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Ami really wasn't one to often visit other's homes. Sure, every once in a while Usagi would invite her over, which was fine; everyone went there. But for Chibi-Usa to invite Ami over? That was strange... but since the girl wanted help with her studies, it seemed almost impolite to refuse.

So Ami waited outside after ringing the bell, hoping Usagi or the others would be there to make this less awkward. She had dressed in comfortable yet casual clothes with a satchel in hand. It was only for studying, after all. When the door opened, Ami was not greeted with Usagi or her ever-present mother... no, it was Chibi-Usa herself.

"Finally! I'm glad you came!"
"Hello, Chibi-Usa, where is-"
"Come on, we have to get started!"

Ami's inquiries were interrupted mid-sentence as the enthusiastic youth wasted no time in pulling the taller female into the residence and then up the stairs by a taken hand. Soon enough, Ami's question was answered by the sight of the interior: no one was home at all. Great. Well, at least they seemed to get along well...

Ami had never seen Chibi-Usa's room until that point. She knew she no longer shared Usagi's room, but maybe Ami had been overestimating the girl in expecting something more mature than the older female resident's room. It was just as sugary and bright as Chibi-Usa herself. The room was decked out in pink and white, with overly sweet themed decorations and pastel bedding.

Ami fought back a sigh as she went to the bed, retrieving her books. This hardly seemed a good study environment, but it would do. Ami then took note of some other details in the room. A small shelf of books, a dresser decorated in assorted trinkets and collectibles, and a doll house off to the corner. Nothing that would be out of place in the average girl's room, but it was still far removed from the type of room Ami maintained.

"Do you want some tea?" Chibi-Usa offered cheerfully from the door, to which Ami nodded. "Please." The hostess smiled brightly, and then disappeared from view, giving Ami more time to look around as she set down her satchel. There didn't seem to be much else of note... until, at last, Ami saw it. A small pink wand on the edge of the bed.

Why was she leaving her senshi equipment lying around? Talk about careless. Ami sighed, and reached over to pick up the tiny item. "She really should be more caref-" Then the wand began to glow a warm flashing color, illuminating Ami's seated form in a soft pink light.

"What on earth-" She felt her fingers twitch, deciding it was a good idea to put the wand down... but then Ami realized something was not right. She felt her grip on the wand slipping. No... her fingers were having a harder time holding onto it.

Because they were becoming smaller. "W, what's happening-...!?" Ami gasped as she dropped the wand, staring down in growing alarm. It wasn't just her fingers. She saw her blouse and skirt loosening from her body. Worse, as her face tinged red with the realization, she felt her underclothes becoming loose as well.

She was becoming smaller! "I, I have to tell Chibi-Usa...!" Ami got up in a hurry, barely aware that she'd stepped out of her shoes and socks as she moved across the carpeted floor. Ami approached the small stand between her and the door, holding onto it for balance as she stared to the open room. She'd get the girl's attention, and surely she'd fix whatever that wand had done!

Only it was too late. In an instant, Ami went from being five feet tall to a handful of inches in height. She shrieked, though it came out as a whisper, realizing she was hanging from the corner of the shelf of the dollhouse. Ami frantically clamored up onto the surface, gasping for breath... and then gasping in horror. From the top of the shelf, she saw what was left of her clothes sitting in a pile on the carpet. Her blouse, skirt, and underclothes were left in a conspicuous pool of empty fabric on the floor.

What on earth would Chibi-Usa think!? Ami, of course, had bigger problems... the fact that she was stark naked, far from her clothes, and the size of one of Chibi-Usa's dolls.

Whatever she did next, she had to find a way out of this before Chibi-Usa got back... or worse, her reputation was ruined.

This wasn't good. No, not at all. Ami might have thought of something if she had her own wand with her, but it was within the pile of clothes on the floor that seemed an impossible distance away. The wand that caused all this was even further away.

The naked girl was well and truly on her own. She bought back a budding blush as she passively covered her exposed form, even though it seemed a little pointless. No one else was in the room, and besides, no one else could see her... but she couldn't bring herself to just shamelessly walk around in the nude! Ami looked around on the surface, staring at the few options the surface offered. There was very little of note... the massive dollhouse looming over her, the spiraling drop to the carpet below(and her abandoned clothing), and that seemed to be it.

