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April 29, 2021
2020 Iconset by MirruTatep
Featured by JustACapharnaum
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2020 Iconset


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So I also made a few icons in 2020

Come see my newest content on twitter!

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I think you should send this to the creators of Minecraft (It's possible) These NEED to be in Minecraft! Awesome work!

missgreensoul's avatar

How i can ue them?

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You can’t. I’m not giving away my work sorry

I don’t wanna be rude but an icon set is usually for others to use for a game or whatever… maybe you could sell it and make them credit you but otherwise you should rename it

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Congrats on the DD!

HKDLRX's avatar

i like your icon. that was made its amazed. cant wait for new style icon

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Awesome sprites dude.
MirruTatep's avatar

Thanks so much!

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I love these! The sea creatures are great. Congrats on the DD too!

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Thanks I appreciate it! 😊

ExtremeEnderCraft345's avatar
I love this item sprites! Congratulations on your DD achievement as well!
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Hello! Do you take commissions?

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I might open them in the coming months, will make a post on my Twitter if I do! Follow for updates 😊

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Now I'm curious what you need a unique anglerfish icon for o.O

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I was making a fishing game with a buddy but it didn’t end up completed :P

Tinselfire's avatar

Been there. Sucks when it happens, but always fun while it lasts.

And never too late to pick it back up, of course.

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