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2 slots open only for this month of november 2019.



Prices = 25 euro / one character half or bust  //   30 euro / full character
Payment: via Paypal
Extra: 5 euro for extra character for half or bust   //  10 euro / full character

Andrei and Gruia by Miruna-Lavinia


   Commission - 2017 Hannigram by Miruna-Lavinia

If interested DM me!

Thank you!

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Long time no see!

I have a few things to clarify, and if you don't follow, please ask me whatever.

I've been in the Tolkien fandom ever since I was 11! I was a pre-teen back then!
First got into LOTR because if its movies, then book, after that followed Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, etc etc, then came the Hobbit movie, which I loved so much!

I've made tons of fanart IRL, and I mean, most of them are not even posted on my DA gallery!
My whole teen and teenage years was carved and shaped by my love for Tolkien's books... but... that was just it.
I gave, and I gave.... and created lots of art... but... that was all.

And now the fandom... I have noticed that the Tolkien fandom and quite an opressive manner of taking things into discution and I don't understand why some people of this fandom behaves that way. It is because Tolkien did have some deeply Christian beliefs that I don't follow? Now, I was baptized into Orthodox Church (formally) and I live an atheist life, so I'm quite open... but I do are about myself and while I'm not trying to be ignorant about this fandom, all I can do to clear things is to leave it behind after more than 15 years of activity.

As you noticed, I've not posted any Tolkien related work since the beginning of 2018 because I felt let down my many and I've felt no future, as a painter in this fandom. Kudos for those who do, you have my sincere respect!

I think I'm kinda selfish to write this, but since I worked so hard, so many years into this fandom, I received nothing back (comments and favorites don't count because I'm talking about RL stuff here) and it is a battle with no winning for me. I waste money on materials that I will never get back... because I'm broke af, I kept doing out of passion... but no more.

Also, I've been distancing myself from the Tolkien fandom because the Hannibal fandom is more openly and friendly towards its members, and I apreciate that. I only look towards fandoms that cares for its people.
Also I need to focus on my writtings and other project!

Also, I decided to post some of my works from this memorable fandom:
PROJECT LOTR - landscapes by Miruna-Lavinia  Out of the frying pan by Miruna-Lavinia  Downfall of the firedrake Smaug by Miruna-Lavinia
Hobbit home by Miruna-Lavinia  Smaug over Esgaroth by Miruna-Lavinia  Fangorn and Emyn Muil by Miruna-Lavinia  Mering Stream in Rohan by Miruna-Lavinia
Frerin - Prudence by Miruna-Lavinia  Thorin - sketch by Miruna-Lavinia  Goldsick!Thorin in oil pastel by Miruna-Lavinia  Valinor by Miruna-Lavinia
Black Rider by Miruna-Lavinia  Barrow Downs by Miruna-Lavinia  Argonath by Miruna-Lavinia  I see fire - SOLD by Miruna-Lavinia

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Commissions - Open by SweetDuke  Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke  Collaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke  No Requests by SweetDuke

I am closing this commission list for good, and I will make a new list in autumn, which will contain new prices and techniques.
Last chance for a slot until June 22nd.

PayPal bullet by emocx PayPal Commission only  PayPal bullet by emocx
Bullet; Yellow 10 USD - example 
Commission for Darklight-phoenix by Miruna-Lavinia    Commission for Darklight-phoenix by Miruna-Lavinia  Commission - 2017 Hannigram by Miruna-Lavinia

Digital - 15 USD - example
Child and a King by Miruna-Lavinia  City and the Pillar - novel illus. nr.1 by Miruna-Lavinia  Escape by Miruna-Lavinia
Bullet; RedPayment through  PayPal bullet by emocx at light_of_the_law@yahoo.com

Bullet; GreenI do:

Bullet; Red I don't do:
-Mary Sue,
-Explicit sex/violence

If interested NOTE me!

Thank you!

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I am very stuck with come huge projects, the LOTR one, in which I have to paint 2 m on canvas (200x50cm) for a wall to cover.
This Lord of the Rings landscapes painting project has taken most of my free time, the week-ends, and during week, after work I have to continue with my regular Tolkien illustrations, which are not, of course, finished.

I recently finished this book, published in the late '40s, in America, "The City and the Pillar" by Gore Vidal, and I quite enjoyed it, very much, and since I read it, and on the internet I have not found any fanart, aside from reviews and the book-cover.

So, I have decided to do some illustration after this book.
If you don't know, "The City and the Pillar" is a gay fiction, in which the main character, Jim, is convinced that he's gay, and he follows the tracks in life after one night he spent with his first love, Bob Ford, and to hope to reunite and continue their affairs. The novel has a tragic ending, which left me very emotional.

My review can be found here: miruna-lavinia.dreamwidth.org/…
Goodreads reviews: www.goodreads.com/book/show/88…

My illustrations will be posted soon!

But first my Tolkien illustrations!

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"Write the quote here"

So... I know I have not posted here in a while, but I am merely preparing for a huge project involving: a painted canvas banner with LOTR landscapes such as Eriador (Weathertop), the Misty Mountains, Erebor, and small rivers. The banner is 2 meters long and 50 cm in height.
Like a combination of these works I have done:
Eriador 2 - Middle Earth by Miruna-Lavinia  Mering Stream in Rohan by Miruna-Lavinia  I see fire - SOLD by Miruna-Lavinia
I hope I will include some eagles there, and maybe some wargs.

Also, this project involves making pillows.
Mountain pillows!

So, I really looking forward to posting my works!

Small features
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