A ridiculous thought entered Ami's mind, then. Maybe the dollhouse would have something inside it, some form of cover... she shifted her attention to the pink 'building' nearby, about to take a step in that direction, when... she heard the door open.

Ami's eyes widened in guilt as she observed Chibi-Usa's understandably confused reaction.

"Ami...?" The girl whispered, perplexed, as she saw the empty clothing lying on the carpet. "Did-... did she go take a shower or something?" Chibi-Usa walked over to the clothing, setting the object in her hands down beside the unseen, tiny girl on the table as she leaned down, examining the clothes. Even Ami could notice Chibi-Usa's bashful expression as she sifted through Ami's possessions, realizing that literally everything she had on had been left there. Ami dreaded to think what was going through the girl's head.

Then she noticed what had been set down beside her. A massive curved container, sitting on a circular plated surface- a steaming cup of tea. She really had brought it. Ami could feel the aroma of the tea passing by her. It did seem pleasant... Ami shook her head wildly, staring over to the house. She had to hurry and-

"Wow, I've never seen this one...!"

Ami froze up, slowly turning in horror. The massive face of Chibi-Usa was staring right at her naked form. Ami didn't know what to say or do. Would Chibi-Usa believe her? Would she help? Ami fumbled to think of the right course of action. Instead... she froze.

"It's so lifelike...!" Ami barely fought back a gasp as Chibi-Usa reached out and poked Ami with the tip of her finger, causing her chest to shift and sway in vivid response.

Ami had to do something...!

Chibi-Usa... that, that girl thought she was a real doll...! Who knew what that would lead to if she stayed there!? Ami felt her eyes widen at the horrifying possibilities. There was no real alternative. Ami turned and ran, her bare feet frantically clapping against the wooden surface as she hurried away from the pink-haired girl's massive visage.

She first got out of sight, trying not to think of the full view she'd given Chibi-Usa of her exposed rear. That didn't matter. She was soon obscured by the shadow of the steaming tea cup the girl had set down, catching her breath as she tried to weigh her next option. The doll house wasn't far, but-... could she get there without Chibi-Usa seeing?

What was the girl even thinking about a 'doll' running for cover? Would she maybe put two and two together and realize who she was? Why hadn't she just told her!? Ami realized it was much too late for that, she could only wait and hope the towering female would forget about her and move on. Ami shifted nervously against the tea cup, chancing a look around the side.

Chibi-Usa did indeed seem confused. "I guess it's some electrical kind..." When had she even bought a motion-controlled doll? The girl shrugged, and Ami soon realized the shadow was looming closer. It must have been looking for her! If she was going to hide, Ami had to decide where, and how... and fast. She decided to run for the doll house!

The dollhouse it would be, then. What good would hiding in a cup of steaming tea do!? Holding still was asking for trouble, not to mention the warmth of the tea was becoming a little distracting. So the moment Ami thought her path was clear, the tiny female dashed across the surface for the house that seemed like a mansion to her petite form. She pulled on the door, opened it, and hurried inside, gasping for breath as she used her weight to hold the door shut.

For the moment, it seemed, she was in the clear. The interior was... about as useful looking as one would expect. Everything seemed fragile and imitation. None of the furniture seemed even remotely sturdy, and the bright & cheery atmosphere did little to put her fears at ease.

Still, there had to be something in there of use. The house was pretty big... Ami took a tentative step forward while looking around. Maybe it was best she

Ami had to make the most of her surroundings. There was no point in staying where she was, but she wasn't sure about heading upstairs just yet, either. Chibi-Usa was still out there, surely looking for that 'doll'. Ami shivered involuntarily at the thought before moving out of the entryway and to the next room. It was a tiny kitchen, and looked just as ineffectual as everything in the other room. She gave a tug to the nearest cabinet, and found her suspicions confirmed; everything was for show. Not even the refrigerator would open.

Ami fought back a sigh before heading into the next room. It was a more furnished living area, and she had hoped the sofa might prove a way to rest for a moment... but it wasn't to be. A passage from her hand showed that it was just uncomfortable plastic. Then, finally, she reached the entryway again. Right back to where she started.

