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Bird watercolor

By mirrorplex
I'm very new to watercolor...This painting was kind of a practice (reference was a photo). Many things didn't turn out the way I would like, for instance the lighting and background,, ugh. But still, I like it nevertheless~(what can I say...I love small birds, YAY!)

Thoughts: 1. Flowers are hella difficult to paint. 2. Watercolor is a fairly unpredictable medium XDD need more practice...
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I used to have a manjito as a pet, these birds are really good house guests. You're art work is bringing back memories. :')
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This is beautiful! Well done.
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Can't belive you're "very new to watercolor", that's amazing to be just "kinda practice"! You're talented! Makes me think I can't go anywhere with my watercolouring, and it's been 5 years I started! :o (Eek) 
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Awww thanks! To be honest this was done years ago and my later paintings weren't quite as nice. Kinda stopped drawing after that (life got in the way...). Yours are very very nice! Keep at it! Look forward to your new ones.
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Thanks for support :)
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O-O-OMG!!!! I LOVE IT!!! OMGsqueeeee.... 
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It's beautiful! Keep up the good work! :D
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This is beautiful.
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Practice?! You're a pro! lol. I love this :)
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I love bird watercolors! This is awesome!! Keep paintin yo!!!
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Aw thanks! your paintings are awesome, too! And your signature is rad!
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Wow this is so beautiful :heart: ..
and you're so right, watercolors are unpredictable xD ..
I want to learn how to paint in watercolors .. I tried a couple times but it was difficult >.<" ..
it's gonna take me a long time to learn .. and I hope I'll be able to paint something as beautiful as this one day :aww: ..

:heart: ~
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Amazing!! I hope I can make watercolor work like this!!
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It wasn't all me, i tell you. It was also the good paper, semi-decent brushes, and pro-grade paint! I learned the hard way that skimping on tools doesn't not work for watercolor...
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im in the same boat at you hun. new to the water works and basing things off of pictures. but is sure is fun huh? i know i love it! it gives you a magical feeling because the paint is so unpredictable. thats why i love it so much at least.
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Haha, I almost feel sheepish as most of the beuatiful watercolor effects come from the nature of the paint, and not so much my skills. Thanks for your comment and fav!!
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i think this is amazing :) i really like how simple this piece is and how the colors match. I gotta say, this is lovely ^^
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Aw thank you for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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I'm a beginner watercolorist too and it's not an easy medium. Maybe the picture's not all as you would like but your little bird is really well done. I like it too.

I'll look forward to seeing more paintings as you progress.
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the colors are really gorgeous!
all the elements make a great contrast...
absolutely lovely :D
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Lovely contrast colors! :meow:
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