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I think this first idea was waaaaaaay better
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Published: December 5, 2014
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I've never really said anything in the past whenever dA ups and makes its changes to the status quo much to the chagrin and consternation of what seems to be the majority of its loyal members. One time they even made a poll where we could vote for a proposed change and despite the majority (albeit underwhelming) voting for things to remain the way they were, dA went ahead and did its own thing as though we didn't exist.

Its the same pattern over and over. They change, enhance, revamp, some would even say, regress. We complain bitterly for a few days, then we get over it, used to it, forget and move on. Humans despise change but we'll get over it. Basically.

But this is too much. What is this? Why does the dA logo look like a flipping inequality sign. I've read the whole clichéd marketing spiel despite it being WAAAAAAAY TL;DR (wow) and I'm still not convinced. I saw the video. The logo originates from chopping off the extremities of this picture I've posted.

This posted image makes 1000% more sense to me than the slashed through Z. I cannot identify with what is now our Z/inequality sign. 

This whole thing made to "challenge perceptions and perspectives" and "turn the art world upside down" reminds me of a fantastic post I came across on tumblr were a cleaner in an art gallery threw away elements of a modern artist's installation because she mistook it for trash.

"If modern art is meant to pose the question, 'What is art really?' it has to be prepared for the viewer to answer that question"

And just like that cleaning lady, my answer is: Not this
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CosySister| Traditional Artist
Oooh.. Emote - Fangirl La Derp 

Seriously, I could not see what the logo was supposed to be. All I could see was the inequality sign :D "Welcome to DeviantArt, nobody's equal here" lol
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LordBlackTiger666|Student Digital Artist
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I think so either! Way better!
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palowsky|Hobbyist General Artist
New logo is harder to understand for me as well. It seems to me they were trying for the use of negative space for it, but not everyone interprets negative space the same way, if ever. There are hidden messages in famous logos, but I too think they needed to pay more attention to us users.
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sapharradragon|Hobbyist General Artist
I totally agree! i liked this stage of it! but here, you can change it back to the old if you like;
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Check out my new GreenDot icon . .  it shall inspire a new generation to create art!
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I like your picture more than the Z logo. The new logo should have been dA in a new style, not a Z/not equal sign.
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I totally agree!
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VixenDraEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
at least the upper version doesn't do this:
PK and DA logos overlay by Aniusia483
as it has more elements (making it different) than just those 3 lines the introduced one shares with Platzkart's
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I personally didn't care for the old logo. I probably wouldn't have noticed a changed logo. But they changed it to something so Alien that it just left me scratching my head wondering what the hell it was, how does it relate to DeviantArt. You have to watch a picture, or video explaining it. Putting a picture like this in this link anightlypony.deviantart.com/ar… in the top left corner as the logo/hompage button showing the full DA, but making the cutoff standout would go a long way in explaining the new logo.
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/to spyed change it to the old logo k?





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"It represents art and us and blah blah blah!"

"....it's a fuckin Z..."
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Ooooooh. Now I get the new logo. It totaly puzzled me why the new logo is a Z. (also I thought that was a temporary thing, like just over the holydays)
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BlitzKreg-Trixie|Student Digital Artist
This was actually one of the best posts I saw about the logo.

I don't mind DA changing anything about anything about them, but a logo is supposed to be recognizable and identifiable. When you see it, you're supposed to immediately KNOW who they are. It's their signature, their sign, and a chopped off ≠ doesn't makes sense at all.

I like this version way better as well. 
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HermanManly|Hobbyist General Artist
I really, really love the new logo...
It might be a bit better if they continued just the arc on the left side a bit more so it's not a straight line, but I think it's awesome, because it can be so many things.
I asked like 20 people and everyone told me they see something else, and I saw something else entirely because I know where it comes from (this image)
I think of it as sort of an "inside" thing, where everyone can see it, but only the ones involved actually know its meaning.

I think it's a really cool idea
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The smiley-face that is LG's logo still has the letters "LG" contained within it.

This odd Z/≠-hybrid has no relation to anything this site has ever represented, or (barring some drastic and probably-destructive sitewide-revamp) anything it will ever represent.

dA was simple. It was an immediately-recognizable acronym that was quick and to-the-point.

Simple, right?

As it is now, DeviantArt has failed to convey any potential-reasoning aside from changing it for changes' sake.

I strongly believe that discarding the massive piece of the site's identity that is the original-logo is a huge mistake that can be VERY easily remedied by listening to the users.

Please change it back.
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I hate the new logo. I think they should keep the old one.
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nostrabot|Hobbyist Photographer
i think the same
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monkeyrockla|Hobbyist Digital Artist
the new logo is also stolen from this company platzkart.ru/
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W4t3rf1r3|Student Traditional Artist
It's like they thought "This is a good concept, but do you know what would look better? Cutting off the sides so it looks like a z!"
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Cem0s|Student Digital Artist
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ExpeditionFantasy|Student Traditional Artist
I completely agree!
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:iconlogoshouldbeplz:   w/different coloooors oooh
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