Maybe she really shouldn't have gone into that silly house, but there was still upst-

Ami froze, staring up as she was distracted from her thoughts. The ceiling was... shaking? No, it was detaching! That girl really was looking for her! Within seconds Ami saw a hint of light begin to stream in from a segment of the house that was coming apart. Ami had to hide, or else she'd find her!

The upstairs area had lead to a long hallway, which in turn lead to several other adjacent rooms. Sadly, Ami found them to be of equally little use. The first one to draw her notice had been a modest-sized 'bedroom', though the furniture was just as ineffective as everywhere else in the 'house'. The nearby bed was merely a well-decorated, flat surface, and it would do little good as cover... unless she climbed under it, she supposed.

The dresser beside it seemed equally useless. A wide unit, but all the features were flat to the touch. Ami sighed as she stayed near the doorway with growing apprehension. It was becoming clear nothing in this house would be of use. She was probably better off taking her chances outsi-

It was around that time that the petite girl realized she had much bigger worries looming over her... literally.

The roof soon detached, and Ami saw the massive visage of Chibi-Usa begin to peek over the side. She had put herself right into plain sight! Ami backed up defensively, and began to fidget in growing panic. Where on earth could she hide?

Would it even do any good?

For one, Ami was tired of running. For another, it was becoming plainly evident that it wasn't doing any good. The house had no real means of cover or hiding, and running out would make her appearance plain as day. There was no point in keeping it up. It was time to accept the inevitable... and hope that maybe, just maybe, Chibi-Usa would put two and two together and help Ami out of this mess.

It certainly hadn't taken long for Chibi-Usa to notice her. The tiny blue-haired female stood out like a sore thumb amongst all the nondescript furniture. Ami gulped, and tried to steady her shivering. If the girl didn't recognize her...

"Hi, Ami!"

Ami blinked, as Chibi-Usa stared right at her. It took the naked girl a moment to process both the usage of her name... and that the towering female was staring right at her undressed form. Ami gasped, and adjusted her arms to cover herself, peering up with a bashful expression while stammering out a meek response. "H-hi, Chibi-...Usa..."

"I figured it had to be you!" She giggled, nodding off to the side. "Unless you were streaking the house, and I sure don't have any dolls that can run around like that..."

"I-I'd never do such a thing! Your-... your wand there, it-... it just suddenly-"
"Oh, I know! Really sorry, I didn't think it'd do that to you!"
"T-then surely you can... you can get it to-..."

Chibi-Usa giggled in a way that Ami found disquieting, and she wasn't sure why...

"Oh, of course! I can easily put you back! ...eventually..."
"W-what do you mean...?"
"Well, I've never had one of you like this! It'll be fun, there's no hurry, is there...?"

Then Chibi-Usa leaned down, and Ami felt a shiver go through her spine. What on earth was she thinking of...?

"C-Chibi-Usa, this is no time to..."

Then her tiny hand extended for Ami's form, and Ami knew she had to react.

"C-Chibi Usa...! S, stop that this...this instant!"

Ami yelled up at the towering girl as much as her newly meek-sounding voice would allow. Even if she screamed at the top of her lungs, it would barely register as a tiny squeak to the average person.

Thankfully, it seemed to have given Chibi-Usa cause for hesitation. The pink-haired female stopped, and blinked at Ami, having not expected that level of defiance.

Ami took a deep breath, and continued, trying to resist her flustered mindset. "W... what on earth are you thinking!? Y-you're supposed to help...! Just what are you trying to do!?"

The looming girl hesitated again, then replied in a bashful tone of her own, though Ami heard it perfectly well. It was clear that Chibi-Usa's cheeks turned a shy shade of pink, too.

"W, well-...I've... umm-... never had a chance, to-... well, see a body... like yours, soo-... I kinda... just wanted to check it out?..." The bashful girl managed a sheepish giggle, and Ami stared in blank perplexity, her own face slowly turning red as well. What kind of thoughts were in that girl's head!?

"I, I'm-...I'm not a toy to be-... to be examined...!"

Then Chibi-Usa giggled again, her smile turning to a chilling grin as she leaned down, and smiled as she loomed over Ami. "I don't think you have much choice~..." Then Chibi-Usa reached out her hand again, that time with no intention of stopping.

Ami's eyes widened. Talking wasn't going to do any good!

"C... Chibi-Usa...! D, don't do this...! W, we're friends...! We need to help each o-....AH~!"

