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Know, oh prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars. - R. E. Howard. I have no idea why civilization isn't like this?

There's a new gallery section on my site…

A friend of mine took a look at my warrior woman on a llama picture the other day and asked me,

'Stu, why don't you draw us large ladies as warriors.'

I did answer her straight away, as I used to be her personal trainer, and reminded her of how she started getting stronger and losing weight each week.

You have to be strong to be a warrior, after all. Same goes for males, Conan the Barbarian is never out of shape, he wouldn't last long in the brutal Hyborian age if he had a low lean mass, and was 40% body fat. No matter what your body type, we all have the power to be fit, and that's a fact.

But all in all this question of hers stopped me in my tracks, it actually made me question who I was as a person, as a husband and father of a little girl. As a sensitive guy who gets teary eyed at certain songs, and does his best to help inspire others to do their best.

The question bothering me was not, 'Why do I not draw overweight warriors.' That was a given. But, 'Why do I draw women with their abdomens showing, and cleavage, and huge hips?' In fact why is the entire comic industry riddled with examples of women posing in very sexual poses? I remembered taking another female friend of mine into a comic shop in Liverpool, and she was so embarrassed by the way the women were drawn on the covers. Even after I pointed out that the men were all drawn as if they were on high doses of steroids and growth hormone, carb starved and on their last day of a cut before going into a bodybuilding show. - She said fair enough, but I could tell that she still thought it was wrong.

I looked through some of my comic pages. Do I draw women in suggestive poses? Sometimes, I guess yes, I do.

I asked my wife, do you think that some of my artwork is sexist? Se said you draw what you like, and remember that people have been making money off drawing naked butts though out history. - But that still wasn't enough.

I looked at other examples and found that there were many people upset about how the comic industry was so male dominant, (and was once considered something of a boys club.) But now more and more women read comics, although, they often like to go to indie publishers and webcomics to read. As male or female, they tend to draw more average proportioned women who wear more clothes. (Shit, I thought, well I'm sorry if I offend anyone.)

But, I always related to Spider-man as a character, even when I was out of shape.- It didn't bother me that he was in better shape than me, (or contorted his body in some of the weirdest ways possible/impossible.)

I know I have female readers, so I guess that they must overlook it, or even just not see it as a big deal. What strikes me as I dissect my own work is that most of my male characters also look quite feminine. In fact the most masculine character in Annyseed is a monster.

So again, why do I draw women so revealingly, and often so curvy?

Sex sells! Yes, but I'm not exactly drawing for money, I would go back to freelance if I wanted to do that.

You want your stories to be seen? Yes, but, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are the most successful franchises in history, and they didn't need cleavage.

So why then?

Well, being a man of science, I would put it down to millions of years of evolution. Women with strong hips could forage for food even when pregnant. Women naturally get fuller lips and thicker hair when pregnant too, as to keep the male from wandering off after the child has been conceived. The revealing stomach is there to remind the male where his offspring will be stored and nurtured for the next 9 months, and the breasts, well, they're for the kid too, obviously. -It's just nature.

I draw it because the primitive caveman inside of me is still there. It's in my genes as a heterosexual male. So I draw what I like.

Do I feel ashamed? No, it's who I am.

Funny thing is, the first artwork I ever fell in love with was on the side of a He-man toy box when I was 3 years old. It was the work of Earl Norem, and he had a way of drawing men hyper masculine, and women hyper feminine. I don't really see this as sexist. More of a celebration of both qualities.

So are women just objects? No. Intellectually, aside from certain hormones and chemistry effecting perceptions, (similarly to alternative neurotypes,) they are the same as men. we are all Individuals.

Physically, of course women are different.

And what sort of world do I want my daughter to grow up in? One where she can be whatever she wants to be, without feeling ashamed. And the primitive caveman in me will protect her all the way.



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