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With some encouragement, the Misadventurers team has begun converting the story to prose form. Check back here at the Group page for more updates as we add to the Misadventurers repertoire.

Team Mage to the Tower

This adaptation of the first Misadventurers roleplay is also the earliest story of our cowardly crew's lives. Oto and Jowan, mischievous pranksters of the Circle Tower, convince their goody-two-shoes younger schoolmates to engage in some rascally late night pantry raiding.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Oto played by :iconpoly-m:
Ereb played by :iconlubyelfears:
Kylla played by :iconinversereality-2:
Jowan played by the inimitable :iconthylja:.

Outside of RP stories:

A Recipe for Cake
It's someone's very special birthday, but what began as a seemingly harmless day is all just about to go horribly awry.

Sturm und Drang
After escaping the Circle Mage tower, Jowan seeks retribution on the father who abandoned him, but instead stumbles into an unexpected connection between himself and the man who betrayed him. A man named Amell...
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The Misadventurers is a DeviantArt archive chronicling an alternate universe version of BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins. We are based on a live IRC RPG game and group storytelling effort. We take an "as it might have happened" approach to the original BioWare story... with a whole lot more PCs, some very silly (talking) darkspawn, and a whole ton more confusion to go around.

The project started first as the brainchild of lubyelfears and InverseReality-2, in conjunction with the now MIA genius Ozsras, as a tale of how their cowardly OCs might have wandered, terrified, through the narrative landscape of Ferelden, fleeing wrongs and righting the local sanitation; ever wary of the intrusive hand of destiny groping for a total n00b to abuse in a world desperate for heroes.

The project has since evolved into a part-time story role-play. Our website tracking story details is available at Misadventurers Online.

* * * STARRING: * * *

Ereb Amell

Quiet and reserved, Ereb tends to keep to himself and focus on his studies, struggling to repress memories of his earlier life. Despite this, he has an undying loyalty to the Circle and is proud to be a Mage, revelling in his magical abilities. Although he is liked by his teachers due to his dedication and natural skill, he has few friends amongst his peers due to his shyness and their mistrust of vegetarians.

++ Age Meme

Kylla Surana

The sheltered world of the Circle of Magi has been kind to Kylla. Her teachers, who care more about her magic than her heritage, were pleased to train her keen intellect and guide her natural curiosity. She grew up well-taught and sheltered from common concerns, innocent of the world and the disgustingly dirty, unhygienic things in it. She is by nature cautious and easily upset by circumstances out of her control. Recently, Kylla submitted her thesis on, "The Role of the Spectator in the Fade: A Comparative Examination of Spectral Views and Dreaming Perspectives in Other Dimensional Worlds" and passed her Harrowing test with flying colors as one of the youngest mage candidates in the history of the Circle.

++ Age Meme


Oto was brought to the Circle at the age of 8, but had already been taken from her family when she was 6, by a Circus troup that saw her do incredible things. Her family was so numerous and poor that they had no remorse in selling her to them. That's why she kept her independent and hot-headed spirit in the Tower ; skipping classes, stealing food and playing tag with Templars. Even if she complained a lot about the authority, she really thinks the Tower is her home, and cares about the friends she has there like her real family. She's also highly allergic to water.

++ Age Meme

Catriona Cousland

Catriona was born into the powerful Cousland family, the youngest of two children. From an early age it was apparent that the ‘normal’ feminine pursuits were not that interesting to her. She was always tall and strong for her age, and was naturally adept at physical endeavours. Her schooling was less certain. While her parents, and even some of her tutors, maintained that she was not un-intelligent, she always had a vague personality and an extremely low attention span.

Her parents attempted to stop her from training as a knight, but that only made her sulky. Later, her parents decided to send her to join the army of the King at Ostagar. They believed that the experience would knock some sense into her. Perhaps they will be right.


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