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[EVENT] The Lights (promo)

By mirrorly
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A big creaky house sits precariously on the lip of the lake, groaning as the wind shifts, glistening wetly where the water laps at it's sidings like a hungry hound. It's old. It's dark. It's ... well it's cold, mostly because it's October already, but mysteries wait for no man! The townsfolk say they can see a light moving around in the upstairs windows, drifting aimlessly from one room to the other, but any time someone knocks, the light flickers out as swiftly as a candle in a storm, only to reignite after they've retreated past the copse at the edge of the property.

The first dragonkit to have gone in came out babbling mad, her eyes filled with shadows and her tongue dripping with a dark substance that stained it dark as ink. She had come out raving - the lights, she said, the lights! But nothing else. The next dragonkit came back unrecognizable, with a withered skeletal frame that seemed to have aged him beyond the hour he had spent inside. The last dragonkit .... The last one simply never came back.

And so the house lays abandoned, an empty corpse by the lake; no one lives there. No one goes in, no one comes out. No one makes deliveries, and no one tends the yard. And yet.... And yet.

The lights....


A Halloween Verdeer event is coming soon! Very very soon. There will be a plethora of adopts available throughout this event, as well as the release of items that can be used to update and develop your current verdeer designs. It all culminates with a co-op boss battle at the end - and those that deal damage will have the chance to receive to receive event specific verdeer fusion! 

To be prepared to play this event, you are REQUIRED to be a part of the mirror discord server - especially as part of the event is run by bots. IF YOU ARE NOT A PART OF THE SERVER, please take the time to join now! 

Stay tuned for more information! 

(Heads up: I'm trying my absolute hardest to get this done by the 22nd; however, this project kind of spiraled a bit out of control, and now it's bigger than anticipated. It might end up being late .... Either way. I'll keep you guys appraised! 
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Holy heck this is just. /chef kiss

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THIS LOOKS SO GOOD!!! I'm super excited for the event! I'm sure it's going to be amazing ^^

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Sooooo excited eeee. I can't wait Khel! Hyppeee ^^

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Hopefully soooon! *V *

*vibrates happily*

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dragonkits when * W *

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Dragonkits .... Whheeeeen.... I can do it right >_< At the very least, verdeer occupy the same world, and artifacts are crossover items that can be used (in different ways) by both species, so some of the inventory/set up works for both! In a way, I'm KINDA working on dragonkits in the most roundabout way possible...!!!!! *coughs*

/bad excuses :<


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lolol no rush, just got excited when I saw them mentioned in the description xD

You worked so hard Khel CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOUR AHHHH * W * <333333333333333333333333333333

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