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Lyra Heartstrings

Chibi Lyra Icon
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LYYRRRAAA :D, while not my fav, she is really cute <3
slightlyshade's avatar
Lyra! Your butt's showing!

'tis a fine butt! The perfect shade of green!
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Cutie. Interesting background.
zapplebow's avatar
wow what a huggable cutie pie
MonsoonVisionz's avatar
Mecha-Dragon101's avatar
Great Lyra pic :) while not my fav background pony, she is pretty adorable
templar127's avatar
Cute Lyra is cute!
SongbirdSerenade's avatar
This is so cute! Great job on the cutie mark. 
SoftSerendipity's avatar
Great job! Especially her cutie mark!! I love how you adapted the cutie mark style to match the style of the overall picture.
mirroredsea's avatar
Thanks! I wasn't really trying to do that, but I'm glad you like it! :D
SoftSerendipity's avatar
IMO when someone's truly skilled, the small details like that come naturally and they don't think about it!
You're really very skilled. Great work <3
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It's hard to accept these words, because I really don't think I'm skilled... But it feels very nice when somebody say something like this, so thank you! Huggle! 
O_o.... whatcha lookin at?... gonna run up?...
WOLFKRFT's avatar
Got my eyes orgasm again :)
Your style was really well crafted and also the draw itself...

The composition of the elements...
How'd you keep all of that in your mind?

Really Outstanding ♦♦♦
mirroredsea's avatar
Glad you like it! :D But I'm not sure how to answer your question ^^;
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