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Fire and Water

By Mirving
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Pffffffff (dead corpse in front of the computer)


I've never done something this ambitious before! I think I could have continued to fix tiny details until the end of the world. So... this morning, I said to myself: STOP! I hope my friend will like it!

Maybe I'll make a print of it if it has lots of views. Feedback and comments are very welcome and greatly appreciated!

I've disabled download. I don't want this to be stolen. Here are some details shots: [link] .

Now: Credit time!

-This whole work wouldn't have been made without this amazing 'tut: [link] . Ok, there are some similarities and it's obvious that I got inspiration from this, but still... This deviant has even published a book on how to paint and I've read it (but I must say the book isn't very helpful, it's just a buch of pic's with a little comments on each, stating the technique used and there are only a few hints).

-Here, a hair coloring 'tut I adapted with my software and preferences: [link]

-And there is my ref' for the water: [link]

By the way, I've finally hit 2000 pageviews. Thanks a lot, guys!
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DAmn this is awesome!!!!
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Thanks a lot! :)
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you can just feel the raw emotion in this pic
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coucou :) Ton dessin est vraiment bien et voici mon avis :

la source de lumière est en arrière plan donc les perso devraient être beaucoup plus sombre et dé-saturés je pense, ( un peu comme ici ou ici . )
Je trouve aussi les cheveux trop homogènes, j'aurai vu plus de variante dans la couleur pour structurer la chevelure. Par exemple autour de la tête se serait très clair (ex : blanc ) puis au milieu, plus foncé ( ex : brun/violet ) , et entre les deux une couleur vif (rouge)..heu je sais pas si c'est très bien expliqué mais un peu comme ici

Par contre les détails ( bijoux, nuages, make up ) vraiment très bien ainsi que l'utilisation du violet dans la peau et ambiance/emotion très bien retranscrit :D
Bref, beaucoup de potentiel et j'ai hâte dans voir plus :D

Ouah le pavé ! huhu et n'hésites pas a venir m'aider sur mes dessin aussi :highfive:
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Merci beaucoup pour ta critique spontanée et bien construite qui m'a fait très très plaisir. ♥

Tu as tout à fait raison, le plus gros défaut de cette illu, c'est l'éclairage des personnages... Ca m'apprendra à faire le fond à la fin et non pas en même temps, :(. Les cheveux sont mon cauchemar... en plus, va savoir pourquoi, j'en dessine invariablement des longs. ><'

Je vais passer voir ta galerie également!
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What a lovely seen! I love the mood. Forgive my ignorance, but what is GIMP?
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Thanks a lot!

The GIMP is a FREE software that is almost as powerful as Photoshop CS#. :) It has the same main features and supports the tablet. I'm a little surprised that a skilled artist as yourself doesn't know about it, it's quite famous. ;)
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You learn something new every day! :-)
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Hi :w00t:
You was featured here > [link]
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Wow, thanks a lot! I wasn't really expecting you to feature it 'cause there are much better art than mine.

I am really glad! :glomp:
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I really like it!!!

Great job!!!
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You did good concept and composition, the man really remembers water, and the woman fire, and there is a overall balance between red and blue.

But one detail, even you having removed the download option, it is still possible to printscreen the art in zoomed in mode.
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Yeah, I thought about this way to steal art as well but I didn't want to put a watermark on it, 'cause it appears right on the faces of the characters.
Even if someone makes a printscreen, the quality won't be as good as the original would, 'cause I worked on a 4960x3508 px wide pic.

Thanks a lot for your comment, though, I really appreciated it!
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This is very detailed! Great!
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Thanks a lot! It tooks me ages to do.
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Et ben ! on peux dire que j'aurais vu tout les détail de ton oeuvre ces énorme ! bravo, je met en favori !
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Merci! Ca m'a permis d'apprendre pas mal de chose, même si finalement, j'ai tellement pris l'habitude des brosses par défaut que j'ai pas beaucoup utilisé les autres. ^^
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It looks awesome! Great job!
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