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Part of a project mostly done by myself but I'm having some help from my friend CaptainWerewolf, he's on my list of watchers so look him up.

Basically, Hans goes a little nuts (with such waste going around sometimes you have to...) and so that is what happens here in a nutshell here. I appologize to hellsing yaoi and all them because my first hellsing based process is rather...straight, but if you don't like it you don't have to read it.

No virgins are hurt in this first chapter, though the experienced definately are *looks over at hans with a bag of ice on his crotch* mehehehehe...
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© 2007 - 2021 Misali-aka-Besu
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2D-Scratt's avatar
I like your fan fiction, is there more??
Misali-aka-Besu's avatar
There was that I wrote out but it got lost, sadly. I'll have to find it again, I'll try to get it up soon.
CreepingBoNE's avatar
When ist the next chaptar? :B
Misali-aka-Besu's avatar
Second chapter got eaten three times by the flash drive, and my cat threw up on the laptop so I have to start from scratch. I'll get it up when i can.
CreepingBoNE's avatar
XDDDD Okay, fair enough.
tutifruti41's avatar
love it! I vant more! How about vith Seras next time? She's shorter but has a HUGE chest and that could make it more fun for the poor horny verevolf Captain.
Misali-aka-Besu's avatar
That may be an alternate version, I remember reading a gundam fic where there was multiple alternate endings to it. And as much as I love Seras too, I'm not one myself for huge chests. We'll see.
JimmiPanda's avatar
Ah-mazing!! Love the spin on Hans!! I can't find any stories on him hardly ever and when I do its always HansxSeras *pukes*. Will there be another chapter or a continuation?? when??
Misali-aka-Besu's avatar
Maybe....>.> I will think on it.
NaiomeShiroami's avatar
o-o Sweet Jesus! *favs* This is amazingly written, and it pretains to my favorite (and pretty much only) fandom. :la:
Never imagined Captain to be so sex craved... its a nice concept. :nod:
Misali-aka-Besu's avatar
LOL! You wanna know how it started? A friend of mine dressed up as him on halloween my first semester in college. And...I was quite pent up. of course, i was running around as a cat girl and proceeded to beat him in public with the leash on my collar.

needless to say, what happened soon after was a great inspiration for this lol
NaiomeShiroami's avatar
Lmao. Thats amazing. Had you ever gotten around to that second part by any chance?
Misali-aka-Besu's avatar, only because there's two ways that the story can go once the female wakes up and I don't know which concept I like better.
NaiomeShiroami's avatar
Put it to a vote?

Its not a big deal though, the first one was an incredible little gem to come across by typing Hans and Hellsing into the DA search engine. XD
Captain fandom seems to be really rare... :cry:
Misali-aka-Besu's avatar
it's not actually, i've seen plenty of it but most of it's really either yaoi or pairings with other hellsing characters that are tenuous at i said screw it original pain in the ass character of mine. Though, if I want to make it cannon to my OC, she's going to be pissed as all hell when she wakes up.
NaiomeShiroami's avatar
Well thats an obvious given, but I can't seem to find anything good that isn't yaoi or a Seras pairing. (Pip x Seras ftw)

Lol, that would seem entertaining. I've been working on a fanfic on and off for the past few months, so slowwww.

Your a really good writer though. :nods:
Misali-aka-Besu's avatar
thanks much, you should check out my originals...I also have a sesshomaru raping kagome thing too...which i think is hilarious.
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SuichelleNova's avatar
Wow, this is so good!
I really hope you continue! :drool:
Misali-aka-Besu's avatar
I'm ready to have a contest to see where everyone who ever faved this or posted to it vote on what they want to have happen lol

thank you for your kind words.
Halibel03's avatar
Love It!!! Want More!!
Misali-aka-Besu's avatar
awwww, really? you're so sweet ^_^
Senrigan-Taki's avatar
*Desperately wants more* @_@
Misali-aka-Besu's avatar
um...hans fan I take it?

lol, I was just experimenting and he was the only cannon character that just seemed broody enough to do it. I dunno
Senrigan-Taki's avatar
Sounds like you don't remember me ;_;

Lol, yeah, definite Hans fan; this story inspired me to start a SerasXHans fiction, but I wanted to see where this was going. I think I might've been moderately drunk when I commented again @_@
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