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6WS by mirz333, literature

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(Cross-posted with @mirz123) I hate to be reactionary, and since I do not want to accuse anyone who may have been sincere, I will not name-names. However, I was recently approached by someone who stated they wanted me to be their muse and use my @mirz333 gallery as inspiration for a commission they were working on and would pay me. I said, "sure, but no payment required." However, it did not stop there. This person then seemingly ignored what I had said and stated we were in a "collaboration" and wanted me to accept a check payment for the commission -- wherein I would take my cut, then forward the difference to the artist. They then asked for my bank information and my mailing address. (They were also very insistent when I didn't answer their messages right away.) As @ravenswd said, a new spin on an old scam. A warning, NEVER give out your mailing address to a stranger. And certainly NEVER give out your banking information. There are secure ways to pay and get paid online, through
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There is great freedom discovering that what you think you need is in fact what you can live without. A shattered heart mends. I have changed my cover picture to reflect my mood. Things are not good, but people keep telling me I seem more at peace and happier. I guess I am -- at least a little. Still need to pick up the pieces in several spots in my life, but finally feel it is all going to be okay. (Psst, this is not about @ravenswd.)
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*** Cross-posted with @Mirz123 *** Today is the first day of my leap of faith. Today is the end of an era. I recently left my job of 5 years. A job that consumed so much of my time – I often worked 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day – that I had lost myself. When I made a few stamps recently, my daughter said, “Mom, you used to do this all the time.” She was right. I loved my job. I loved that I was able to help so many people. However, as many companies do, they started to move towards a more impersonal, money-oriented business model. Granted, they have every right to. I don’t ding them for that, it costs a lot to keep the lights on. But I have too much of a heart, and in corporate America, having a heart is a liability. Anyhow, this was the job I had started after losing my house in foreclosure, when we literally had to leave 90% of what we owned behind and move to a city 200 miles away where we knew no one. I appreciated the opportunity, but it was a forced move – I had hoped
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Happy Belated Birthday, Mirz! I love your stamps, especially the tentacled one. It still reminds me of Ravensw’s one story of the Legendary Cheese Maidens vs. The Tentacled Alien. I also miss reading yours and Ravenswd’s Relativity’s stories and side stories, along with the Alternate Relativity’s Elseworld’s What If’s stories as well. Please let me know when you guys get back into the groove of them again.

Happy Birthday. Hope everyone is fine with all this madness going on.

Hey I am looking to start a new dolling forum on discord hit me up on here or on discord leafla#3353

Happy Birthday! Hope you and the family are doing fine.
Happya2 by Alimera

I hope you never forget how loved you are.  

Have a wonderful day, dearheart. :heart: