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Twilight Tiger by MisakiTheHugger Twilight Tiger :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 1 2 Death Parade Screencap Redraw: Nona by MisakiTheHugger Death Parade Screencap Redraw: Nona :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 1 3 Syncronicity Redo by MisakiTheHugger Syncronicity Redo :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 7 0 Draw It Again: Synchronicity by MisakiTheHugger Draw It Again: Synchronicity :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 2 0 Kiki by MisakiTheHugger Kiki :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 0 0 Coeur by MisakiTheHugger Coeur :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 1 0 Nozomi, Nozomi, Let Down Your Hair by MisakiTheHugger Nozomi, Nozomi, Let Down Your Hair :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 2 2 Starry Night by MisakiTheHugger Starry Night :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 5 3 dA ID 5 by MisakiTheHugger dA ID 5 :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 0 2 The Schuyler Sisters by MisakiTheHugger The Schuyler Sisters :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 52 4 Rolling Girl Redraw by MisakiTheHugger Rolling Girl Redraw :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 15 3 Champagne by MisakiTheHugger Champagne :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 1 0 Gift: Sing Out! by MisakiTheHugger Gift: Sing Out! :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 3 2 Star Sapphire Gemsona by MisakiTheHugger Star Sapphire Gemsona :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 10 9 Blue Sandstone Hologram Sketches by MisakiTheHugger Blue Sandstone Hologram Sketches :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 11 0 Sardonyx by MisakiTheHugger Sardonyx :iconmisakithehugger:MisakiTheHugger 5 2
Here is my gallery, so take a look around!


Female character designs by Pinlin Female character designs :iconpinlin:Pinlin 2,364 37
Composition Challenge
- you must do ALL 12 list items in order to be featured (See Raru-tan's first challenge journal for more info)
- list items to not need to be done one each month, though it is recommended
- in the description of your artwork for this challenge, link back to this entry so that I see it and know to feature it when the time comes
- you are welcome to use this as a reference without participating in the challenge, if you do so, linking back to this is not necessary

This challenge was made by :iconRaru-tan: Their features -- >
I was tagged in their challenge and really struck me as an interesting challenge to do. A lot of people ask me about my inspirations and how I learn composition. Here are a few of my inspirations that helped me improve my composition. Hopefully they help you too. :) Most of these were taken from my favorites. 
Keep in mind that some of these utilize multiple compo
:iconkanekiru:Kanekiru 486 26
Phantasmagoria by Kanekiru Phantasmagoria :iconkanekiru:Kanekiru 3,874 63 Peace Room Design by Dragonerd Peace Room Design :icondragonerd:Dragonerd 3 3 Into the Heavens by yuumei Into the Heavens :iconyuumei:yuumei 7,253 246 Magikul  by BluebirdsandCanaries Magikul :iconbluebirdsandcanaries:BluebirdsandCanaries 6 2 Harusame Valentine ver. by Jm-dot Harusame Valentine ver. :iconjm-dot:Jm-dot 355 11 2015 Bonus Brushes by Nyanfood 2015 Bonus Brushes :iconnyanfood:Nyanfood 1,617 144 Vocaloid Secret Santa by GravityOctopus Vocaloid Secret Santa :icongravityoctopus:GravityOctopus 5 5 gemsona by Azurane gemsona :iconazurane:Azurane 68 12 Pangoro Variants by Dyemelikeasunset Pangoro Variants :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 983 83 Sylvie by Othellophi Sylvie :iconothellophi:Othellophi 14 0 Lace Brushes by Nyanfood Lace Brushes :iconnyanfood:Nyanfood 2,717 219 Detective Conan: London Symphony No.4869 [+Video] by yuuike Detective Conan: London Symphony No.4869 [+Video] :iconyuuike:yuuike 844 148
Pricing Commissions - Updating Opinion Guide
More points are added when needed, and many of those points come from readers who comment below!
Please share this if you like it by posting a journal or a poll linking to this. Spread the word and the awareness to both buyers and sellers!
I've been asked a couple times already about how I price my commissions. Often, I think it's because I tend to price my work higher than a lot of other artists, yet people are still willing to buy. I think this journal will sum things up quite nicely (from my personal viewpoints.)
A Brief Econ Class
So how do I price, then?Frequent Concerns
My philosophy for pricing art is actually best illustrated by the opening page of this chapter of AKB49 (a manga based off of popular idol group AKB48).

So what does this mean? "Because... it really is delicious" represents the idea that something can be sold for a higher price because demand is high. Time for a quick economics class!
:iconnyanfood:Nyanfood 369 132
Asshole Adhesives by WithAQuillInMyHand Asshole Adhesives :iconwithaquillinmyhand:WithAQuillInMyHand 4 9


Twilight Tiger

Gotta love Twilight Tiger am I right? 

