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~Tribe Benefits~

~Tier 1~
10 TP +5 bonus points to Fishing (Competition)
30 TP - +5% success rate towards Hunting
50 TP-  +5% success rate towards Exploring
100 TP - HP bonus for including a fellow tribe mates Tokota in a picture. +2HP to all tribe mate Tokotas depicted.

~Tier 2~
150 TP - +5% success rate towards Caving.
200 TP - +5 bonus points to Endurance
250 - 10% Off at the Trading Post

~Tier 3~
300 TP - Tribe fishing unlocked. Higher chance of rare fish and more fish available than regular fishing.
500 TP - Tribe hunting unlocked. Higher chance of rare pelts and more pelts available than regular hunting.
750 TP - Tribe Exploration unlocked. Chance to find exclusive items like a tribe companion.
1000 TP - Breeding bonus, 5% chance increase of rare manes.

Members who have completed their Initiation aka Caretakers and earned 1TP may use our Benefits.
KirasDarkLight / bovidaeloony / Kaymaro / KankuranLupus / FluffyFatFudog / J4-Coltrain / TsonianFieldsRanch / Lambsalot / Jenndragon /

~Admin Conformation of Tier Level Links~
10+30 Confirmation comments.deviantart.com/39/143…
50 Confirmation comments.deviantart.com/39/150…
100 Confirmation comments.deviantart.com/1/4612…
150 Confirmation comments.deviantart.com/1/4612…
200+250 Confirmation comments.deviantart.com/1/4612…
300 Confirmation comments.deviantart.com/1/4612…
 500 Confirmation comments.deviantart.com/1/4612…
750 Confirmation comments.deviantart.com/1/4612…

1000 Confirmation comments.deviantart.com/1/4612…

Passage of the Alpha

Each time a tribe member's Tokota completes the Passage of the Alpha, the tribe will receive 5 TP
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Total: 85

Tokota Dominance

Each time a tribe member's tokota reaches dominance, the tribe will receive 2 TP.
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Total: 192

Competition TP
Each time a tribe member places in a competition (1st-3rd place), the tribe will receive 1 TP.
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Total: 48

Hosting TP
Each time a tribe member hosts a successful event or competition, with more than five entrants, the tribe will receive 1 TP.
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Total: 2

Collaboration TP
Each time two or more tribe members collaborate on a picture/literature, the each member will receive 1 TP.
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Total: 148

Awards or Achievements
Each time an award or achievement is earned (including the Arms of Akna) the tribe member will receive 1 TP.
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Total: 523

Five Member Mark
For every five new members, the tribe will receive 1 TP.
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Total: 5

Grand Over All Total:

1003 TP

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