The Shadow Priest

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The Shadow Priest

Once upon a time in the bright forest of Elwynn lived a bright, bubbly little priest by the name of Chako. She had just started her priestly training in the village of Goldshire and was about to do her first job in the way of the priest!
Excitedly, she ran to the priestess standing in the inn to receive her first order as a priest. The priestess told her to find a recently dispatched soldier whom had not returned from his mission for quite some days. Full of excitement, Chako bounded out of the inn to find the fallen soldier, with hopes of bringing him back to full life. When she found him, she cast a lesser heal on him, which fixed his ailment, which appeared to be nothing more than a sprained ankle. Fulfilled with her work, she returned to the priestess, who was equally pleased with Chakos efforts. From that day on, Chako went from town to town. City to City. Dungeon to dungeon spreading her good will and heals.
Eventually young Chako hit the big numbers. The big 70. She was ecstatic, now she could spread her heals to some real warriors who were taking out the biggest of the plagues in the lands. She had missed her chance at 60, and was not quite prepared to take on Arthas, but there was still evil to vanquish from the land that she was more than certain she was capable of beating. Well, assisting in beating.
She eventually found a good guild in which she seemed to fit perfectly. They were also very pleased to have another healer in the group – and the only one of the priestly variety, so it seemed. They buffed themselves up and headed out to war. Chako stood very timid in the backlines, but with the other healers by her side, she felt comforted and assured that all would be fine. As the Warrior took his first strike into the first adversary, Chako boomed out with a shield to protect the gallant man while she prepared a greater heal for him. The raid went well with very few snags. At the end they distributed each person’s fair share of the loot and they began going their sperate ways.
As they were all leaving, Chako noticed the two other healers standing together discussing their results. Chako listened in keenly. The druid commented that he had crit-healed for 10k! The Paladin scoffed at him and said that she had crit-healed for 12k! Chako stood still, mortified. In the entire raid her heals had not crited for more than 4,500 points! She stood around the corner, hiding from the other healers in shame. A tear rolled from her eye.
Unable to face neither her guild nor her co-healers, Chako ran back to Stormwind immediately. She wept to the high priestess.
“What is it, my child?” the high priestess asked.
“I am so sorry, High Priestess! I had failed as a priest.” She began “In the entire raid, I performed the worst! I cannot heal for even half of that the other healers can! I am not worthy of the priesthood!” she cried. The priestess reached out to comfort her, but Chako backed away briskly. “Perhaps it would be better if I consort the great mages of Dalaran! I would be better as a mere DPS” she sobbed. The high priestess drew her closer and patted her on the head.
“There, there, dear Chako.  All hope is not lost, child!” The high priestess pushed Chako back a little, forcing her to look the priestess in the face. “You do not need to be confined to the pure ways of a healer, Chako.” She said softly. Chako looked up at her, wiping a tear from her face. “I can train you in the skills of the Shadow, dear Chako!” The high priestess smiled.
“The… Shadow?” Chako whispered under her breath. She had indeed seen the priests shrouded in the dark haze, but she thought them to be rebels and betrayers. The high priestess lifted Chakos face by the chin.
“Yes! Shadow, my child! Once in a shadowed form, you may not cast Holy spells” she began. Chakos face dropped, a sinking feeling overcoming her. The high Priestess continued “But you will be granted superior attacking powers! Of course, this does not confine you to the limitations of say a Mage. You will be able to cast a healing buff which will grant you with health for each amount of damage you do! And not just to yourself! Your entire party will benefit from this skill!  Not only this, but if need be, you may return to your normal form and again cast holy skills without having to unlearn the talents of the Shadow.” Chakos face brightened.
“You mean, I can heal AND assist the great warriors in taking down the foe?!” She grinned.
“Yes, my child. That is correct.” The high priestess smiled down on Chako.
“Please! Please teach me the way of the shadow! I will do my best to be a good student!” Chako gleamed.
“Haha, very well, dear Chako. Let us begin!” The high priestess chuckled.
The very next week, Chakos guild set out to again take down the scum of Azeroth. But Chako was nowhere to be seen. The druid turned to the Paladin and asked “Where is that Chako child? Is she not coming with us this week?”
The paladin looked around briskly. “I do not see her around! Where could she be? We don’t need her designated heals, but as support it would be wonderful to have her around…” The paladin replied. Then, from out of the shadows emerged a small human figure, shrouded in a dark purple haze.
“What is that?!” The Paladin shrieked. The Warrior chuckled and greeted Chako as she approached the group.
“I’m glad you could make it, Chako!” he said warmly. The rest of the group gasped.
“Chako? Chako?! What happened to her?!” the druid cried. The warrior laughed.
“She said she had a new talent that she desperately wanted to show us all. Haha! You look beautiful, Chako! Beautiful!” the warrior grinned. “Now let us be off! Chako, you know what to do, right?” he winked. Chako nodded, and cast Vampirc Embrace on her target. She then began casting Mind Blast and Mind Flay, while letting Shadow Word: Pain do extra damage in the background. There was a sudden boom of sparkles from everyone in the party! They all looked around in awe.
“What’s this? What’s happening?” The paladin asked as their foe fell to the ground before them. Chako grinned as she looked around.
“This” Chako began “Is the true power of a Priest!”
I was recently forced to change to Holy spec by my guild for raiding, but I'm not really keen on being healer (I was forced to be a Priest initially by my brother and my friend anyway. I wanted to be a Warlock) so I wrote this story as a little tribute to my old shadow self x3

