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[Verdeer] Happy New Year! (FLATSALE- 2 OPEN)

By mirrorly
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Happy new year! 
Thank you to all my wonderful amazing guest artists, as always! <3 Grab some good food, hang out with family, spread some love around, and hope for good fortune for the coming year. Here's to hoping you have a great 2020! <3

Comment below to claim a deer! 
Please be ready to pay within 24 hours of your claim

142. New Years Wishes
Belongs to: :icongentlelark: - $60
Artifacts: A tree decorated with wishes. To add a wish, simply think your wish over a red ribbon, and then send it to the gods by tying it to this tree.
Fused Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer sports a brilliant red hue, with eyes that glow lightly with hope. 

143. Peony Fortunes
Belongs to: n/a - $40
Designed by AliLV  
Artifact: A lucky sign
Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer sports gold-tipped hooves.

144. Lion Dancer
Belongs to: :iconherondreams: - $70-88 pwyw
Designed by corowne 
Artifact: An evil-reflecting mirror
 Pixel: Yellow Star Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer's coat is layered and extends in a coat shape, and sports all sorts of fanciful colors.

145. Goldfish Kite
Belongs to: :iconalilv: - $75
Designed by crowlets 
Artifact: An enchanted waterlily, glowing with vitality
Fused Pixel: Yellow Star Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer has minimal control over water, able to direct it with it's tail movements.
Artifact: A goldfish kite
Fused Pixel: Yellow Star Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer sports fins and a fish tail.

146. Fenghuang
Belongs to: :iconboomboxfox-workshop: - $68 -88 pwyw
Designed by cepphiro 
Artifact: Fenghuang feathers
Fused Pixel: Yellow Star Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer sports a myriad of brilliant colors, with a pair of small wings.

147. Sesame Rice Ball Soup
Belongs to: :iconkaispurr: - $30-40 pwyw
Designed by OMGProductions 
Artifact: A swath of silk fabric embellished with gold embroidery and chinese knot
Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer's horns constantly drop petals and flowers.

148. Lucky Rat
Belongs to: N/A - $45-50, pwyw
Designed by Exclaimed
Artifact: A trio of chinese coins, fashioned into a decorative piece with a brass fish.
Fusion Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer's hooves constantly kick up gold flakes. 

149. Lunar Dreams
Belongs to: :iconaficklebirdie: - $69
Designed by dracooties 
Artifact: Starry trinkets
Fusion Pixel: Yellow Star : This deer's antlers are made of moonstone.


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May I claim #143 Peony Fortunes, Please

WolfShadowYuma's avatar

I am very interested in your Lucky Rat~

whitenova's avatar
I wish I can adopt Peony Fortunes its so cute!
ThundersHeart's avatar

The only thing i want to know-

Are starlings still a closed species? I seriously don't see anything on them anymore and if you don't want to focus on them, could you at least make them semi open/ open but with restrictions? i seriously want to make one and it seems you forgot about them, with the latest deviations being only verdeer.

sapphire-spider's avatar
I'd like to claim Lucky Rat if it's still open!
Exclaimed's avatar
they are!
Ill message you asap with information
Shadonut's avatar
These all came out so beautifully! I love it when artists do a collab set! 
I like my favorites are Lion Dance and Goldfish Kite ^ ^ followed by Fenghuang
HeronDreams's avatar

Could I claim #144!

mirrorly's avatar
Of course! <3 I'll let corowne know to get you her payment info :D <3 

Floralitte's avatar
Aww I am always so late !! 
mirrorly's avatar
Maybe for the pinker ones haha. There are still three available though! :D 
Nalico's avatar
I’m way too late to the party, but the designs are gorgeous! And happy Chinese New Year to everyone! :tighthug:
mirrorly's avatar
Ahh thank you so much! And HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO *hugs* 
xChinzilla's avatar
Just woke up to drink some water, have come back at this and decieded to claim lucky rat too xD. Please tell the designers of lucky rat and lion dancer they should note me about the payment :D !
Exclaimed's avatar
hhh, I shall message qq
meridiancore's avatar
Will Verdeer ever get their own group someday? ;O;
I feel like they deserve one at this point! haha
Happy New Years! :D
mirrorly's avatar
I was a little wary of making a new group at the beginning, since I .... made a group for dragonkits, and then fell into a huge revamping, and never really finished, so it's kind of a dead group. >_< I'm so scared to start another and let it fall off the face of the earth too. ; o ; 


I'm just a worrywort >_< THANK YOU, MERI, AND HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU TOO! <3 
meridiancore's avatar
Awww, as long as you have a supporting staff, I'm sure it'd be a fantastic group! :D
AFickleBirdie's avatar
o! I meant to ask, are the smaller ones here considered mini verdeer or is it more just a style thing? (not that it nec. matters much to my knowledge)
mirrorly's avatar
Yes they are mini! ; w ; I think the mini deer are inordinately popular among my guest artists haha. I STILL ENJOY MY STANDARD SIZED DEER ANYHOO :D 
AFickleBirdie's avatar
lhasdfhgj fair enough. I HAVE ONE OF EACH NOW SO HEY

is there any real difference as far as lore/rarity?
mirrorly's avatar
Rarity/lore? No, not a jot. I just wanted to make something chibi at the time I created them, because i thought having a smol deer with a big flower would be cute, but it wouldn't work as a big deer, that's all. I like the different silhouettes they can have. :> They're just like... a different breed of dog. :D 
xChinzilla's avatar
Lion dancer please <3!
mirrorly's avatar
Of course! :D I'll let corowne know to get back to you with her payment details. <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH, AND HAPPY NEW YEARS! <3
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