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It's with subtle fanfare that I want to announce that the verdeer masterlist is finally up and running!

Kindly check it out, if you'd like to; I put a lot of time into making all the possible certs (with more coming in the near future!), and frankly I'd like to show off a little? But also make sure that any deer you own are listed correctly!

For a (very) limited time, you guys are free to request a new cert for any deer that you own, provided you fulfill the requirements (ie you buy a winter event deer, you can pick a different winter cert, if your deer has a basic cert, you can swap it for another basic cert). To check out your options (and to view unlocking mechanisms, for you to later unlock), please check out the second sheet of the mirror badges sheet:…

Meanwhile, you'll notice that some of these are currently un-unlockable; but stay tuned! First it's species info (since a lot of people have been asking how the artifacts work, and uh, I keep explaining individually, so it would be nice to set up something official that people can refer to for more information), and then it'll be setting up an artifact bazaar for you guys to acquire items for your deer and gain new traits with fusion. So keep an eye out! :D 

I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this next step! :D 

* If you'd like to request a new cert for a deer you own, please send me a note. 
** If you own either of these two deer, please contact me! 

104 - Golden Bee by verdantlist  135 - Christmas Cheer by verdantlist

They were traded away by their original owners before the masterlist went up, and there isn't a log for who their current owners ARE. Sorry for the inconvenience! 
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Hi, I've recieved this one

Verdeer gift design

months ago and I don't know if it's in thethe masterlist, it was a myo ^^ but I just want to let you know that the new owner is Evil-WitchDoctor

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*drools all over the masterlist* khel those backgrounds are breathtaking!
So much eye candy + v+)9 
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According to TH, the owner of "Golden Bee" is Scythe; their dA handle is @/TheWyvernAndTheFox.
The other one belongs to Giz on TH; you could just ask them if they have a dA as well.
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The backgrounds are absolutely gorgeous—this must have taken ages! I'm excited to see all the myo verdeer on the pretty new certs as well :D

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Will even Verdeer from the 2017 gifting event show up here? 

I have one from that, but it needs to be... redrawn/base-transferred/redesigned.
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Yes! The plan was to add them! Since the original masterlist kept the MYO deer separate from designs I made myself, their numbering is off. I was planning on tacking them at the end of the masterlist, after I finished uploading all the deer I've made. I still have to to get in touch with the original artists to get transparencies for certing purposes, or permission to extract a transparency from the original. It's enough of a endeavor that I considered that a separate mini project. 

If you plan on redrawing and rebasing yours, though, I can always swing around back to you last? :D For now, I'm focusing on fixing the mistakes from the current uploads, and updating it to reflect trades that were never logged properly. 

I'm sorry if it was confusing or scary to seemingly get your deer bumped out of the masterlist >_< But I assure you I was always planning on including them! > O <
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Hngg been browsing these for both the deer and the backgrounds. These look amazing, Khel! * Q*
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I'M SO EXCITED, it came out even better than I was hoping T V T Thanks onnie ; W ; 

now I just need to find better artists than me to make me some backgrounds :ninja: 
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It turned out amazing!

Psh! your backgrounds are fantastic. Seriously I love all the little details in them. * ^*
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All of the certs are so lovely <3 Congrats on getting it all together!

And I did this search on TH for Verdeer, if it's of any assistance in finding those two deer's current owners!…
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OH MY, what a wonderful idea. XD YOU'RE SO SMART, UNI * V * 

(I think i see the owner for a deer who's owner was missing PERFECT) Wow, what a great idea. Thank you so much ahhh!! * V * 
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The backgrounds are completely gorgeous, the one for mine is beautifully chosen! Looking forward to any and all verdeer things!
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I wish I could have made a pine-ier cert for your deer ; w ; Alas, there was so much to do. Maybe in the future! Thanks so much, Toshi! <3 
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It matches their purple eyes! ^^ <3
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These backgrounds blew me awaaaay when I got pinged for the ML upload, they are SO GOOD. And they compliment the designs wonderfully

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Daw, I'M GLAD. I wanted to make another Vday cert, but I thought it was more imperative to push everything out, rather than to keep postponing to add more and more backgrounds. ; w ; Hopefully there'll eventually be a cert for every situation/design/mood :D 

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KHEL!! your masterlist turned out so nice admires all the pretty certs TVT
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Congrast on getting the masterlist up! Love the backgrounds ; A;/
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Thank you! * V * I'm so pleased with how it all come out. :D 

*HUGS* ; w ; It's been such a long time! How are you! 
missDevichi's avatar
Just like everyone else. Life is crazy, brah. ; A; Worked from home for a bit.. back at work now, and you have no idea how paranoid I am now since the amount of people I've seen skyrocketed-- BUT YOU GOTTA MAKE DAT MONEY TO SURVIVE-- i guess. HOPE YOU'VE BEEN DOING WELL THOUGH! 
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