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Dwarf warrior

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Did this after having watched The Hobbit for the 6th time. Very inspiring movie, even if I have a few gripes with it.

Worked out with a bunch of selections, but relatively few layers, 8 or 9 I think, and done in the evenings after work mostly. Never really pushed to absolutely finish, new ideas stole my fickle focus:P

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That's really cool^^ the hobbit is a great movie.
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I enjoy your paintings, which I cannot say about Hobbit movie... I have watched only first one, in cinema, hated it. Bore!
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Not a big fan of the hand axe and the battle axe, but he's appropriately stolid for a dwarf.  Good job.
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Love him. Great job. He looks really intense in his gaze and pose :)
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Holy Cow! A masterpiece of fantasy art. How I love that you used a different design other than what most artists do, e.g. ridiculously bulky armor, cartoonish facial features... Instafaved! :wow:
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This is great. I love it.
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Excellent work!
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Submitted to Dwarven Halls
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I love it, he cuts the perfect silhouette for a dwarf; short, broad, beautiful armor, if only the movie dwarves had looked this good, I liked some of them but by and large I'm still scrathing my head as to what happened.
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A long beard- very refreshing. :D And the character still manages to look menacing. Great job on both the technique and visualisation, that's just what I imagine Tolkien's Dwarves to look like.
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That;s very lovely dwarf :D He has this dwarvish something :P
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Haha thanks, that was the idea^^
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