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[Verdeer] Summer Sweets (closed)

By mirrorly
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~ Summer fades, but it leaves behind sweet memories ~

Thank you to my guest artists this time! 
:iconcepphiro: :icongentlelarke:

Comment below to claim a deer! 
Please be ready to pay within 24 hours of your claim

155. Apricot Harvest
Belongs to: gIassmoth
Designed by mirrorly
Familiar: This deer is constantly accompanied by a small swarm of butterflies.

156. Blackberry Basket
Belongs to: Nuxaz
Designed by cepphiro 
Artifacts: A black lace choker
Fused Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer's coat is a rich purple, and shines with a purple sheen.

157. Strawberry Skies
Belongs to: W001F
Designed by mirrorly
Artifact: An winged emblem
Pixel: Yellow Star Pixel: Yellow Star : Two sets of wings sprout from this deer's back.

158. Melon Madness
Belongs to: Nuxaz
Designed by mirrorly
Verdant fusion Pixel: Yellow Star Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer has absorbed the color of it's fruit: it's vibrant green and pink coat just SHOUTS watermelon! The melon also grants this deer a tri-color star eye.

159. Elderflower Liqueur
Belongs to: TJayArtwork
Designed by GentleLarke 
Artifact: A bottle of elderflower liqueur, with a seemingly neverending supply of alcohol.
Pixel: Yellow Star Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer perfumes the air around it with a sweet elderflower smell. It's coat is also a soft green color.

160. Blueberry Blitz
Belongs to: SpiritWindz
Designed by GentleLarke 
Verdant fusion Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer has absorbed the color of it's fruit: Purples splash over this deer's coat and horns.

161. Just Peachy 
Belongs to: mondayecho
Designed by GentleLarke 
Artifact: A ribbon, painted with a sunrise
Fused Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer's coat is vivid with pinks and oranges from a beautiful dawn.

162. Lemonade Stand 
Belongs to: Ghouliboo
Designed by cepphiro 
Straw hat
Fused Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer sports fur the color of a well-ripe lemon.

163. Lavender Honey
Belongs to: @setsuna-the-fallen
Designed by cepphiro 
Artifact: A fascinator, with bright pinks and purples, and laced with gold. 
Fused Pixel: Yellow Star Pixel: Yellow Star Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer's tail has been replaced by stalks of lavender, while it's back sprouts a large set of fairy wings. It's horn glows with a metallic sheen, and lets off golden sparks. 
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I definitely put my phone reminder on the wrong day lol.

Nyxtsuki's avatar

OMG ALL THE CUTIESSSSS I'm sad I was late but congrats to everyone! They are gorgeous!

Nuxaz's avatar

c-can i get blackberry too?

cepphiro's avatar

NUXXXXX THANK YOU!!!! Here’s the link to my paypal ;v;


mirrorly's avatar

SURE whoops sorry I missed this >_<

cepphiro will get you deets asap! :D THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIIIIIN <3

Keen-Bean's avatar

wait no lavender honey!

mirrorly's avatar

Oh ah, I'm not a huge fan of edited comments, but since no one else has commented to claim, I'll switch it lavender honey to you instead. :> It's hard to tell who comments first when people start editing, so .. it's just less headache. I'M SORRY FOR BEING ANAL >_<


Keen-Bean's avatar

NO IM SORRY i understand! i have never done anything with this species before, but i wont edit again in the future <3 thank you! at least they were both made by the same person because i just sent the payment ahaha

cepphiro's avatar

Ahhh thank you so much! you may use this link to send the payment over: paypal.me/cepphiro

Keen-Bean's avatar

I GOT IT haha sent!

Keen-Bean's avatar

that link just brings me to my paypal profile for some reason ^-^'

cepphiro's avatar


ahhh sorry about that! does this one work?

mirrorly's avatar

Is all yours! Congrats on your new deer! :D cepphiro will get you your information shortly <3 CONGRATS AGAIN, AND THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

SpiritWindz's avatar

blueberrry if i can comment again :0

mirrorly's avatar

Haha yes you can ^^ It's one claim per post, but as many posts as you'd like :D Blueberry's yours! GentleLarke will get you your information as soon as she can! <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH, and enjoy your new character! <3

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melon madness?

mirrorly's avatar

Is yours! :D I'll send you the file over discord~ THANKS NUXIE <3 Enjoy your new character! :D

Please include your username in the notes! <3


Lov3lustH3art's avatar

Aaaaa, I would love that strawberry cutie pOq

Nuxaz's avatar

Strawberry Skies please

Kloana-Chan's avatar

Claiming 155 - Apricot Harvest for @giz-art !

TJayArtwork's avatar

I would like to claim

Just Peachy for @thepiedpipers

And Elderflower Liqueur for me please!!

mirrorly's avatar

Not going to lie, I'm very very jealous that you now own this beautiful deer. T V T Larke is so so good... Annnnd she'll be getting you her info as soon as she can :D THANK YOU SO MUCH *hugs*

TJayArtwork's avatar

Mirror I completely understand xD

elderflower is so gorgeous and Im really excited to have them since they'll be my first Verdeer!!


Thank you for hosting this!! <3

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155 - Apricot Harvest Claim Please! <3

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