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~How to Join~


1. You must complete the INITIATION piece to be a full member of the Tribe.
2. This piece may be drawn or written. Drawn pieces must be at least 75% of the Tokota and handler, written pieces must be a minimum length of 1250 words.
3. Your admission submission must show your Tokota and their Handler interacting with the wild life of the parks.
4. At least one other animal must be shown in your admission. These include, but are not limited to: Caribou, Bear, Moose, Deer, Wolverine, Various Birds, Seals, Walrus etc...
5. You have complete artistic freedom as to how your Tokota(s) and handler interact with the wild life, exploration pieces are highly encouraged.
6. You will NOT receive any Tribe benefits until your Initiation piece and 1 TP is completed.

Can I use an already made picture for my Initiation Picture?
We require a brand new picture/written piece to be done focusing around the specifics of the Initiation.

Do I have to be an active member?
Yes but we do not ask you to fly to the moon only in accordance to the tier system in our journal here
Misae Tribe Points and Benefits~Tribe Benefits~
~Tier 1~
10 TP +5 bonus points to Fishing (Competition)
30 TP - +5% success rate towards Hunting
50 TP-  +5% success rate towards Exploring
100 TP - HP bonus for including a fellow tribe mates Tokota in a picture. +2HP to all tribe mate Tokotas depicted.
~Tier 2~
150 TP - +5% success rate towards Caving.
200 TP - +5 bonus points to Endurance
250 - 10% Off at the Trading Post
~Tier 3~
300 TP - Tribe fishing unlocked. Higher chance of rare fish and more fish available than regular fishing.
500 TP - Tribe hunting unlocked. Higher chance of rare pelts and more pelts available than regular hunting.
750 TP - Tribe Exploration unlocked. Chance to find exclusive items like a tribe companion.
1000 TP - Breeding bonus, 5% chance increase of rare manes.

Members who have completed their Initiation aka Caretakers and earned 1T

You are required to earn 1TP before you are able to receive any Tribe Benefits to prevent laziness and benefiting off anothers hard work.

There are many ways to get TP for the tribe, including: Getting your Toko to average, getting your Tokos AoAs, collabing with a Tribe member, getting your Toko to Dominance etc...

Do I have to own a Tokota to join?
Yes you must. Your Tokota must also have a handler.

Do I have to be in a Specific Faction to Join?
You can be either a Prestige Breeder or Pack Leader to join our Tribe.

We have Tribe Tokota and Handler Forms that can be filled out.
Please note these are not mandatory but are more for fun.

What are Our Tribes Benefits?
Go Here Misae Tribe Points and Benefits to see all our Tribe's Benefits.

How Does the Tribe Ranking System Work?
Misae Tribe Ranks
This system is still in development, currently it unlocks each tier level for Tribe Benefits.

Can I become an admin?
It is unlikely Admin spots will open.
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How can I earn 1 TP ;w;?