I haven't been online much lately >u>;; I have been trying to get ready for an upcoming convention.... TAIYOU CON.

Super new, small convention~~ But hey, small cons can be fun too! 8D My hands hurt from cutting out keychains all dayyy =A=;;; I have a feeling I'm going to have a bunch of leftover merchandise >u>;; Perhaps I should start selling some of my stuff online OuO;;

I will be sharing a table with :icongladyfaith: and :iconcl0che: >3< So be sure to check us out! ;D

Other cool people coming to Taiyou as artists or cosplayers such as
:iconnixete: :iconaicosu: :iconelectric-lady: :icongeistrock: :icondahowbbit:
and many others who I can't recall their DA names atm~ OTL

It's going to be super funnnnn and I will be working in the K-on!! Don't Say Lazy themed cosplay cafe on Friday as Azunyan~~~ <3 Please visit us! We will be "performing" reenacting some songs~   And if you're a huge Jessica Nigiri fan~~ comeeee +A+ She shall be hosting the event as Sawako sensei~ xD

After this con, I will be able to work more :iconpokepalace: stuffs!!! And... I will be going back to school QAQ Wryyy must winter break be so short?!?!
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EDIT: Just to clear things up... but! I no longer take requests as before, nor will i do commissions or art trades (unless I offer). I am too busy with school and with my own plans to drawww, so i would not be able to put time and effort into art that I don't really want to draw >__O;; SO. Please do not ask me to draw you anything. I'd like to draw what I want to draw. So if i get a note asking for a "_____", I will give you a quick "no".

i couldn't think of an original title OTL

BUT YESS... DRAWW~ and i will draw too +u+ <3 Sorries for my crappu messy drawings/comments. (WARNING I GIVE CRACK COMMENTS) >u>; I hate how Da muro doesn't have layers for me QAQ (I WILL REPLY TO ALL COMMENTS SOON. >_>;; so wait plz QuQ)

stuff i drew on DA muro comments: <--- so u know what to expect.... xD… persona crack… persona crack… persona crack… persona crack… castor… just crack

School is getting super hectic for me... so i will be super late at RPs QAQ i'm sorries! But I will try my best to keep up <3


To do list: (not in any order >_>;; )

-Squ-chan's bday present (almost done!)
-pokesteam app
-moar bday pics (>u>;; )
-Art trade with saawaa (Sora scared of fish on her head >u>;;; LOL.)
-Art trade with AyenC (her twin OCs <3)

-Pokepalace (halloween! - done!
-Pokepalace (persephoneia rulers pic)
-Pokepalace Priests pic (CUZ THEY"RE SPEECIALL)
-Pokepalace (aram and castor -- birdies theme) for ikarus-exe (SKETCHING)
-Pokepalace (aram/castor partner meme)
-Pokepalace (castor and alcyone ---fluffy theme) for hyamei
-Pokepalace (vir and castor --- tw vir <3 theme) for riingo
-Pokepalace (caine and castor --- brotherlyy themee) for squ-chan
-Pokepalace (Castor and albhee --- get murdered theme) for cl0che
-Pokepalace (COMICS WOOO!! will prolly be persephoneia history or... castor's stupid habits )
-Pokepalace (before fusion Castor and "fakemon evolution castor")
-Pokepalace (evil castor antimeme- he will be cocky and arrogant and... have a evil smilee >u>;; )
-Pokepalace chibiiissssss (EVERYONE *SHOT*)
-Pokepalace (adelaide pokepalace pic)
-Pokepalace (Pillow case 8D)
-Pokepalace (love meme)

-Pokimono (Steam punk miyako meme) (done!)
-Pokimono Miyakie pic (sketches done!)
-Pokimono (Super Junior Parody pic--13 guys. FACK. D: they're all prolly just be miyako's friends cuz i'm lame like that ;P )
-Pokimono (steampunk pokimono -alternate universe!)
-Pokimono (genderbend miyako, age meme miyako, school girl miyako)

-Jirachi pic (done!)
-Studio ghibi stuffs
-Pokemom BW
-K-on (dont say lazy)
-more dgm
-redo naruto halloween
-Panty & Stocking


JOINN :iconpokepalace: GAIZ. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER :iconpervyjirachiplz:
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Hello! ANY ARIZONIANS HERE??? (or anyone who plans on coming to AZ this weekend) >u>;; If so, come to Saboten!!

We will have these awesome artists who are soo godlyyy QAQ YOU MUST COME VISITTTTT

PLEASE BUY LOTS FROM :iconcl0che: especially commissions because she is godly and you too can be godly by buying her godly art <3 She's visiting from out of state!! SO BE IN AWEEEEE!!! *flails*

I can't wait!! +u+ I may or may not cosplay depending on how much time i have this week to pack >_>;; i need to reprint some of my stuff to sell +u+


Btw. come join :iconpokepalace: if you havent already >_>;; We need more awesome RPers! +u+ AND YOU GET TO HARASS MY BBYYY (CASTOR <333 :iconpervyjirachiplz:)
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