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Two (clean)

First final version 
for Tronic's album coverChibi Vinyl Scratch IconChibi Octavia Icon
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Their eyes looks like they almost touch..
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<33 Oh man looking at the responses people gave on this, i'm glad they're on the same boat that I was and still am when I first saw this when you gave this to me. I hope I don't disappoint you and them with this album of mine ;v;
MonsoonVisionz's avatar
UGGGH it's just too freaking cuteee 
templar127's avatar
Yus! Suuu cute!
NeverLastStanding's avatar
Ah yesssssssssssss, really outstanding work. I love the setting in here & the ability to kind of tell a story just from this picture. It's superrrrr clean & I really love how you've done it. Octavia & Vinyl in here <3
Also yesss, Ponytronic <3333 
HeartlyRosalie's avatar
They both look adorable!!!!
And the details in the background are awesome.
Doctor-Derpy's avatar
This is so amazing, best ship 10/10
AndrewRogue's avatar
Your style really is so wonderfully pleasant. And that was before you drew my OTP.
cajobif's avatar
Awww.... This is beautiful and cute.

Now, if Vinyl could talk...
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Wow, theres a certain extra level of detail and smoothness that probably suggests you putting extra time into this drawing. The colors are blended a little more, the lighter background balances nicely with the shady foreground, and its ponies. You say its the first final version. I say its perfect right now.
Atlas-66's avatar
Aww is a very nice couple ^W^
AudreyAzura's avatar
Oh my gosh they are so cute =3. I love this ship, and I love the character. We have to see more of them.

And Vinyl without her glasses <3.
Fasdaff's avatar
There's that good shit fam.
Litrojia's avatar
Once again, you really nailed the atmosphere of this picture. It has a very tranquil mood to it, as if the ponies are taking a break from their busy lives to kick back and relax together.
Bluegodzill's avatar
FFiamgoku's avatar
Love it, Vinyl and Octy look great 
Batbrony's avatar
I appreciate that, unlike many artists (even ones who make incredible pieces of these two together) do, you didn't feel the need to depict ANYTHING having to do with Vinyl or Octavia's musical talents.  Sometimes, all a cute pic of two characters needs is the two of them being cute together, and that's that.  Great job as always, friend! :D :D :D
Nettlemoth's avatar
aww so cute! I'd love to do album covers XD Nice work!
Makenshi179's avatar
AWWW, I really really love this one!! They are so so cute, and this close up... it's really amazing to gaze at <3
So you've been doing this for Ponytronic, awesome! :D I love his music ^.^
Supermoix's avatar
it looks so sick!
i love Vinyl x Octy shipping
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