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I'm Twilight btw!

some AU! stuff here

Nightmare Moon never existed in this universe The Royal sisters Celestia and Luna rule the Equestria for thousand years in peace and harmony leading their country to the great technology progress. Twilight Sparkle happened to be the most gifted unicorn in Equestria. Luna and Celestia took filly from her parents and raised her by themselves
they were not only her mentors but her family. H
er parents didn't mind cause both of them finished Luna's elite academy and knew how kind princesses were.
They also lived in Сanterlot and Twilight visited them on weekends! Her parents weren't sad about it, they were very proud of their daughter besides they also had Shining Armor to care about uwu

Under their control she grown into the most powerful unicorn of the century!
But she never used her magic to hurt someone 
Sisters raised her in love and care even though they were strict to her sometimes
Twilight had a good heart and a gentle nature

when Twilight turned 17 the Princesses sent her to the first Equestrian Science & Magic University Luna who was more into technologies dreamed about this project for years she was super exited about the idea of combining science and magic

Twilight never was too much into friendship and stuff
Princesses never let her feel lonely but it also was okay for Twilight to be all by herself until she met Pinkie

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Your art style is so cute!

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I really like the story in the description, it's interesting!