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Old idea + brushes testing :D

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Oh my god, the detail!!! :love:
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WonderboltfanRainbow's avatar… Coïncedence?!:squee: see the artbanner in the episode in this twitter link!
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One of the most wonderful master piece I have ever seen for Pinkie Pie. Thank you for making this. This has made my day and fuel me to keep going! (\^ ^/)
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aww this is such a sad but still beautiful pic!
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What a beautiful and serene picture of Pinkie Pie. :iconiloveyouplz: I like what you did the brushes and colours. It blends well together. :D
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Glad you like it! :D
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Have an apple for Ringo :D
Apple icon.2
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Oh ho! You know about that too. :D Haha, thank you. I will use this to make an apple pie. 
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Oh man, this is absolutely beautiful!! The colors, the detail, the style, it all just comes together perfectly! Love 
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Thank you so much! :D
I cannot but remember this.
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Pretty cool that you thought of it!
It just popped into my mind the moment I saw it.

There is a very special qualia you depicted: a moment of passage. Giving or parting with. Not through violence, threat or theft, but willing and accepted.

It is a mark of true wisdom.
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This is absolutely gooooorgeous! I think this has to be one of my favourites of your drawings, it's just so beautiful! Man, I love the effects and the use of colour so much, plus of course it's my favourite character so that's always a good thing. :)

There's just something so magical about this, honestly. She looks like she's seen something really incredible that's just filled her with happiness or like she's in some kind of gentle dream or like she's looking back on her life and reliving good memories, like idk sorry if this all sounds really cheesy but this really just speaks to me, haha. It really is beautiful!
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I'm really glad you like it! :) And no, it doesn't sound cheesy at all! It's actually a very nice interpretation and it's very close to what I had in mind La la la la 
And I'll keep in mind that she's your favourite then :D
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Oh hey, it's cool that it was similar to what you had in mind. :D
I feel like you may have already told me who your favourite is, but if so I forgot. I'm guessing Luna though considering the profile picture?
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