That time, Ami's faint pleas fell on deaf ears. The only indication that Chibi-Usa even heard Ami's frantic reply was another jubilant giggle, before her extended hand wrapped around Ami's body and lifted her off the ground.

Ami flailed and struggled, but it didn't do the slightest bit of good. Chibi-Usa's grip maintained a snug hold on Ami's body. She wasn't applying much pressure at all, but it was more than enough to keep the naked girl held in place. She gave a barely audible gasp as she felt her chest pressing against the inside of the towering girl's hand from the pressure, but it was unlikely the female holding onto her would even notice the tiny sensation. To Ami, though, it was clear as day.

Chibi-Usa looked down, ensuring Ami was in place, and then she did the last thing Ami expected. She began to walk out of the room!

"W, where are you going!? I-... I have all my belongings...!" Sure enough, the final sight Ami kept her gaze fixed on was her uselessly abandoned clothes lying on the floor, before they disappeared from sight. Chibi-Usa had taken her out into the hall! "...where are you taking me, Chibi-Usa!?"

"Oh, calm down...! We're just going on a little trip...!"

Ami again tried to struggle, but it was all in vain. She could only observe and hope for a later opportunity to escape. It wouldn't get any easier, though. Chibi-Usa was clearly taking her to the kitchen!

The playful girl's intentions had been fairly innocent, despite having Ami effectively held captive. She meant to just bring her to the kitchen until she decided what to do, and maybe have a snack before-

"Chibi-Usa! Where have you been!? It's time for dinner!"

The tall(er) girl went pale as the apron-clad woman rounded on her with a glare. "I've been calling you for nearly half an hour! Now stop playing with your toys and go sit!"

"W, wait, mom-, that's not-"

Chibi-Usa had no time to protest. She could only watch in horror as her adoptive mother pried open her hand, plucked the tiny naked girl out of it, and carried her away before shooing Chibi-Usa to a table.

She might have felt bad, but she wasn't in the predicament Ami was. She gasped, struggling to get out of the even taller woman's grasp, but it was all in vain.

Once Chibi-Usa had been put in her place, her mother had frowned as she went back to the kitchen, tossing the girl nonchalantly onto the counter. Ami was fortunate enough to land against a fairly soft surface that cushioned her blow, but she was still painfully out in the open.

"Of all the things, bringing a doll to-"

The woman blinked, leaning down over Ami with a confused look. "Wow, these are really... detailed..."

Ami's eyes went wide, and knew she had to act, fast. Maybe Chibi-Usa's mother would be more reasonable?

"I-...I'm not a doll...!" Ami yelled as loud as she could, though it was with a flushed expression as she tried frantically to cover herself while inform the woman of her plight at the same time.

Unfortunately for Ami, Chibi-Usa's mother neither had reason to believe Ami or experience with anything of the sort. A tiny human was nothing short of impossible to the woman's eyes. Which meant that she came to the next most logical conclusion.

"It even talks...!" She became yet more intrigued, extending a hand for Ami with more interest than ever. This wasn't working...! Ami clamored to her feet, desperate to get away, but moving across the kitchen counter at her tiny size made escape seem almost impossible... but she had to try!

If only one thing was clear, it was that running from the woman would be an exercise in futility... much less getting away from her. Ami had to hide! Unfortunately, the kitchen surface offered very little in the way of clear hiding spaces. Off in the distance, Ami could see what looked like a towering canister of some sort of spice, smaller shakers, and a few kitchen gadgets. It felt like they were miles away, but considering the alternative of the disbelieving, ominously looming woman nearby... Ami had to try!

She braced herself, took a deep breath, and sprinted at a breakneck pace across the cloth surface. She just had to hide long enough for Chibi-Usa to find her, and put this whole mess right! It felt like she was running faster than she ever had in her life, putting all the strength into her dashing limbs that she could, practically charging for that canister. The massive container, which seemed more like a giant building to the tiny girl, soon loomed closer and closer...

Unfortunately, to Chibi-Usa's mother, Ami's desperate sprint amounted to little more than a swift crawl. She couldn't believe a doll had strength to even run away on its own! She watched in amusement, then finally reached her fingers out and plucked up the tiny doll by the shoulders.

