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Simple LineArt person: 15 US Dollars
Basic Colored person: 25 US Dollars
Shaded Colored person: 30 US Dollars
Shaded Colored person with detailed background: 45 US Dollars
Realistically Painted person with detailed background: 55 US Dollars

That's all based on me drawing one person/character. There is an additional 5 US dollar charge for extra characters, and I won't do more than four total.

Note me with your request OR email me at duboisl@earthlink.net. I need:

1. Your name (deviantART id)
2. Your request (er, well, duh). The more description the better.
3. Links to reference pics if it's a series I don't know. Or a detailed description if it's an OC.
4. Your PayPal email/account

Thanks Everyone!

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite TV Shows
Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Do As Infinity
Favourite Writers
L. E. Modesitt, David Eddings
Favourite Games
Assassin's Creed, Legend of Zelda, Ratchet and Clank, Kingdom Hearts
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS3 (sorry, Wii...)
Tools of the Trade
pencil, paper, ink, photoshop CS3
Other Interests
anime/manga, making money with my new art business
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(looks left. looks right) Can we talk about RWBY Vol 8 now? Is everyone all caught up? We just watched the season finale and we both felt very bad for our next door neighbors because it was half an hour of shrieking at the screen as one sucker punch happened after the next and after the next. This volume has been a season-long ANXIETY ATTACK and it was great. The one thing the two of us wanted after V7 was time dedicated to Oz and Oscar. I'm... not sure this is how we imagined it but ooooooooh it was equal parts uncomfortable and so satisfing. From the end of ep two we were deeply worried about what the show was doing to Oscar. Like, there's shock value and then there's lingering on all the pain and... CRWBY, are you guys okay? But it was worth it in the end, because the both of them are in a better place, they were working together, they were giving and taking, and they are closer now than they ever were when this all started. There is fanfic fodder there for MONTHs and we look
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Picture it: St. Patrick's Day, whole swaths of the teachers are dressed in green and I'm walking around putting on an Irish brogue saying "Top o' the Marnin' to ye!" The AP hears me pull this off and thinks it's the funniest thing ever and cajoles me into helping with Morning Announcements because it will be hilarious. For the record he is a SNEAKY BASTARD. I drop my stuff off and he starts the announcements. I wish everyone a "Happy St. Patty's Day! I hope ye enjoy your colcannon and mashed potatoes and appropriate drinks." He motions me to stay on the line and announces to the entire school, on the morning announcements, that I made Teacher of the Year. Me: Wut? Him: That's right [my name] you're Teacher of the Year! What do you think about that?" Me: (he's still holding the mic to my for my reaction) ... I'm suffering dissonance. WHAT? And he is dying of laughter. Cue the cavalcade: the SPED teacher assigned to me this year runs down the hall and hugs me to bursting, nearly
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(this is not how we pictured coming out) Hi Internet! For the purposes of understanding the post we need you to know that both of us are aro-ace. It's literally the least interesting thing about us but it's necessary to understand what this week has looked like. (waves) Tues: Image musters up courage to come out as aro-ace to the entire faculty of her school, aka her second family. Wed: focus on the positive: Teacher hugs me in the middle of the hall and congratulates me for being my real, authentic self. Asks some questions about being aro-ace. Says a lot of people gave support on the chat - I never even thought to look. Principal comes into my room while I'm working with a student (digitally). - spends entire conversation chuckling warmly in direct contradiction of what he was saying. (He thinks this is funny...?) - says he received a "snarky" email from someone after I came out, asking a bunch of questions like "is it okay to share personal information in a faculty meeting"
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So I wanted to ask, but are you planning or considering any more Assassin's Creed novelizations/rewrites/stories in the future? I know you hinted at maybe doing a Napoleanic Wars Arno story in the last chapter of the Unity Rewrite, but if possible I'd love to see you guys tackle a novelization/rewrite of Origins one day, maybe even one of Syndicate.

The Napoleonic sequel is on hold until we can find a path that works for us - and given that the Unity Rewrite took years to workshop before we started typing we're not holding our breath. As for other AC fics, we don't have anything in mind right now. Inspiration is a big motivator for writing fanfiction and write now AC isn't really scratching that itch.

Sorry to disappoint. :(

Thanks for faving again !+fav