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anime eye tutorial

one more step by step tutorial, drawn in Sai :3
hope it will help someone ^ ^

inspired by this picture

semi-realism eye tutorial
lips tutorial
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wow pretty. may i ask what brush settings you have
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I would like a word of advice. Whenever I draw eyebrows, they always seem unnatural, I can use references, even try to copy the few eyelashes from this tutorial and it would seem off to me. I wonder why I find eyelashes so...intimidating in a way.
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this is so awesome! thank you for this tutorial ;w;
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Nice tutorial, but wouldn't use it.
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Awesome! Thank you for these!
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Thank you for this tutorial!
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Nice Eye Tutorial. 
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with only pencil tool?? thats amazing o-o
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Thanks so much for making this tutorial. Those eyes are very beautiful and realistic!! :) This is really helpful :3 I hope I can make eyes like these sometime ;-;
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where is the pencil tool in sai? i don't think I have it ;w;
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Um, if you right click an empty box in your tool section.. you should be able to see the Pencil there. :>
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really? thank chuuu senpaieeee
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Yeah, you're welcome.  S-Senpai? Onodera Blushing Icon . 

...Did you find it, though? 
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Thank you for tutorial
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This is imposibiru to acctualy practicaly draw for me :( 
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Thanks so much, very helpful tutorial!! 
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Thanks for sharing this! It really helped me a lot~
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whats the name of the software used here?
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i cant find for mac CURSE YOU! 
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look on youtube something like: "free paint tool sai mac"
I searched my PTS on YT too
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thank you so much i found it :happybounce: 
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You're welcome c:
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