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Welcome to the Misae Tribe!

As the title says, hello and welcome to our tribe! A personal thanks for joining, we're more than happy to have you and encourage you to interact with the other members to get a good feel for the flow of our little northern society~

Our members come from many various backgrounds- some from other worlds even! Through this diverse and rich cultural background we find comfort in helping one another. We are also dedicated to our tasks, performing each mission and objective with skill, cunning and a practiced efficiency that we expect of each member. Everyone pulls their weight here, and we have a blast doing so. We are a tribe that sticks together, no one is alone here. We may all be strong as individuals, but together we are our mightiest!

Our tribe watches over the northern region of Canada and Alaska, working in the natural wildlife preservation parks to prevent any poaching from happening, and put an end to any that we find. Traveling with our Tokoto's, we patrol the various tundra lands and maintain a vigilant eye. Our guided nature trails are renowned nation wide as some of the most beautiful, and exploratory in the land. We have everything from beginners trails that are brisk, half hour hikes and haunt to full week or more adventures! We also use these guided tours in our protection of the wild life, and love to show tourists and newcomers to the tribe our vast and beautiful land.

We also keep the land and its creatures from becoming a threat to one another. Through controlled, scheduled and registered hunts we ensure that any one species will not over take another and make it impossible for others to survive.

To top it all off, we have a sort of playground for Tokota's of all ages! Our four hundred acre span of forested, open and park area provide a chance for our magnificent companions to reconnect with their roots and romp about at their leisure. Or simply a place to lounge and relax! They work just as hard, if not twice as much so, than we do. We thought it only right that they have an area all to themselves.

In conclusion, we are at the end of the day, a family. A family who would be more than happy to welcome you into our circle. Should you feel brave enough to showcase your skills with your Tokota and help preserve this wonderful land then by all means, show us your best! We will absolutely show you the strength of the northern wilds, and our determination to preserve their natural beauty.

Go HERE for information on How To Join.
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a HHhh I love the concept of this tribe! ♥ and skype chats, oh boy :0 ~ 

As soon as my boy gets approved, you guys can bet I'll be knocking on your door!