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French Maid Nidalee

This is a piece for a skin for Nidalee for League of Legends, recently released. 
Since Riot altered the piece before posting it, I figure I might as well post my version of it, hope they won't send their ninjas after me.

Copyright to Riot Games
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The contrast to what you did and the changes they made is really interesting...
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This looks epic, I like her legs and feet and the details. 
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Can Not unsee the lemon cut on the Splash Art page...
And they took out a couple ice Cubes?! What the Flip...
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You won't hear their ninjas comming, they're ninjas after all :) It looks awesome, and I love this tiny kitten :D 
Btw, just saw you'll be at Promised Land here in Polandia, so see you in a few months :D 
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Honestly, your original version is so beautiful and appealing that I kinda dislike the altered one.
Amazing job on this one!!
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Teach me master! ))))
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Whoa, you did this one! When I logged in I was instantly in love with this splash art :D 

I'd looooove to see some step by step or some technical commentary on how you painted this one.
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your version is more saturated. I see that they did composition changes like throwing the lion head bigger and getting the lamp out and blurring everything else a bit. plus the kitty is a bit more bent to the couch. Another thing is the design of the face and some decoration.
I think yours is a very well done illustration, but the splash art of riot actually focuses way more on the face. With bigger eyes and a less saturated surroundings it's a more evident choice.

Kudos on trying to do something more complex tho.…
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Love me some French Miad Nidalee.
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So awesome. 
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the shading is perfect srsly... every time i look at it i find a new amazing detail and it just creates a certain kind of mood idk how to describe it but let me just say, that drawing is amazing!
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Diva Cat

Amazing style!!!
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