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fav toy YCH OPEN

If you want to purchase this YCH: Send me your email, ref sheet for character(s), and flat\coloured

payment: Paypal, visa,
any gender or species 
Some parts can be changed
Slots are open
flat coloured: 
25 both characters
with shading and light:
30 both characters
finished: here 
here here 

DO NOT use this \or any other of my ych's\ as a base for your drawing in any way
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Hello. I was wondering if these were still available?

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yep, just note me you rinfo

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I was wondering if I could order one for shading & light? ♥

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Is this still open?

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ye! contact me via notes <3

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is this YCH still available for Commission?

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are you okay with Fandom Characters x OCs ? 
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yes, im ok with that :>

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Could I snag one? 
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These two please ^^ 

Female   Fireblaze ( Demon ) by MonteFlaze26  

Male  Paradox by MonteFlaze26
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yes, sorry, back from studies

do you still want it?

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Are they okay? 
Wicked-Angel-Atelier's avatar
I’d like one please!! I’ll send note!!
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Are these still open?
xxSmolRage's avatar
hi can i buy one? c:
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uh huh, i need your info: email, ref and flat\shaded
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Do we have to pay if we draw this pose as a reference and not trace it digitally?
Am broke. But i really like this pose. <3
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well, i'm really sorry, but i do not allow people to use my ychs as a base 
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