"A, AH!" Ami gasped, flailing and swaying her limbs uselessly as she was dropped into the open palm of Chibi-Usa's mother. "O,ow..." Ami winced, sitting up on the thankfully soft surface of the woman's palm. At least her landing had been...

She paled, staring right up at the massive face looming over her naked body. What... what did the woman want? Ami shrieked, shifting her arms to cover her intimates.

"Why is it so shy...?" The woman whispered in thought, reaching out her hand to intently yet gently tug Ami's arms to the side with her fingers. Ami shrieked again, but it was merely a thin gasp to the mother. Though when she got a good look at the 'detail' of the naked doll, even she blushed.

"C-Chibi-Usa, you shouldn't have something so... so detailed..."

"A, AAH!" Ami tugged desperately at her arms, which were held upward over her naked body as the woman picked her up. Her naked legs and breasts swayed as she struggled, making her nipples protrude outward. "S, STOOOP!"

"W, wow..." The woman blushed, staring at the doll as if entranced. Chibi-Usa watched this, petrified, and knew she had to intervene for poor Ami's sake... after all, it was her fault!

"M, Mom...!" Chibi-Usa reacted in a panic, her face tinged with red as she tried not to notice Ami's awkward predicament. She looked around, then down, and tugged sharply on her mother's skirt. "Um, hurry to the table!"

The sharp pull did its desired effect. The taller woman, startled, released her grip on the petite naked female.

Unfortunately, Ami was still what comparatively seemed like dozens of feet in the air. She gave another wasted shriek as she went falling through the air, before a pool of warm liquid broke her fall with a resounding splash.

"H, hot....!" Ami murmured as she hurried to climb out of the tea. She was newly drenched, smelled of tea, but... she was safe. Chibi-Usa's mother attention was totally away from her. Ami had a chance.

Ami had been in serious predicaments before, but never anything like this. Maybe in the wildest of nightmares she could have imagined being stuck somewhere without her clothes, or even in a pool someplace... but being in that state and submerged in a warm cup of tea, well... such incidents had never even crossed her mind.

Yet there she was, struggling to keep her head above the warm liquid's surface. Chibi-Usa had spared her further humiliation, yes, and that woman was thankfully distracted from Ami's presence(and nakedness), but... what was she going to do now?

Ami took in a breath, and with it a deep inhalation of the warm aroma around her. It was nice tea... she shifted within her watery confines, trying to snap herself out of it. This was no time to daydream! But what else could she do? Without being closed to Chibi-Usa's room, her clothes, or much of anything, Ami was practically stuck-



The face of Chibi-Usa suddenly appeared in front of Ami, whispering tensely. "I-...I got her to go to the living room. I have to get you out of here...! I'm really sorry!" She blushed, bowing her head rapidly. Ami, despite her panicked state, managed a nervous shake of her head.

"D-...don't worry, Chibi-Usa...j, just... get me back to your room!"

Chibi-Usa smiled, and held up the last thing Ami expected to see. "Don't worry, I can fix this right now! Just hold still..." Ami realized that Chibi-Usa was holding the wand that had gotten her into this mess, and was pointing it at Ami.

Ami could finally be back to normal! But... was it even the right time or place?
"N, not here...!"
"Huh?" The pink-haired girl blinked at the odd remark, watching Ami with plain confusion. "Why not!? You... you don't LIKE being like... like that, do you!?"

Ami blushed bright red and shook her head desperately. "A, absolutely not...! I-... I just can't change back right here without anything on! If-... if someone saw..." She trailed off, fighting away the horrifying mental image. "T, take me back to your room... please? I'll change back there... with my clothes."

"Well, okay-..." Chibi-Usa put away her wand, reached out, and gently pulled Ami into her open palm. "Just... well, hold on, okay?" The girl gave a brief smile, entwined her fingers carefully but firmly around the petite girl, and began leaving the kitchen.

From there it would just be around the corner and up the stairs to-



It was her acting-older sister. And Ami's best friend. Both stared up at her in alarm, if for wildly different reasons.

"I told you not to bring your dolls into the kitchen...!"
"No, no, Usagi, this isn't...!"

It was too late. The taller blonde had opened Chibi-Usa's palm and forcibly pulled the tiny Ami out. "Go back to the kitchen, sheesh!" Without waiting for Chibi-Usa's desperate protests, Usagi sighed and stormed up the stairs before going into her own room. Honestly, what was wrong with her!?

