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Relativity Updates

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 6, 2018, 10:35 AM
Welcome to Gale City

This journal is purely for notifications of new stories and content on the Relativity website ( Regardless of when content is posted on the site, our plan is to update this journal twice a month, so it won't flood your in-box. For the most current info, check the website and/or join our email list for notifications. 

June 27, 2018 - We've finished adding Book 2 stories to the Relativity site (ebook download coming soon). It's been a bit slow, since we've made some minor character and story changes which required updating of the episodes. Book 3 stories are being added now, and we will continue with all the episodes until the series (so far) is re-posted. -- We have also completed the audio versions of Episodes 2 and 3, which you can view/listen-to on our Youtube channel  Download versions will be available once all the stories in that book are complete.

We're also happy to announce we're still on-track to start publishing new episodes late summer. Yay! We hope you'll drop by and say hi, and see what's new with Relativity.


June 6, 2018 - As it is right now, Book 1 is on the site, and Book 2 stories are being added one-by-one this week. Books 3-6 will be added in the same fashion. New stories are scheduled to publish late summer -- but, honestly could be sooner given our motivation. Art and bonus content will also be re-added over the next few months. Hopefully, things will be running at a regular pace come Fall.

Again, our thanks for your continued support. 

Not Here, But There...

Thu May 31, 2018, 3:29 PM
EDIT June 7, 2018: If you are looking for my emoticons and pixel resources, they are no longer here. DA removed them from their servers, and honestly it's just too much to re-post. However, I will be hosting them on my own website, so be sure to check there. And if you don't see something on there you are looking for, message me there and I'll be glad to add it.

I was gonna repost my message from my Mirz123 account, but then I figure most of you watch that account too. If not, you can go over there and see yourself. But, in a nutshell, DA changed their deactivation period from 30 days to 21, and I came back on day 22 to my accounts GONE.  Everything from the last 7 years. Yep. 

Now, as much as this is a bad thing, I am looking at it like a major do-over. I still have my seniority, and my pageviews, but all the drama journals and bad deviations are wiped clean. Of course, all the good stuff is gone, too, but beggars can't be choosers. And, at this point in life, I'm more beggar than chooser. Starting over with a clean slate in life, and online, is probably a blessing in disguise, so I will take it as such.  Not to mention, I really didn't want to abandon DA. I totally fail at FB and Twitter; those places are scary for me these days. At least DA is a scary I'm familiar with. :heart:

So, I will ask here what I asked on my other account: I had a ton of old and crappy deviations (what happens when you're on a site so long) that are probably better off dead and buried. But what about the other stuff? I'm less concerned about writing, since that seemed to be my least popular thing on the site. However, I did have some emotes and stamps which some people seemed to like. Anything that anyone would like to see return?

Unfortunately, that doesn't apply anymore. No real good reason for me to come back if I have to rebuild from the ground up. So, I plan to drop in every now and then, but not going to start from scratch.

As for Relativity, Ravenswd and I have reopened our site and are slowly adding the stories. I plan to post the full PDF anthologies here, just so people can easily grab them. But new stories will most likely be only posted there. I will make an announcement here when new episodes are up so people can go check them out.

This past weekend I watch "Kill Bill" for the first time. it's kinda funny, because I feel like Uma Thurman -- left for dead so many times, yet still alive. Time to resurrect again and see how it goes. Maybe the 20th time is the charm. Looks like not.

Love you all. 

Edit:  I just see that my watcher count is 0, so I guess no one is gonna see this unless you stop by. And I don't have anyone on my DevWatch Yep, truly lost everything. So forgive me if I remain inactive for a while longer. :C

Edit 2:  If anyone wants to contact me, you can reach me at mirz123[at]

Edit 3: Jim and I have reserved the URL of (it's us!). Be sure to check it in a few days, as it will be the new home for our writing, poetry, and art which is non- Relativity or Chasers related. :D

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