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Disney Outfit Swap 2: Belle + Nemisis

Lol ok so everything was looking just fine until I coloured in and BAM... boobs :iconmegustaplz:. No matter... any lady who can deserves a good pair. 

My sister wasn't too pleased that Gaston is featured here instead of Beasty but it's my series UwU and it needs to be changed up a bit anyway :iconsmile--plz:. Hope you dig because this was tonnes of fun to work on :iconcheerplz:

Princesses I hope to finish:
Ariel | Aurora | >>Belle<<Cinderella | Esmerelda
Jasmine | Megara | Pocahontas | Snow White | Tinkerbell 

Then depending on how the first 10 go :) ...:
Elsa | Merida | Mulan | Rapunzel | Tiana

The Best Underwater Kiss of All Time by Zenith-Nadir69 Ian Somerhalder - Nature's Advocate by Zenith-Nadir69  The Hipster Big Four by Zenith-Nadir69

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Could you please do Tiana next?
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Quick question: why for Belle you chose to swap clothes with her villain instead of her prince?
This makes me think Belle would very much enjoy reading The Hunger Games.
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I'm with everyone else, while a very nice genderswap, to be in line with the rest of the series Belle's counterpart (Prince Adam/Beast) in the formal blue outfit would have been more refreshing.

This kind of says (when looked at in the series) that she should have chosen the misogynist Gaston.
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:icongasthurrnplz: No one falls in love with beasts like Belle!
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Um...YES!!! Belle looks so bad ass in that outfit :D
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It looks really cool!
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I'll grant that though the choice confused me, the outfit does look amazing on her!! I like the feel it gives and I can see why you chose to go this route, but I also can't wait to see what you come up with for the beast. It would be hard working with his normal garb and using his formal outfit may not reflect well on Belle, since she is more down to earth and not as formal. I think she would make his formal outfit look sexy as hell though 83 so I can't wait to see it, but you know what? Fuck those just hating on you because it's Gaston. Spewing hate isn't going to make anyone want to change anything and she does rock the outfit..AND you even named it nemisis and not prince, so there's no implication of yeah.
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Hahaha oh dear XD. Where did you find this drawing? Must be terrible going wherever this has managed to be revived again hahaha. The reaction to Belle in Gaston's outfit has never been good from the few places I managed to visit that had the pics posted. I intend on doing her in the Beast's outfit for sure though, when I pick these up again. Still got so many to do but haven't found the time yet :).
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Oh I didn't see it in any particular place. My friend showed these to me for possible cosplay ideas(if of course we would have permission to cosplay your designs). I just looked up to see who the artist was, found you and read the description and then proceeded to read the comments below,,,yeah XD. But either way I would like to see what you come up with for the beast and hope you also get to Mulan and Tiana; of course when you find the time of course.
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Oh ok I see XD. Haha oh my the comments here are so so tame compared to those in the wild wild interwebs :'D. Yes you are definitely welcome to cosplay them for sure!! And I'd love to see the final versions too ^^. Would Belle look better in Beasts formal attire or his casual clothes with the purple cape? Personally, I do so love capes :D!
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Honestly that's a tough call. I really like the idea of her wearing his cape outfit, since I think both seem the more casual types. Granted the Beast was spoiled, but even when he was putting on the outfit for the dance and getting bathed, he seemed awkward being all dolled up; like he's more down to earth like her than he would seem. Only issue is he is never wearing a shirt, so not sure how that would translate to her; even if he had one but it ripped during his transformation we don't know what it looks like.

As for the formal wear I do like the idea of her having some prim outfit and it does remind me of a captain of sorts from another era and even could look sexy on her. It also being the only outfit we see that's actually complete as well, it would make sense. My conflict with it is I feel Belle is too casual to wear something like that, which was why Gastons did suit her better. Also the casual outfit I feel fits beast more so she would wear what is more characteristic to him. I know I'm repeating my first point here in a sense, but I feel she would wear what the real beast would wear, not something he wears for his appearances to the public-when he was human of course since he isn't much for making appearances those days lol-.

Hopefully this all makes sense and I didn't just babble incoherently lol. I'm sure whichever you choose will look amazing and I look forward to seeing it 83.
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Thank you thank you! Your input has been so valuable :D. I know what I'll do now ;)! I'll send you a message when I post it up because it won't be for another few weeks haha. Take care dear!
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Aww thanks, I'm glad I could be of help. I cant wait to see some more of your amazing work! I look forward to your message, but I'll be keeping updated with your stuff. :-)
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No, I disagree!  But why my beloved Belle?Waaaah!  Why not Jane from Tarzan? Wait...I surrender! thought that through Depressed never mind. :idea: Think you could at least do a Belle as a beast too  Please  ?
I only see boobs...
Nice job!! ^^ Amazing!
Why did you choose to change it up on Belle? No seriously this makes no sense at all that Belle is the only one where you shunned her actual male counterpart in favor of the more douchey and abusive counterpart. That's not cool or interesting or innovative at all. Rather it shows that you would rather pair her with a more human counterpart rather than the actual one. And for that, despite the fact that you may have talent, your art sucks.
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this was interesting right up until you said my art sucks XD
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The artistry is beautiful but I do have to ask why Gaston? I hate him soooo much!! It broke my heart a little to see all the girls in their men's clothes but no beast. Perhaps a part two somewhere of Belle wearing the beast in his winter splendor?! <3 <3 <3 Still wonderful work though!
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