"U, Usagi...! Let me down...!" Ami yelled up at the towering female, but it was all for naught. Shortly after the uniformed girl entered her room, she had nonchalantly set the 'doll' down onto a nearby dresser before disrobing from her uniform.

Ami was torn between clamoring to cover herself and shyly averting her eyes from Usagi as she undressed. She should have changed back while she had the chance...! Now who knew when she'd get another!? Ami shakily covered herself, and knew she only had a little time before Usagi returned.

Ami didn't think Usagi would even notice her, much less listen... nor did she want to wait around on that dresser surface for anything worse to happen. She had to get away from there, and maybe find her way back to Chibi-Usa's room, her clothes, and of course, her normal size.

This presented more than a few difficulties, however. To the tiny girl, the distance from the surface of the dresser to the floor seemed like the equivalent of being several stories in the air. Not to mention that she had no climbing gear... or any gear whatsoever. Still, she had to try. Ami took a deep breath, went to the edge of the dresser, and knelt down before swinging her body around and lowering herself until she was hanging by her hands. Her intent was to go through one drawer at a time until she was safely to the floor, then hurry to Chibi-Usa's room... however long that took, it was safer than being there!

Ami gulped, trying not to look down. There was carpet beneath her, but still... it was a dizzying fall. The dresser drawer beneath her was hanging just slightly ajar enough for her to use that as a respite until she could think of a quicker way down... unless she decided to change her mind entirely?

Ami couldn't fall all that way! If she even survived, she was bound to hurt herself, and how would she get back to Chibi-Usa's room then? It wasn't even an option... but nor did she want to stay out in the open air of the dresser. That meant the drawer was her safest bet. She let go, and fell a small distance until she landed softly against the confines of a folded blouse. Ami sighed, setting her palms down as she began to climb up, counting her blessings while looking for a way out of the drawer. That could have gone so much w-

"Wow, how'd it get in here...?"

Ami stared up, her eyes going wide as she saw the shadow of Usagi looming over the drawer, which was pulled open to allow her access to her things. Oh no. She spun and searched the dresser for a way out, but there was nothing she could do in the mere seconds she had to escape the towering girl's notice.

"Geez, what a pain..."

The next thing Ami knew, Usagi both reached for a nearby blouse with one hand... and picked up Ami by the back with her index and thumb.

"A, AH! L, let go...! Usagi...!" Ami's legs and arms were left flailing helplessly as the miniaturized girl was pulled from the drawer. She was soon drawn closer to Usagi's face, realizing with a bright red blush that she was being held up to Usagi's line of sight.

And, unsurprisingly, the fact that Usagi's face was soon turning red as well. "W-ow, this is very... Ah!"

Ami blinked in abrupt surprise. Despite being the last thing she expected, of all things, Usagi's next words were of very little reassurance. "A...Ami...?"

"H, how do you recognize...?" Ami whispered in disbelief, before letting out a panicked sound and covering her swaying breasts.

"Y, look so real, and-... I-..I just got a feeling...! It is you...! Oh geez, I'm sorry...!" Usagi dropped the blouse and bowed her head in apology, quickly carrying Ami away from the dresser. "Let me get you something to wear...!"

"T, thank you, Us-..." Ami bowed her head in relief, and her gaze craned down, then it was her turn to blush. The girl was clearly half-dressed, having removed her uniform and been about to put on a more casual outfit. Ami had never once seen Usagi's underwear, and would have rather not been exposed to it at that point in time. She blinked, then bashfully turned her gaze elsewhere. It was fine, this would be all over so-


"H-huh...? AH!" It all happened in the span of seconds. Usagi, the ever-clumsiest member of the group, had tripped on her lazily discarded uniform... causing her to tumble backward, landing unceremoniously on her back and hands.

And in the process, losing grip of Ami. "...o, oh no...!" Ami flailed, realizing in horror see was falling from the air! It only lasted a manner of seconds, though.

Within moments, she felt a soft surface cushion her fall. Ami winced, rubbing her tense hip as she looked around in confusion. Then she stared up, and saw two... or rather, three things that made her blush quadruple in intensity. The looming sight of Usagi's visage... and the thinly-covered curvature of her breasts, concealed behind a delicate pink bra.

