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Somewhere Tonight

By mirroredsea
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Thumbnail practice + :iconpinkamenagrinplz:
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I gave chu the 70 comment and the like number 500
Reminds me of the city, and really cool unique drawing.
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I thought the background was a photo at first. Gorgeous brushwork! The ground highlights look perfect!
And Pinkamena is adorable as always <3
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This reminds me so much of when I went out while it was raining for a walk, while seeing the glowing of the streetlights on the wet ground and it's super beautiful. Love how you show that here. The way the colors wash on the ground and travel is sweet, with the light and the dark it gives a nice look. Awww, Pinkie. It's such a beautiful think, with exploration and wonder. Something to be found and the lights around really give that look of life. I love the way you portrayed everything. Amazing work!
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The ambiance is amazing here. Where could Pinkamena be going? Its such a beautiful night.
На превьюхе думал Пинкамина на фотку вклеена )
Реалистично действительно...
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It's always nice to see good ol' straight-haired Pinkie, or is it? :iconpinkamenacrazyplz: 
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*a red Ford Expedition drives up to see the pink pone standing there*
*the window goes down as I ask if she's lost*
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That looks sad :(
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The reflections and the lighting looks fantastic!
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omg Ilove the background ahh
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I'm gladu like it :)
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This is amazing~

Cool Bro! by TheNeoStrike   Fluffle Puff by TheNeoStrike  
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Do you ever do commission stuff? ^//^
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I want to do it in the future:)
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