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Llama Emoji-81 (Heart You) [V4] 

From :iconstarbask: 

A illustration collab commission - I painted over a sketch Starbask made to put this together for Ren! <3 1, Ren deserves EVERYTHING and more, 2, Starbask is so nice for trying to get it for her? <3 ; w ; *GROUPHUGS* 

Support me on Patreon for the higher res on Patreon, as well as the process gif!
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Aww, so cute! I love it
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Woah... Thats really cool! I always love spacy art.
mirrorly's avatar
Thank you so much! :D 
Toshiful's avatar
Ahhhhhhhhhh its ren space cattttt ;___; !! THIS IS GORGEOUS, khel you are so good at glowy/space it's unbelievable. Yayyyyy!!
mirrorly's avatar
I LOVE SPACE CAT, i love how it can go all noodley aowiehg. It didn't quite fit for this picture but * V * 

THANKS TOSHI ; W ; <33333 
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Thank you so much! :D ^^ 
Trashiebags's avatar
Oh my god this is adorable qwq good job guys so amazing
mirrorly's avatar
The characters are so adorable, I don't even <3 I love the cat ear helmet HAHAA <3 THANKS PUP ; W;  
Trashiebags's avatar
;w; The characters are just so freaking precious I love them. Ahh Not a problem!! >w< Hope to see more art like this from you too! 
prolixity's avatar
This is ridiculously cute, and so sweet~
mirrorly's avatar
Thanks, prox! ; w ; *hugs* 
starbask's avatar
<3 Thank you again for supporting my sappy ideas and helping me make this a reality with me. TvT ilu guys so much. ;v; *grouphugs*
mirrorly's avatar
YOU KNOW I'D DO ANYTHING FOR YOU :thumbsup: You're a good bean, love you nai!  ; w ; Some day, I want to be as nice a person as you are. The care you show for the people you care about in your life is admirable. THANKS FOR BEING SO INSPIRING!
starbask's avatar
*stacks warm fuzzy feelings and Kaylee on you* DID YOU KNOW...there's actually a possible equation I've found for these sorts of things?

Good company + heavy empathy + laying in bed = Feeling very sappy and sentimental with other good beans on the mind you want to do something nice for. >>;;;

I think you've got all of those parts down and if you read this in the morning after you wake up something probably will come to mind. c: Tada. Goal accomplished. \o/ Honestly though you don't give yourself enough credit. You go above and beyond for those you care about all the time. Maybe it's just easier to think about those sorts of things when you see others doing them? Don't blindside yourself though. You're awesome. <3

I'll always happy to be here supporting you as you navigate through your goals but I think you're on the right track. ovob
engare's avatar
I could go on about this for hours because I appreciate this so much. SO MUCH!!! these characters are so precious to me for so many personal reasons. I'm going to be stunned by this for the next FREAKIN MONTH. already set it as my background on all the things so I can look at it whenever I want >v>;;; thank you for this stunning piece of art, Nai and Khel. this also serves as a huge source of inspiration for me to get my butt in gear and work on her/space cat more. thank you Khel for inspiring so many artists with your hard work TTwTT your art has fueled me many nights to try harder and push myself both in pixels AND illustrations. I think many other artists can say the same :heart: and thank you Nai for inspiring me to always try to be a good and better person, you're always SO RIDICULOUSLY THOUGHTFUL and it attacks me right in the heart Q__Q -hugs- EVERYTHING about this piece is amazing and jaw dropping. the textures, the lighting, the COLORS!! Their expressions melt me toooooo ;w; :heart::heart: I....might come back every now and then to leave comments on this deviation haha. I'm so filled with awe and happiness and RAW EMOTIONS from this. thank you both so so much once again :heart:
ok but my makeup tho...thankfully didn't run B) thank you, waterproof mascara :thumbsup:
mirrorly's avatar
You deserve it... YOU DESERVE IT. *hugs* Especially when you're feeling down, don't forget that you're worth it, and worthy of love. *hugs* ; w ; No matter how hard life can get, remember we'll be rooting for you! :D *HUGS EVEN HARDER* I don't know you even half as well as Nai does, but I know that's because you take a while to come out of your shell. Don't worry, I'LL GET THERE WITH YOU SOME DAY. And til then, I'll just swoon over your art, and try to draw stuff as cute as you do, and inevitably fail. * V * THANK YOU FOR BEING SO INSPIRING TOO! *hugs* 

Heyo, waterproof mascara, talk about THINKING AHEAD when you applied it XD 

crowlets's avatar
your space brushes and colors are so good, this is so lovely and aLSO I DIDNT KNOW YOU HAD A PATREON IM RUNNING IN
mirrorly's avatar
IT'S A VERY SOFT LAUNCH, since it's not really totally up and running yet. I WAS GOING TO MAKE AN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT AT A LATER DATE..........! 

That aside, I'm a little shook that we've almost hit the third goal I set? @@ U H. I'm going to need to set some more .... XD! 
Mordecacti's avatar
AHHHH GOD ;_; KHEL PLS MY HEART!! Your rendering is actually my ultimate goals! I love the textures and dimensions you do!
This is such a sweet piece form the two of you!! 
mirrorly's avatar
Nai is a sweetheart, she looks out for all of her friends ; w;  SHE'S A GOOD BEAN 

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