I decided to go with something a bit more simple coloring-wise from me since I was trying out Medibang for the first time and figured for my first drawing, why not draw Kanan and Chika in some dresses I saw while I was out shopping a while back and thought looked cute? I really love how the flowers on their dresses turned out and it was super fun thinking of hairstyles for them! I hope you guys like it!

art (c) me
Kanan and Chika (c) all the folk that own them

Death Parade Screencap Redraw: Nona
So I started watching Death Parade and found two things out really quickly: I should have watched it sooner and Nona has an awesome design. I really loved this shot since it had some great dramatic lighting and an interesting composition so I thought I’d do a screencap redraw! I hope you like it! :) 

DP (c) Madhouse
art (c) me
And yeah I'm doing it because why not. So, I joined dA June of 2011. As for why, I don't really remember, I think it was just on a whim seeing as how I normally join sites like this on a whim.

Heiji Hattori by MisakiTheHugger 
[ABOVE: my first deviation :O]

At first, I did traditional art because at the time I had no idea how digital art worked. Eventually, I dabbled in doing digital art using dA muro (never again) and my mouse (NEVER AGAIN), but still posted some stuff done in pencil too. 

First ID by MisakiTheHugger  Sakura of Justice by MisakiTheHugger Yamamura's Granny BD by MisakiTheHugger Confined by MisakiTheHugger 
[ABOVE: Art done in 2011 done traditionally and digitally]

Thankfully for me, I would no longer have to use my mouse for digital art because luckily for me, I got my own computer and drawing tablet for my birthday/Christmas that year. So as a result, I permanently switched to doing digital art, using PSE since that came with my tablet.

dA ID 2 by MisakiTheHugger  Synchronicity by MisakiTheHugger  HimeLolita!Gin by MisakiTheHugger 
[ABOVE: early 2012 art done in PSE]

In May of 2012, I found a version of Paint Tool SAI on here that could work on Macs despite the fact that the program was made only for Windows computers, so I switched over to using SAI instead of PSE since I liked how SAI had brushes that naturally blended and the line tool was nice (I will shamefully admit that for a while, I just used the line tool and manipulated it to do what I wanted). I did a lot of art during a short period around this time (like wow go me) and I definitely improved from 2011 in terms of coloring. Anatomy? Ehhhh kinda I guess.

OC: Makoto by MisakiTheHugger   Saga of Evil by MisakiTheHugger  3rd dA ID - Free Hugs by MisakiTheHugger Four Seasons by MisakiTheHugger
[ABOVE: May-July 2012 art done in SAI]

After that, I found FireAlpaca and decided to try that for a while while doing a DC 30 Days challenge (that I never finished =X OOPS)

Day 1: Favorite Character by MisakiTheHugger  Day 7: Character in Traditional Japanese Clothing by MisakiTheHugger  Day 16: OTP by MisakiTheHugger 
[ABOVE: Art from September of 2012 done in FireAlpaca]

I then decided I didn't like FireAlpaca at all, and as a result ditched it for SAI. I played around with my style a bit, and I tried out some new techniques that I learned from tutorials and speedpaints. 

A Walk in The Woods by MisakiTheHugger Under the Stars by MisakiTheHugger Conan in Wonderland by MisakiTheHugger
[ABOVE: Art from Oct-Dec 2012 done in SAI]

It was around this time I decided to try using PSE again for lining and SAI for coloring, which I did for a while. Eventually though, I got PS and just stopped using SAI. Along with my dying use of SAI was my dying use of dA. I had started posting other art on other sites and just didn't see the need to post them here. As a result, there are huge time gaps between my newer deviations versus my old ones along with huge style changes. I worked a lot on anatomy and coloring since I never seem to be satisfied with myself on either. 

If I Stay Here, Will I Be Missed? (REDRAW) by MisakiTheHugger  Vocaloid Collab: Mew by MisakiTheHugger  ID 4 by MisakiTheHugger
[ABOVE: 2013-2014 art done in SAI/PS for the first one, PS for the other two]

But dA has been nice, even though I kinda stopped using it. It gave me a way to show my art to a larger audience and to get some advice too. It also let me watch a bunch of amazing artists who definitely inspire me to try different things with my art. So happy birthday dA. You've been cool.
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A Huge~ Hugger! *hugs*
United States
Hi~! I'm MisakiTheHugger, but you can call me Misaki! I love to draw and such, so I'm glad to have joined this site! I really like Detective Conan, with all the murders and deaths and all. How morbid, huh? I'm just a huge mystery geek. :) As my username suggests, I love hugs! I also love chocolate. I'm a chocoholic. So, look around in my gallery and I hope you guys/gals enjoy my artwork!

Current Residence: Misakiland~!
Favourite cartoon character: Miwako Sato, Wataru Takagi, Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano
Personal Quote: "Why should I care what others think of me? After all, they're only opinions."



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