Ami was sitting up on Usagi's collar bone. Which meant that... she blinked, looking down. She was right above Usagi's chest. She had to get her attention!

Ami stood up, waving frantically at the towering girl. "U, Usagi! I'm right...!"

"Ami...! Where are you!?" As it happened, Usagi had no way of hearing the tiny girl's pleas from that 'far' away. Ami had to get her attention somehow!

"So clumsy, you dummy...!" Usagi shook her head in dismay at her own carelessness, while Ami once again failed to get the towering female's attention. Then Usagi began to stand. Ami's eyes widened with that realization, and she was quick to look around the feminine surface that was Usagi's body for something to hold onto.

With Ami's present location, there was only one real option... the closest piece of fabric near her. She quickly moved to one side, and shakily took hold of Usagi's bra, gripping the outer fabric of the rightmost cup as the woman stood. Ami barely managed to keep her footing on the side of the fabric to keep upright, since Usagi's posture soon mirrored her own.

"Ami...?" The woman whispered again, slowly leaning down for a look at the carpeted floor. Sure enough, this meant the fabric close to Ami's location began to sink downward... and before Ami could think to look away, her cheeks glowed bright red, knowing full well what she saw the clearest glimpse of beneath Usagi's bra; a slightly reddened peak that was not much smaller than her head. Ami quickly looked away, catching a flustered breath. Usagi was lower to the ground, and this was her best chance to get her attention. It was then or never, and so Ami-

Ami bit into her lip, shaking her head bashfully to cast the ridiculous notion from her head. Yes, that absolutely would have gotten Usagi's attention... but that was not the type of course Ami wanted to take. She just held onto the delicate fabric before her, giving it a small but intent tug. Usagi would have to notice that, it wasn't like she'd need to grab onto her-

"Usagi, what is all the fuss!?" Before either Ami or Usagi could react further, the annoyed sound of her mother rang through the room, and the door came open. "Put some clothes on, young lady! We could have had guests over! And for heaven's sake, stop making all that noise...!" Usagi blushed, straightening as she found she had no time to explain before the door was pulled shut.

"Why does she have to be so pushy...!?" Usagi remarked to no one in particular, giving a frustrated exhalation before adjusting her undergarment. "It's my room, I'll stay dressed if I-" Then her eyes widened, and she cast her stare down, having recalled that she'd forgotten something... no, someONE very important. "Oh no, Ami...!"

What if she were on the floor!? Usagi willed herself to keep perfectly still, her eyes searching the carpet frantically. She'd just have to wait, Ami was smart! She'd get in touch with her somehow!

As it happened, Usagi was half-right; Ami would soon get in touch with her... but not in any way she had planned on. The slight motion to Usagi's bra had easily caused the tiny girl to lose her grip and go flailing down the surface of Usagi's smooth skin. Ami clamored with her hands and feet, desperate to grab onto something... anything to break her fall! It only took a few heart-stopping seconds before Ami had realized she hadn't fallen further than a foot or two. Her fingers were tightly gripping a length of delicate cotton fabric. Ami sighed in relief, carefully pulling herself up. That had been too close. She looked around, and then up, and then back down... her eyes going wide as her face glowed with a warm blush, nearly flooding her face with red.

That telltale incline of hip muscle nearby could only mean one thing. She was holding onto the only other garment the towering female was wearing; the satiny presence of Usagi's panties. Ami quickly turned away, and looked up, to the mountainous sight of Usagi's bust and the visage barely visible beyond, waving her hands desperately. "U, usagi...! I-...I'm here!"

It was a wasted effort, though. If Usagi couldn't hear Ami before, how would she hear her now!? Ami was going to have to do something, or else she'd be stuck someplace far worse... no, Ami had to act fast... but she didn't dare move. She had to make sure Usagi found her. If she fell to the carpet, or worse, anyplace else, that might never happen! She reluctantly bided her time, trying to keep herself still. Usagi was bound to notice eventua-

"There you are... sheesh." Only it wasn't Usagi who found Ami. It was... Chibi-Usa. The petite girl was right on eye level with Ami's location, and reached out to nonchalantly pluck her out of Usagi's undergarments. "C, CHIBI-USA! Let go of my-!"

