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m o vew it hth e seas on

Pony tribute to Piotr Jabłoński :)
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Yesss, this one looks so great. Applebloom in here, which has a pony in it while also showing the great scenery or background with this. The change of lighting really expresses beauty of the world and the comfy feel of it with the painting on the wall that is cute. It definitely is one of those art pieces that you can smile at with how comfy it looks and really amazing with the lighting. Great job!
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It's really amazing work! <3
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You're welcome :)
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Your work is always great!
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Beautiful! Something I really love about this kind of artworks of yours is how cohesive they look! The choice of colours and amount of details. They work so well together with your already good understanding of light!
Truly a sight to behold <3
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Oh, thank you so much! Huggle!
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It works really well <33 I wonder if he'll ever see it oo:
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He probably won't see it, but that's okay ^^;
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The composition is outstanding
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How long have you been drawing
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I think it'll be 2 years soon
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Again, this loveley sunny city atmosphere! I adore these timeless urban settings! It's funny how this graffity bear thingy looks at applebloom.
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Yeah, feels like there's something special about settings like this :)
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Somehow the tittling was perfect to end S7...

You do all your stuff?

This one sure one of your oustanding creation, probably because you did a perfect composition on the piece ^o°

And yes :D
It is the most authentic style i ever seen ^~^
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Thank you so much!^^

5 seconds hug
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just lovely.
very nice theme and great execution
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