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Windows 8 RTM Wallpapers

By Misaki2009
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Thanks to Microsoft :) and to the leaker.

EDIT 2012/08/02: added 7 new wallpapers

EDIT 2012/08/03: added all the wallpapers from RTM (in HiRes)

EDIT 2012/08/16: don't request PRINTS, I put that accidentally :)
© 2012 - 2021 Misaki2009
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Awesome, thank you!

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thank you very much! I have a windows 8.1 ASUS, and it didn't come with any of these wallpapers, thank you!
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you're welcome :D
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Good collection but Windows 8 really came with boring wallpaper. I prefer the deviantart-work. Those are more creative than the graphics team at MS.
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I agree with you on that :D
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nice image 3 in the picture g.andreas
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Nice collection
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Really love it! Thank you so much!
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No fishi? :/
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no :( there's not Beta anymore :(
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You ARE aware that it's copyright infringment to offer a print of Microsoft's wallpapers?
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I'm not offering a PRINT :) I did that by accident and I don't know how to remove it. I didn't get requests for prints anyway + I don't even have a printer that can really print such a huge file so you can make a poster out of it or something... Anyway, "thanks" for your concern...
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