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With the move to, the information in this journal is now out-of-date. All Mothcat/subspecies registration is now done through the website.

For an updated guide on how to create your character, please read our Wiki Page on MYO approvals.

August 20th 2016 Update
: This new MYO approval process will provide all admins a chance to have input on designs before they are approved for the group, acting as a checks-and-balances system to avoid mistakes in the approval process. 

Please follow the procedure below to get your MYO design approved and registered: 
  1. Upload the design you wish to be approved to your gallery and tag the title as "[Unapproved]". Include the following form in your artist's description

      Type of MYO
      Proof of Ownership: (Link to the journal/comment where you got the MYO from.)
      Original Designer
      Theme Name: (Optional)
      List of Traits Used: (If Applicable; for flowerbuns this is the plant/fungi they are based on)
      Alternate Views: (Optional for views without accessories/dyes; the main file should be the one with all visible traits you want.)

  2. Submit the design to the MYO Approval Center and Approved Designs gallery folder. 
    • Acceptance into this gallery folder indicates that the design has gone through the approval process, and may be tagged as "Approved"
    • If there are any changes we'd like made to the design, you will be notified at this stage in the process!

  1. After approval, download the required Misaverse base and fill in your design
    Official Chive Base Folder
    [Flowerbuns use original art by the owner or with permission from another artist.]

  2. Note Misaverse the filled in base with: 

      Stash Link to Base: (Saved as transparent PNG)
      Link to Approved MYO: (If it's not in the gallery, it won't be accepted)

    Note: please do not add eyeshine, non-black pupils, or multiple colors to the eyes of your Mothcat base unless they have the corresponding traits [colored pupils, heterochromia, etc].

  3. If you can't open PSD files, note ONE of the following volunteers the form below: 

    Volunteers: Arquerite fanface justlikesoup 

      Subspecies: (Mothcat/Mothkitten)
      Link to Approved MYO: (If it's not in the gallery, it won't be accepted)
      Original Designer
      List of Traits Used

Only registered MYO designs will be added to Misaverse. By neglecting to register your Mothcat/subspecies, you automatically forfeit the right to transfer ownership of the design, participate in MothcatMarket with the design, be eligible for Mothcat of the Month, count the design towards ownership achievements. 

Essentially: Unregistered MYO designs are not officially recognized by the group and you won't be able to participate in anything event-related with the design. 

Note: The ownership transfer restriction on the design will not officially begin until after it has been registered and uploaded to Misaverse 
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 I made a Florabun that was approved by putting in the MYO Approval Center and Approved designs. Are the next steps for if you change the design, or to have it in the master list?