"Oh, get over yourself, dummy! I'm not interested in those." Chibi-Usa rolled her eyes, and motioned to the tiny flustered girl in her hand. "If you'll excuse me, some of us are mature enough to try and fix this!" Chibi-Usa didn't mention that it was really her own fault in the first place, though. Before Usagi could protest further, she took Ami away from the room and was gone.

"T, thanks, Chibi-Usa, I was worried I was-"

"Oh, don't stress it! I've been kinda responsible for all this, anyway..." Chibi-Usa remarked with a bashful expression as they finally reached her room, before setting Ami down on the same table beside the dollhouse that had been where the mess all began. "Okay, so... uh, hold still, this shouldn't take long..."

The pink-haired female went to her bed, picked up the wand, and took aim at Ami. "Ready? One... two..."

Ami sat there, bracing herself, then recalled one tiny embarrassing factor one moment too late. She was still naked! "C, Chibi-Usa... not ye-!"

Ami held her hands up in frantic protest, but it was too little, far too late. A warm pink glow encased the tiny female, and she shot to her normal size instantly... leaving a distinctly naked girl sitting upright on Chibi-Usa's sidetable.

"U, uh-...I...I guess it worked-..." Chibi-Usa stared for a long moment, then turned away with a bright red face. "You, uh, oughta get dressed..." She sheepishly motioned to Ami's clothes, and the girl wasted no time in doing just that.

"T, thank you..." Ami murmured the meek apology under her breath as she quickly pulled her clothes on, not sure whether her relief at being normal or having something on again won out. Probably a little of both.

"We-..well, I better get going..." Ami slipped her footwear on, and was already well on her way to the room, before giving Chibi-Usa a deeply appreciative bow. "Thank you for... um, saving me." With that said, and a meek smile, Ami quickly retreated from the room, headed downstairs, and hurried outside.

Chibi-Usa was still trying to get the image of the naked female out of her mind as she watched Ami leave from the window. Gosh, if she were lucky enough to get that kind of body when she was older... "Well, at least I managed to fix th-"

Chibi-Usa stopped short, staring at the wand with a blank stare. Why was it still glowing? She had already stopped casting the-
"Oh no...!"

Ami fidgeted in place as she walked down the sidewalk away from Chibi-Usa's home, wondering why her footwear felt so uncomfortable. Maybe it was just the awkwardness of having been without clothing for such a long time. Well, she'd be home soon, and then this mess would be behind her.

That had been Ami's thought, at least. It was shortly afterward when she stopped in her tracks with a realization of growing dread. Not only was her footwear straining to contain her feet, but her blouse and skirt were beginning to tear away from her growing form. Within seconds she saw her bare skin becoming rapidly visible as her clothing started to effortlessly come apart, having no hope of containing the woman's figure as it exponentially increased in size.

"C, Chibi-USAAAAAA...!" Ami turned on her feet to look back to the house, desperate to hurry back, but it was only seconds later that Ami would soon wish she'd stayed shrunken. Hiding from one person was one thing... hiding from an entire neighborhood would be entirely another, and a twenty foot tall naked woman was going to have a very hard time of that.

[The End~..?
A mishap at Chibi-Usa's home turns Ami into a fraction of her normal size, forcing her to get by with nothing but her wits.
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Finally got to this story, and it was very worth it! It's a shame this sort of theme isn't tackled more like you have, with the focus on the nudity. There were a lot of fun scenes I enjoy. Her being held and unable to cover at times, her time time having to climb and hang onto Usagi's underwear, and in general all the times Ami was just kept away from her clothes <3
Misayaka Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! Admittedly how much or little that happens depends on my mood at any given time.>>
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I've never been one for a shrinking fetish, but this story was fun.
Misayaka Featured By Owner May 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'm actually working on the continuation, but I don't think it'll be interactive. How many options does a giant naked girl have? >> I'm open to suggestions, though.
MerComix Featured By Owner May 25, 2016
Well, Chibiusa may of gotten her back to normal...but that won't stay for long.

Shrink Ami again! :P
Misayaka Featured By Owner May 25, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
This was a one-shot, sadly, but I'm bound to write other fics about her in some way or another.
MerComix Featured By Owner May 25, 2016
Or, you could do one for Usagi or other senshi being shrunk. :P
Misayaka Featured By Owner May 26, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
A cute idea, but it'd get kind of old, I think.
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Really great story. :D
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