This 'short' (And by short, I mean, it was meant to be half a page, but ended up being two pages 8D;;) story inspired by my brother's (:iconjiyuuma:) short tale 'Defrost Mage' (which can be read here ---> [link] ). :3

(Btw, If you think I'm being bias for any particular class, let this be said. Mages are awesome because they has endless water and foods >:3. The classes I didn't mention also have their pluses, there just wasn't any room to mention EVERYONE. I prefer Pally tanks, But I didn't want the main tank being confused with the healer, so I made it a warrior. And Druids are Druids. Multi-functional but a bitch to level XD)
© 2008 - 2021 Misako790
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SeventhZodiac's avatar
Awwww, takes me back to the days of when my priest was starting out sweet and innocent. lol, and I have a feeling she still is.

But I started out at behest my guild too as a shadow, then got sick of the long dps waits switched to discipline and then decided I missed shadow and duel specced XD

Thank you for this story I am going to fav it :)
Misako790's avatar
I was so grateful when they released dual spec. Long gone are the days where I'd be the wrong spec and chastised for it. (When you're holy, everyone wants shadow, when you're shadow, they're bloody looking for heals!)

I haven't actually played for over a year (My compute spontaneously died on me and I can't afford a new one... My mini laptop isn't powerful enough to play games either. It's very sad. =C) and I miss my little priest like hell. :'(

But thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it~ <3
SeventhZodiac's avatar
Your welcome, finally got enough gold to go duel spec a while ago so it was the best day ever for me :)
jiyuuma's avatar
Bahaha. Chako has puny heals! :pointandlaugh:

But then, my mage has puny damage, compared to other mages. :shakefist:

We need to gear up. More raids, etc.

Also, needs more paragraphing. :nod:
Misako790's avatar
Indeed! More not pre-BC raids... :nod:

Also, your MUM needs more paragraphing! =P (Oh snap!....XD.... ;; )
jiyuuma's avatar
That Onyxia run was fun though. =D

I can't paragraph Mother! I.. love Mother! :icondrtranplz:
Misako790's avatar
It was indeed 8D It was alot shorter than I was expecting. o.o

o_o... XD
Wusntme's avatar
interesting story, but I'm going to stay holy :/
Misako790's avatar
Hehe, thanks.
I don't have anything against holy, I just liked being Shadow better, because it's what I'm used to ;P
Wusntme's avatar
its probably more fun , huh?
Misako790's avatar
I don't think Holy's less fun... More... I can't do as much damage, and I take hits a lot harder... I guess more challenging? ^^; Anyway...
Wusntme's avatar
yeah ...something like that:)
Charsier's avatar
D'awww, :3 I wish I had a nice high priestess lady to cry to.
Misako790's avatar
8D You don't have a reason to cry to one anyway...? XD
Charsier's avatar
8D True..... I have hot huntards to brush up against.
Misako790's avatar
8D;; At least with huntards you really can't pick a /wrong/ talent tree...
Charsier's avatar
True... I miss wow...
Misako790's avatar
Lawl.. I miss my Shadow Priest 8D Oh well.
Charsier's avatar
Psyprass's avatar
Druids rock, but are a damn bitch to level. Goddammit. Do they need extra XP or something?

"I would be better as a mere DPS!"

I lol'd hard.
Misako790's avatar
No, I just find that they're just... difficult XD;; (Warlocks are worse, imo)

XDD Lawl. Thank you. Thank you. :bow:
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