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In the spirit of Sky's upcoming event, I present Harmony/Mural, a 2 hour paint demo I streamed on Twitch.

Love is warm and comes in all colours.🌈💕
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That's cool.

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Aww this is such a sweet painting. Love the colors and movement.

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oh wow this is rlly good

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your painting Your painting is so beautiful it makes me feel warm and tender

In all my life I have never seen something so Diverse and Unique (in short term I love it)

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Awh, your style is beautiful! I love sky too
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This looks so good, I love sky!
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Really COOOOOOOOOOl I think i gonna make it my desktom backround:)

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Love that style!

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So peaceful subtle and....fluffy kinda collors make it feel like it ^^

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Wow! This is gorgeous! Im in love with colors and composition of the painting.
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Look at that colours!!! OMG!!!! So beautiful, congrats!!!

Very beautiful
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