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Oh yes you doing it beautifully everything and cosplay sexy!
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You are gorgeous my dear!
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Great work! It is so detailed and this cosplay are so perfectly matching.
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So adorable!!! Love 
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OMG what a pretty Misty <3
Feuersteincomics's avatar
You look exactly like Misty!
MiguelFight's avatar
With thse massive "pokeballs", she sure does... xD
Feuersteincomics's avatar
I don't recall them to be that big in the show :)
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Can't...maintain...eye contact...
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well then great cosplay you are gorgeous .
epikuro's avatar're incredibly sexy
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no words. except DAMN YOU FINE AS HELL GIRL!!!!
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I feel the need to get in the pool!  BTW, the lighting and composition are great.
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Wow, really nice cosplay. *-*
Van-Dunkelschreiber's avatar
care to train my water Pokemon (>_O)
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A busty Misty!!
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Looking fantastic. ;)

Great work with the costume and makeup!
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Back in the day, as I was playing through Red for the first time, this is exactly how I pictured Misty looking.
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